The 10 Best Campervans With a Bathroom in 2023

Chelsea GonzalesJune 21, 2023

The 10 Best Campervans With a Bathroom in 2023

Embarking on a memorable campervan road trip with the freedom to explore the great outdoors is an exhilarating experience. Of course, if you want total freedom as well as comfort, you’re going to want to choose from one of the many campervans with a bathroom. 

The good news? In 2023, campervan enthusiasts have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to campervans with a bathroom. These camper vans offer the convenience and comfort of having a private restroom on board, ensuring a more enjoyable and hassle-free travel experience. 

In this article, we present the ten best camper vans with a bathroom, providing you with an overview of the top choices available for your epic adventures.

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Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel was made for off-road adventures and comes set up with a solar panel, lithium batteries, and other awesome boondocking features. Not only is the rugged van ready for adventure, it is the perfect layout for a solo traveler or a couple. 


This van’s compact but efficient floor plan boasts a super cool Power Lift bed that moves up and out of the way to create a garage space for your bikes and other adventure gear. The van also features a very functional galley, and of course, a well-appointed bathroom. The bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and sink, allowing you to freshen up after an exciting day of outdoor exploration.

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Airstream Interstate Nineteen

Known for their iconic design, Airstream RVs are always a good pick. One of the best Airstream RVs on the market in 2023? The Interstate Nineteen. This is a sleek and luxurious camper van equipped with everything you need to adventure in comfort.

At 19 feet in length, this van can fit anywhere. It seats up to four, sleeps two, and features modern decor, a well-equipped galley, a relatively large fold-down bed, an awning, and more.

The best part? The compact yet fully functional bathroom! It includes a shower, toilet, and vanity, all elegantly integrated into the vehicle’s stylish interior.

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Roadtrek Zion

The Roadtrek Zion is extra cool because it’s so versatile. During the day, the van features an open center aisle where you can store things or just spread out. At night, the van transforms into a comfortable sleeping space that can accommodate up to three campers with a twin bed over the front seats, and either a king bed or two twin beds in the back. 

Other features of this van include a galley, a huge amount of storage, and of course, a well-designed bathroom. This camper van features a shower, toilet, and sink, allowing you to unwind comfortably during your travels.

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Pleasure-Way Plateau FL

The Pleasure-Way Lexor FL is a well-crafted camper van that exudes elegance and practicality. The unique thing about this van is that it provides users with two separate living spaces, swiveling captain’s seats and a table with a TV in the front, and a sofa, table, and TV in the back. 

We love the pull-out pantry in this van’s galley, and the induction stove is pretty great as well. The van also boasts a well-equipped bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink, ensuring a refreshing experience on your journey.

→ Rent a Pleasure-Way Plateau FL!

Sportsmobile Sprinter RB-151S

Designed with adventure in mind, the Sportsmobile Sprinter RB-151S is a rugged and versatile camper van that still has plenty of the comforts of home. The rear space folds down and flush with a padded storage cabinet to create a very large sleeping space that we just love. 

The van’s thoughtfully designed wet bath includes a shower and toilet, making the most of a very small space and providing convenience and comfort while on the road.

→ Rent a Sportsmobile Sprinter!

Hymer Aktiv Loft Edition

Okay, so technically the Hymer Aktiv Loft Edition can’t be bought new anymore. Still, this is a rig that is 100% worth seeking out when buying used. The van offers a unique layout with a pop-top roof, providing additional headroom and a spacious interior. 

We love that this van provides riding and sleeping spaces for the whole family. We also appreciate that there is room in the back for bikes and other large items when the bed is folded up for the day. Another great feature? This campervan features a modern bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink, ensuring a delightful travel experience.

→ Rent a HYMER Aktiv Loft Edition!

Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX

Some would say that the Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX is a class C RV. We think it falls somewhere in between the class C and class B categories and could absolutely pass for a campervan if need be.

This is a luxurious and well-appointed camper van with a focus on comfort and style. The RV has tons of amazing features that make it one of the most functional rigs out there. To top it all off, its beautifully designed bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and sink, making your travel experience a lavish one.

→ Rent a Leisure Travel Vans Unity!

Winnebago Travato

The Winnebago Travato combines compactness with versatility, making it an excellent choice for adventurers. Better yet, there are four different Travato floor plans available, so you can pick and choose what works best for your travel style.

No matter which floor plan you choose, you will get a functional galley, sleeping space for two, a variety of exterior color choices, some of the most innovative storage solutions out there, and a bathroom. Each van bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and sink, ensuring convenience throughout your journey.

→ Rent a Winnebago Travato!

Coachmen Galleria

The Coachmen Galleria is a spacious and well-designed camper van. Like the Travato, the Galleria provides buyers with four different floor plan choices, meaning you can decide what will be ideal for you and your travel companions. 

All four floor plans include some pretty outstanding standard features that will have you camping in luxury. These include MaxxAir vent fans, Oxygenics shower heads, an inverter, an onboard generator, and a bathroom.

A shower, toilet, and sink, are all included in the bathroom so you can have a luxurious travel adventure.

→ Rent a Coachmen Galleria!

Thor Sequence 20L

The Thor Sequence 20L offers a modern and stylish interior packed with essential features for a memorable journey. Features such as the included lithium batteries, inverter, and generator make boondocking a breeze, and the residential-grade flooring can stand up to your wilderness adventures. 

The van’s induction cooktop and convection microwave oven both make cooking on the road a cinch, and the two twin beds allow everyone to have their own sleeping space. Its well-appointed bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and sink, providing comfort and convenience on the road.

→ Rent a Thor Sequence 20L!

Yes, embarking on a road trip with a campervan equipped with a bathroom is an excellent way to enjoy the freedom of the open road while maintaining the comforts of home. Fortunately, in 2023 there are plenty of great options for campervans with bathrooms. 

The ten campervans listed here stand out as the best choices, offering a range of features, designs, and amenities to cater to different preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice adventurer, these campervans with bathrooms will enhance your journey and ensure a luxurious and enjoyable travel experience!

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