TAB 400 Teardrop Camper – The Ultimate Review

Jen YoungJune 12, 2022

TAB 400 Teardrop Camper – The Ultimate Review

The TAB 400 teardrop camper creates an all-new take on what an egg-shaped trailer should look and feel like. It’s one of the largest teardrops you’ll encounter, yet it’s cute and full of character. Apart from its distinct shape, the TAB 400 is ultra-functional and jam-packed with all the modern comforts of home. 

Below is our detailed TAB 400 teardrop camper review. We’ll give you a walk-around of its cabin amenities, exterior makeup, and special features. Also, we’ll discuss the latest changes in the 2022 version.  

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The TAB 400 is an iconic teardrop that doesn’t sacrifice amenities, comfort, or quality. Read our detailed review to learn about every interior and exterior feature.

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What is the nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Camper?

The TAB 400 is a creation of nuCamp, a distinguished RV maker located in Sugarcreek, the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. The company, previously known as Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers, started out as a boutique teardrop manufacturer in 2005. It has now grown to become one of the world’s largest builders of teardrops.

TAB caravans were first built in Germany by the Tabbert family. Then, in the early 2000s, Dutchmen RV got the rights to produce the campers in the US. In 2010, nuCamp acquired all the rights to build the TAB teardrop camper from Dutchmen. 

Today, nuCamp’s mission is to build the exceptional. Although their designs look more European than American, you can expect nothing but superior construction and top-of-the-line quality. All their creations, including the TAB 400, are meticulously created by hand, a trait that sets them apart from other makers.

The company has four teardrop models in its lineup: TAG & TAG XL, TAB 320 S, TAB CS-S Clamshell, and TAB 400, which is the largest and most spacious. Aside from teardrops, nuCamp also builds truck campers. nuCamp has produced in excess of 20,000 units in the last 10 years and continues to update and evolve its products.

Introducing the TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

The TAB 400 comes with a sleek teardrop design, but unlike most teardrops, it’s tall enough for the average person to stand up in. This ultra-light-weight trailer offers ample living space, separate bedroom and eating areas, a furnished kitchenette, a functional bathroom, and ample storage.

Whether you’re planning a brief excursion or a weeks-long getaway, this camper has everything you need to travel in comfort. Towing it is a breeze thanks to its minimal weight and streamlined profile. 

2022 TAB 400 Specs

The specifications of the TAB 400 are as follows: Starting with the exterior measurements, the full length is 18 feet 3 inches, the width is 7 feet 6 inches, while the height is 8 feet 8 inches. Inside, it has a height of 79 inches at the apex, offering ample headroom for the occupants.

How much does a TAB 400 teardrop camper weigh? It has a dry weight of 2,840 pounds and a gross axle weight rating of 3,900 pounds. Although small, it can haul enough gear and supplies without going above the recommended weight rating.

On tank capacities, the freshwater tank holds 22 gallons, the gray water is 18 gallons, while the black water carries 12 gallons.

2022 TAB 400 Interior Review

Despite its small footprint, the TAB 400 doesn’t compromise on features. It has all the amenities you need, the space you crave, without wasteful features. Let’s take a peep into the inside.

Sleeping Arrangement 

This teardrop camper has dual sleeping areas that can accommodate up to three people. At the back of the trailer, you will have your own queen bed that comfortably sleeps two. Wondering what size is the bed in a TAB 400? The dedicated bed measures 55” x 79″.

The second sleeping area is the dinette, located at the front. Its table drops down to create a stable surface to lay the seat cushions for extra sleeping. One adult or two little ones can sleep on the converted dinette that measures 30″ x 74″. 

Apart from napping, the queen-size bed serves many functions. You can use it to read as it has reading lights, soak in the outdoors from its stargazing window, or as a resting place when watching TV. The bedroom also has speakers and an open cubby that acts as your nightstand with a button to control the AC.


The kitchen in the 2022 TAB 400 has all the necessities you need to keep your family well-fed on the road. It has a two-burner cooktop with a lid and igniter. You’ll also find a round sink with a faucet that folds neatly.

Other exciting amenities include the microwave and fridge. There’s also plenty of clever storage for dishes and dry goods. The double door pantry under the sink can hold a couple of weeks’ worth of food, while the nice, deep cabinets and drawers under the countertop will accommodate your dishware, pots, and silverware.

Prep space is also plenty, and there’s a window right by the cooking area so you can get some air in and out when making meals. You’ll also get enough light from the window and led lights above the countertop. 

Living Area 

Nestled between the huge front window and two small round ones is the dinette. It features a sleek, curved seating area with comfy cushions and a sizeable table. This lounging area can accommodate up to 4 people.

It’s a versatile area you can use to partake in meals, watch TV, read, catch up with a friend, or even carry out work duties if you’re a digital nomad. The TV, which is located at the back, can swivel around, allowing you to watch from the dinette. Porthole windows on either side allow you to take in the outdoor views and double as handy bookshelves.

Use the nice big viewing window to bring light and airflow directly to the dinette area. This dual-pane acrylic window opens all the way out, has noise-canceling capabilities, and comes with a bug screen and blackout shade. You can also circulate fresh air through the power roof fan.

To keep your devices powered up, there’s an electrical plug and USB ports. 


After a long hike or exciting fishing expedition, you’ll obviously want a place to wash away the sweat and fatigue. Lucky for you, this teardrop has a place to freshen up, and compared to other teardrops, the nuCamp TAB 400’s bathroom is pretty big. 

The wet bath features a shower with a hand-held wand, a plastic foot toilet, and a sink and tap that folds out of the way when you don’t need it. You’ll also find a porthole window, large storage cubbies for your towels and toiletries, soft lighting, a toilet paper holder, hanging hooks, and an air vent.


When dealing with a small camper, every ounce of storage is a bonus. nuCamp does a great job of finding all nooks and crannies in the TAB 400 and turning them into useful storage space. This trailer has enough space to pack all your essentials.

You can find overhead storage above the dinette, lockable cabinets and breadbasket above the kitchen, a pull-out drawer and shoe cubby at the bottom of the fridge, a large cubby beside the bed, and outdoor lockable storage. You can also go for the option that has a dedicated hanging closet. 

Special Features 

The nuCamp TAB 400 has plenty of standout features. One of the most notable is its rounded European-style edges. Other exciting properties are the windows. The camper has a large front picture window and a rear stargazer window, all insulated. These windows open up for more lighting and ventilation, and have shades that pull up for privacy and screens that pull down.

There’s a master control panel where you can monitor your gray, black, and freshwater tanks, as well as your battery. It also has a switch to turn on your water pump and buttons for the interior and porch lights. TAB 400 also comes with electric brakes.

To keep you warm, there’s a fancy Alde heating system commonly found in high-end motorhomes. It produces even heat from floor to ceiling and causes no allergies as it doesn’t blow around dust. This system is also responsible for instant hot water flow. An air conditioner is also available, located on the road-side under the dinette.

You’ll also love the custom Ohio-Amish cabinetry with positive latches and the seamless TransCore flooring with a barn wood look. This flooring material is stronger than wood, lightweight, and resists wear, moisture, and pests.

Other conveniences include a 165-watt solar roof package allowing you to camp away from modern distractions, plus two 6-volt AGM batteries to store the juice. Listen to music and catch your favorite show with the Bluetooth media center and 24-inch TV.


If you love venturing off the beaten path, the nuCamp offers a TAB 400 Boondock Package. This option gives you everything you need to go deeper in and further out into nature. It has rugged off-road tires, 15” sports rims, a pitched axle, and generous ground clearance.

In addition, the version comes fitted with a big solid entry grab handle, boondock graphics, a heavy-duty entry doorstep, and diamond plating upfront for extra protection when you head into rougher terrain. 

You’ll also find a nice rack platform upfront where you can place your generator, extra gas, firewood, or other stuff you don’t want to keep inside. Not to mention a checkerboard storage area where you can place your propane tanks and batteries.

Regarding the standard version, you can choose to have a three-way fridge on the left side of the bathroom and forego the closet. Or go for a two-way marine fridge below the kitchen countertop and have a closet adjacent to the bath.

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2022 TAB 400 Teardrop Camper Exterior Review

Our nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop camper review won’t be complete without discussing the exterior construction.

Starting with the shell, this trailer has an excellent built quality. The frame is made of 100% aluminum, while the side walls are made of Azdel, a material resistant to mold, mildew, warping, and moisture. The roof is a solid one-piece rolled aluminum sheet.

When the door opens, you’ll notice it has some nice little pockets and even an in-built trash can. It also has a small viewing window with a privacy screen. If you want to let in the breeze, the door has an insect screen that pulls across to cover the entire entrance.

Among the TAB 400 sidewall color options are the white, silver, and dark mode, which has a charcoal color. On one side of this teardrop, you’ll find a storage bay with a magnetic lock door, as well as a 30 amp power hookup, plus a connection if you want to run a solar suitcase.

Another exciting and functional feature is the Nautilus water system. This lockable compartment gives you all your black, gray, and freshwater inputs in one area, as well as connections for satellite and cable TV. Still on the exterior, there are rear stabilizer jacks and a quick connection for an outside barbecue. 

Ease of Towing

Weighing under 4000 pounds when fully loaded, this teardrop is an ultralight camper, so it’s towable by a wider variety of vehicles. Expect it to tow easy and to be very maneuverable thanks to its compact size. 

Part of the appeal of owning a teardrop is that they’re aerodynamic. Their egg-like shape helps them reduce wind resistance, leading to fuel savings for your tow vehicle. Also, the fact that the AC is not sticking up on the roof means it’s safer to tow off-road as you don’t have to worry about branches damaging the AC on the roof. Plus, it ensures the trailer is more streamlined.

2022 TAB 400 Changes

There are several changes to the 2022 TAB 400 teardrop camper. While most of the adjustments aren’t obvious as they are technical, some are easy to pick out. The most obvious improvement is the flooring. Instead of a wood floor, the 2022 TAB 400 has a seamless Transcore composite material. 

Another update a lock on all the SeaFlow baggage doors. Interior lights have also been upgraded to give you more lighting choices.There’s also a new switching for the solar system. They changed the controller inside to make it easier to convert to lithium batteries. Another notable change is the TAB 400 Solo floorplan has been discontinued.

2022 TAB 400 Teardrop Camper Price

How much does a 2022 TAB 400 camper cost? The standard model starts at $51,000, while the boondocking option starts at $53,000. With such a price tag, the TAB 400 isn’t exactly a budget trailer. 

Pros and Cons of the TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

What makes the TAB 400 a great camper? And what are some of its negative attributes? Read on to learn what to expect, so you don’t end up with teardrops on your face.

TAB 400 Pros

  • Easy to Tow – The trailer is lightweight, so you don’t need a heavy-duty tow vehicle. In addition, hitching, maneuvering, and parking is a breeze, thanks to its small stature.
  • Aerodynamic – The teardrop profile allows the camper to slip through the air with minimal drag, ultimately helping improve the tow vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
  • A Compact Space that is Efficient – Despite its size, this camper boasts all the amenities and comforts two or three travelers need to have a memorable camping experience. 
  • Quality Build – nuCamp goes above and beyond to create a quality camper that will reliably serve you for years. Its quality is exceptional compared to other teardrops.


  • Leaks – Owners of previous TAB 400 models have reported water leaks inside the camper. Some from the roof and others from the plumbing system.
  • Problematic Bathroom Sink – Some owners also complained the bathroom sink drains quite slowly because it has a tiny opening.
  • Isn’t Great in Extreme Weather – This camper is only suitable when camping in nice weather. Since it doesn’t have 4-season capabilities, you’ll be uncomfortable when it’s blistering hot or freezing cold.

Is the TAB 400 Worth the Money?

So, is the TAB 400 worth it? Here’s our 2022 nuCamp TAB 400 boondock review verdict. 

The TAB 400 is worth it if the teardrop shape doesn’t bother you and you want a camper with a small footprint and a fully-stocked interior. It’s also a great option if you’ll be traveling with your partner and you plan to spend most of your time outside the camper, engaging in outdoor pursuits.

But if you plan on spending your days inside this camper or traveling year-round, you’re better off looking for a more spacious 4-season trailer.

nuCamp TAB 400 Review: Mighty in Essentials and Spacious for a Teardrop trailer

With its classic teardrop shape, the 2022 TAB 400 will definitely turn heads when you pull up at the campground. More importantly, this mobile abode is spacious for a teardrop and has everything you need for an awesome getaway. You can prepare 5-star meals, take showers, bring your favorite gear, and sleep up to 3 in this fully self-contained teardrop camper.

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