Ventura Beach RV Resort – The Ultimate Review 2022

Jen YoungJune 7, 2022

Ventura Beach RV Resort – The Ultimate Review 2022
Ventura RV park

Ventura (also known as San Buenaventura) is the perfect getaway destination from Los Angeles, around 70 miles away. Characterized by a thriving cultural scene and Southern Californian laid-back beach town vibe, it attracts tourists from Las Vegas, San Francisco, and beyond.

Ventura also has world-class beaches that stretch across the Pacific Ocean. And you’ll find the Ventura Beach RV Resort right on the oceanfront.

It’s marketed as a ‘Resort’ and not a campground. Hence, it tends to be pricier than the other RV parks in the region. But is it worth the extra cost? Find out in this detailed review of Ventura Beach RV Resort – a Ventura RV park with everything you’ll need for your next vacation. 

We explore the resort amenities, prices, and the activities available. 

Ventura Beach RV Resort: Overview

Ventura Beach RV Resort is an oceanfront resort spread across 14 acres. It has dedicated campsites for all types of RVs and trailers.

The resort is easily reached from Los Angeles by following the US-101 N highway. The distance is 69 miles and takes a little over an hour. Campers from San Bernandino, Irvine, and Riverside also need to take this route. 

Or you can follow the California State Route I that passes through Malibu on the way to Ventura. This route allows you to drive along the Pacific Coastline, and it takes about an hour and a half to reach the RV resort.

The resort is magnificent, and you’re going to find everything inside of it. From tent sites to ultra-deluxe sites, the oceanfront RV resort accommodates a wide range of campers.

Many of the RV sites are full hook-ups. So you’ll have water, sewer, 30/50 amp power, and cable TV at the sites. In addition to that, the resort offers a fire pit and picnic table at each camping site.

To make the experience a bit more exotic, there are desert-scape sites with a desert-like backdrop.

Besides RV and rent sites, you’d also find yurt camps and family-friendly studios. So you get to choose from a wide range of rental options.

Location is another perk of staying at this luxury RV park. Located a few miles from the beach, it’s well-connected to the rest of the city. You can easily visit top-rated attractions like the Ventura Beach Pier and the Museum of Ventura County by walking or bike.

The park is open year-round, but the best season to visit Ventura is during the summer or spring.

ventura beach rv park
Photo Credit: Ventura Beach RV Resort

Amenities and Facilities at Ventura Beach RV Resort

The Ventura RV Park is placed in the luxury category because of the high number of amenities. Here are some of the facilities the resort boasts of:

  • Full hook-up RV Sites

The resort has 150 spacious RV sites will full hook-ups. You’ll find water, sewer, and 30/50 amps power at each of these sites.

The ‘premier back-in’ sites are big enough to accommodate Class A coaches and fifth trailers. The premier and pull-through sites are also as long as 60 feet. Some of the sites are located in the green area of the park, while others are located in rugged, desert-like settings.

At each of the RV sites, you’ll have a fire pit and a picnic table made available to you free of charge.

  • Yurts and Tent Sites

The Ventura Beach RV Resort has sites where you can set up tents. These are located away from the RV sites and offer enough space to enjoy camping independently.

Besides the tent sites, you’ll also find pool-side yurts. These are designed as per the nomadic Mongolian architecture. The yurts are more spacious than the tents and have a hole at the center of the roof to facilitate airflow and stargazing.

  • Pool and Hot Tub

Never miss a chance to splash in the water when you’re at Ventura. The RV resort has a dedicated pool and hot tub near the reservation area.  

This is open to all the campers who have booked a site. You get complimentary access to the pool, hot tub, recreational room, and shuttle service (on weekends only) with every booking.

  • Bathrooms with Shower

The RV resort has bathrooms in different sections of the property. You can take a hot shower to relax your muscles after a busy day. The bathrooms are cleaned and well-maintained, and you can use them 24X7.

  • Recreational Room

The recreational room consists of a lounge and a few indoor games. It’s located next to the reservation counter and is open to all the campers. You can sit and relax in the recreational room soon after arriving at the resort.

There’s also a vending machine inside the room where you can grab chilled beverages. So enjoy a game of pool or ping pong or watch the latest live matches on TV with your favorite drink.

  • Playground

There’s a playground inside the resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s ideal for both kids and adults, and you can get the much-needed physical activity.

The kids will love the slides and swings. Adults will have enough space to play their preferred game or sit and relax by the benches. Next to the playground, you’ll find a basketball court and horseshoe court.

  • Laundry

The RV resort has on-site laundry facilities for campers to keep their clothes clean while on the trip. You’ll find both washers and dryers at the laundry, which you can use for a fee. You get to pay per use, so clean as many clothes as you want. 

Just like the rest of the assets, the laundry is well-maintained and cleaned regularly. So you can use the facility with confidence.

  • Dump Station

The on-site dump station allows you to clear the black and gray water tank of your RV. All you have to do is connect the tank to the sewer hose.

Using the dump station is free of charge for all campers. But there is a fee for outsiders and any extra tank you might be carrying other than the black and gray tank of the RV.

  • Propane Refill

If you’re running out of propane, you can fill the cylinders at this RV resort. Contact the reservation counter with the request, and they’d help you out. Refilling the propane tank comes with a fee, and you’re billed as per the quantity.

  • ATM

For your convenience, there’s an ATM within the resort from where you can withdraw cash 24×7. It accepts most cards, and you don’t have to incur any additional fees for using the machine.

ventura rv park
Photo Credit: Ventura Beach RV Resort
  • General Store

The RV resort has a general store where you can find everyday essential items and stock up your RV. You’ll find everything from groceries to dad hats to gifts. It’s open till late at night so that you can shop even at odd hours.

Besides the above amenities, the Ventura Beach RV Resort also offers a free shuttle service to the campers. It will take you to the city’s main attractions and drop you back at the resort. Along with that, there’s a bike rental service that allows you to rent bikes for a day or for the length of your stay.

Scheduled activities at this resort include Taco night, weekend open-air karaoke, and bike light night parade. Free pancake breakfasts on Sundays served with fresh coffee are another reason people keep coming back to this RV resort.

Things To Do at Ventura Beach RV Resort

The Ventura Beach RV Resort is full of activities. You can sit by the pool in the morning, grill fresh seafood near the campsite at noon, play a game of basketball in the evening, and enjoy it on the patio at night. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The opportunities are endless, and there are many more things you can engage in near the RV resort. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Visit the San Buenaventura State Beach

For a calm and soothing beach experience at Ventura, walk down to the San Buenaventura State Beach. It’s within three miles of the Ventura Beach RV Resort and is accessible by bike or RV.

The beach stretches two miles along the coastline. You can explore the sand dunes or dive right into the waters for a swimming or surfing session. It’s also a dog-friendly beach, and you can bring your furry friends along with you.

  • Surf at Surfers Point

Surfers Point at the Seaside Park is an iconic surfing spot in Ventura. The south-facing point enjoys constant long right-handed waves year-round, making it a great place to ride the waves. 

Surfboards are provided at the location, but you can bring your own. You don’t have to venture deep into the sea either.

Besides surfing, tourists also get to engage in windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Other than the adventurous water activities, you’ll find a palm-tree-lined promenade leading up to the ocean. It’s a great location to stroll near the shore and click some pictures. There is ample parking space, and you can also bring the RV.

  • Walk on the oldest pier in California

Just south of Surfers Point lies the oldest pier in California, the Ventura Pier. It was constructed in 1872 using wooden blocks to facilitate transportation. Merchants used to bring merchandise from other corners of the US to Ventura.

It is no longer used for commercial purposes and is open to the public for recreation. Walk on the 1,600-meter-long pier and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the coast and Channel Islands. Tourists also enjoy fishing at the dock.

You’ll find on-site water fountains, restrooms, and food concessionaires within walkable distance.

  • Bike through Downtown Ventura

Downtown Ventura is a lively place with several shopping centers and restaurants. From the RV resort, it’s just over a mile away. Bike rentals are available at the resort specifically for this purpose.

With the Main Street Move program that limits motor vehicles on the road, you can safely bike Downtown.

Mission San Buenaventura is a few yards from Downtown and is a must-visit for all tourists. Also located in the vicinity is the Museum of Ventura County, where you’ll find more than 30,000 artwork and artifacts on display.

  • Hike at Ventura Botanical Gardens

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you’ll love your time at Ventura. There are several hiking trails ranging from easy to strenuous.

For an easy to moderate hike, consider the Ventura Botanical Gardens. The trail starts off easy, and then you’d have to do some climbing into the hills. But it’s well worth it because of the stunning ocean view you get from the top. On clear days, you’d also be able to spot Anacapa Island.

Another reason to hike Ventura Botanical Gardens is the varied number of flower species you get to encounter along the way. Also, remember to make a stop at the Grant Park, where you can find the historic Serra Cross.

Other hiking trails to consider are the Harmon Canyon trail, Arroyo Verde Park trail, and Scorpion Beach trail that leads to Smuggler’s Cove.

  • Boat ride to the Channel Islands

Ventura is the ideal place to get into the Channel Islands National Park or the Galapagos of North America. There are park boats or private boats that’d take you to the marvelous Santa Cruz island or Anacapa Island. 

You may spot whales and numerous bird species hunting fish on the way. Santa Cruz island is the biggest of all the islands. 

It’s a perfect spot for photography as you get a 360-degree ocean view. Also, you have an opportunity to kayak inside a giant sea cave. 

Similarly, Anacapa is a place to explore sea cliffs, sea caves, and gorgeous rock formations. You can set up a mini tent and admire the scenery before heading back to the RV park.

The list doesn’t stop here. There are many more things to do at Ventura. If you’re planning a really long tour, the sky’s the limit.

Ventura RV park
Photo Caption: Ventura Beach RV Resort

Ventura Beach RV Resort Prices

The prices at Ventura Beach RV Resort are on the higher side. But given the amenities, it’s well worth it.

The RV sites at the RV Resort vary from $85 to $185 per night. The Premier Sites tend to be the most expensive. Double back-in sites are in the moderate range of $100-$110 per night.

Tent sites and yurt accommodation have a separate cost structure. You can get more details on it at the reservation counter.

Ventura Beach RV Resort Reservation

Ventura Beach RV Resort accepts online reservations but only via email. You need to get in touch with the resort on their website by sending an email regarding the reservation. A representative will call you back for further information before confirming your reservation.

You can also book the campsites at the reservation counter. But that’s subject to availability.

Please note that you must book at least two nights to secure an RV site at this resort. For bookings during holiday seasons, the minimum requirement is three nights.

Also, there are no refunds if you happen to cancel the trip. But you can carry over the booking for future trips.

Long-term RV Parks in Ventura County

Due to the popularity of the Ventura Beach RV Resort, you may fail to secure an RV campsite. But there are other RV parks to consider in the region. Here are a few RV parks we recommend if you’re planning for a long-term vacation in Ventura County:

  • Waypoint Ventura Vintage Trailer Hotel & Campground

Waypoint Ventura is only a few miles away from Ventura Beach RV Resort. It’s also an oceanfront park intended only for RVs and trailers.

Waypoint on-site trailers, but you can bring your own RV to the park (must be under 31 feet in length). There are full hook-up sites to accommodate a wide range of RVs. Along with water, electricity, and sewer, you’ll have a BBQ and firepit at each site.

Standard rates start at $85 per night, which is pretty reasonable for long-term stays.

This beach park is located 5.7 miles further down the US-101 N highway if arriving from Malibu. It’s built right on the shores, and you get to camp a few meters away from the water. You can even hear the waves crashing on the rocks.

There are both full hook-up and no hook-up sites, along with restrooms and showers. You can also set up picnic tables and BBQ for a fee.

Full hook-up sites cost $60-65 per night, thus, ideal for long-term vacations. But you can only book 14 consecutive days at one time.

  • Foster Residence Campground

Unlike the other parks on this list, the Foster Residence Campground is not located on the beach. And the main benefit is the reduced cost. You get to pay $40-$42 per night for full hook-up sites and $25 per night for no hook-up sites.

All the campsites are located along the main road with a lush, green hill range in the backdrop. The Ventura River runs through the park, where you can engage in fishing or tent camping.

There are two campgrounds to choose from: The Residence Campground and Red Mountain Campground. Both are identical in many ways.

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