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Josh Schukman
by Josh Schukman
Posted August 15, 2022

Believe it or not, Labor Day is already upon us. Hot summer days and long summer nights are about to be replaced by crisp evenings and fall colors. We don’t know about you, but the imminent arrival of Labor Day weekend has us itching for a road trip. 

That’s why we put together this report to show you some of the biggest trends going on right now for Labor Day travel. We also pow-wowed with a bunch of Outdoorsy teams to figure out a list of some awesome Labor Day destinations and cool RVs to get you there.

And before thinking Labor Day travel is too expensive — think again. RVing road trips continue to be one of the most affordable ways to vacate, especially when traveling with the family. 

Some Cool Labor Day Stats That Might Surprise You

We crunched the numbers and chatted with folks who love Labor Day road trips to discover some exciting realities: 

We crunched the numbers and chatted with folks who love Labor Day road trips to discover some exciting realities: 

  • Labor Day is a popular annual vacation — We see the highest number of people making repeat bookings for Labor Day weekend. That means more people take an annual Labor Day road trip than they do for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.
  • Demand for RVs is high despite gas prices — High gas prices might’ve been the talk of the town this summer, but we’re seeing a 9% increase in RV rentals for Labor Day weekend this year compared to last.
  • RV vacations are inflation resistant — We also found that the average nightly cost of renting an RV for Labor Day has gone up by just 4%, compared to a 40% increase for hotels. That’s probably why more people are choosing RVs for their vacations!
  • Taking a week isn’t weakness — The average length of a Labor Day trip is 6 days — don’t be afraid to extend your vacation!
  • Campervans and small trailers are our most popular Labor Day rentals — Campervans are fun because they can be driven by just about anyone and vans like this one feature all the amenities.

    Trailers like this Airstream Bambi are easily towed by many vehicles or could even be delivered to your Labor Day vacation destination.

    Ultimately, the most popular vehicle length for Labor Day trips is 18-24 feet. Not too small, not too large, but just right. 

Pets need vacay too — The most frequently used search filter on Outdoorsy is pet friendly. That’s probably because it’s easier to bring fur babies on an RV road trip than on a hotel-focused journey.

Popular (And Affordable) Labor Day Destinations 

Inflation schmaflation. These spots will cost you less for an RVing vacation today than they did in 2022. 

  1. Atlanta, Georgia — Hotlanta usually starts cooling off by Labor Day and is a gateway to many wonderful camping destinations like the mountains of North Georgia or the beaches of Savannah.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $95/night, an 80% savings over 2021.

    This cute [email protected] trailer will help you explore in style.
  1. Spokane, Washington — Spokane is a gateway to much of what the Inland Northwest has to offer. From mountains to hot springs to the Idaho panhandle, there’s something for everyone here.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $319/night, a 51% savings over 2021.

    Rent something like this camper with a bunkhouse to have room for the whole family.
  1. Greely, Colorado — Sitting just 49 miles north of Denver, Greely is a gateway to Colorado’s abundant camping and outdoor activities.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $201/night, a 48% savings over 2021.

    Rent this rad campervan for epic mountain adventures.
  1. Kapaa, Hawaii — While getting to Hawaii can be a tad pricey, RVing around is a great way to see everything and save money. Kapaa is on the island of Kauai and on Highway 56 which goes around the whole island.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $196/night, a 36% savings over 2021.

    This SUV with a roof tent is a nimble vehicle for rent that’ll get you wherever you want to go. 
  1. Bend, Oregon — Situated on the Deschutes River, in the midst of mountains, valleys, and crystal clear lakes, Bend is truly a place to experience awe-inspiring landscapes and outdoor adventures.

    The average nightly RV rental cost here is $199/night, a 25% savings over 2021.

    Rent this affordable A-Frame camper to explore The Bend.

Most Affordable Popular Metros for Labor Day Trips

If you’d rather hit the city for a Labor Day trip, here are 5 of the coolest and most affordable cities to do that:

  1. Greenville, South Carolina — Greenville is one of the largest and most charming metro areas in the state. It also sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains so you could enjoy the city for a few days of your Labor Day trip before jetting up to the mountains for some camping.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $167/night.

    Rent this vintage trailer for a throwback experience.
  1. Orlando, Florida — While known for its theme parks, Orlando is a wonderful city in and of itself that opens the door to some amazing RV parks and spectacular natural oases.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $185/night.

    Rent this amenity-packed motorhome and have a home with you wherever you go.
  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota — The Twin Cities are a cultural mecca that also happens to feature some of the best outdoor activities on the planet. You could post up at one of the many RV parks and campgrounds in the metro area, all while enjoying quick access to world-class bike paths, lakes, and waterfalls.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $214/night.

    Rent this pet-friendly micro-trailer that can be towed by virtually any vehicle.
  1. Nashville, Tennessee — Apart from being the country music capital of the world, Nashville also has 10 state parks within an hour of the city that can be enjoyed via RV. Nashville also features several RV parks that’ll put you in close proximity to places like Opryland and Music Row.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $226/night.

    Treat yourself by renting this lux campervan with a popup tent.
  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico — A gateway to Labor Day trips in the southwest, this city is a fun cultural hub to explore before your outdoorsy journey. The city features wonderful food, arts, and culture to be enjoyed from your base camp at one of the many RV parks and campgrounds around town.

    The average nightly RV rental cost is $231/night.

    Rent this nimble motorhome to bring the comforts of home into parts unknown. 

We might be saying goodbye to summer, but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to road trips. RVing for an extended Labor Day vacay is becoming more popular than ever because of its relative affordability, the accessibility that it creates, and the flexibility provided for you and the family. So — if you haven’t already planned a trip — what’s stopping you?

And be sure to use our Labor Day discount code when you rent to get up to 10% off your booking. Use code LABORDAY10 at checkout. 

Check out all our RVs for rent right here.

Josh Schukman


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