10 of the Lightest Camper Trailers on The Market Today

Jen YoungJune 23, 2022

10 of the Lightest Camper Trailers on The Market Today

If you’re interested in the lightest camper trailers on the market, you’ve landed in the right place. In this post, we will share with you 10 of the lightest camping trailers on the road in 2022. Whether you’re an outgoing family, off-road enthusiast, minimalist, or you appreciate a camper with a few luxuries, you’ll find little trailers with a variety of applications in this list.

Discover 10 of the lightest camper trailers that offer many of the amenities you would only expect from larger campers. Some weigh below 1000 pounds and can be towed with a small car.

Before you settle for a specific trailer, it’s always smart to rent and test a few different models. Rent an ultra-light camper on Outdoorsy to get a clear picture of what miniature trailers feel like. 

Try it Before You Buy It – Camper Trailers for Rent Near You

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What to Expect from the Lightest Camping Trailers

Lightweight trailers are engineered to be towed with small SUVs, sedans, family minivans, and midsize pickups. The lightest of them can even be towed with small cars. Today, manufacturers are not only focusing on keeping the weight low. They’re using innovative materials to shave every gram while also ensuring the trailer offers a certain degree of comfort.

So, you can expect a majority of the lightest camping trailers to have a cozy bed, a small kitchen, and a seating space. Some even come equipped with a shower, toilet, and holding tanks, while others have off-road capabilities. Most also have an aerodynamic shape to help with fuel economy.

How Much Do the Lightest Campers Weigh?

The lightest camping trailers weigh below 2,000 pounds. A few exceptional ones tip the scale at below 1,000 pounds. Curious what the lightest camper trailer is? 

We did our research and uncovered the T300 by earth traveler. With a dry weight of only 300 pounds, it is the lightest trailer you can find on the market. Keep reading to learn more about it, plus other similar featherweight campers.

Top 10 Lightest Camper Trailers 

Here are our ten favorite lightest campers, ranging from tiny travel trailers, vintage-inspired teardrops to versatile tent campers

Lightest Travel Trailer For Adventurous Families: Taxa Outdoors Cricket

lightest camper trailer

Dry Weight: 1,800 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 15’X6.7’X83”

Sleep Capacity: 4

MSRP: $36,082

The Taxa Outdoors Cricket is one of the few travel trailers under 2,000 lbs that can accommodate a family. Thoughtfully designed by a NASA engineer, it dons an asymmetrical shell that seems strange. But inside its walls, you’ll find a roomy space with creature comforts that your small family will appreciate. 

This trailer is designed to be portable and versatile, and many 4-cylinder cars can tow it. The cricked comfortably sleeps two adults and up to two children. You can fix fabulous meals in the redesigned kitchen with a 2-burner stove, take advantage of the humongous storage, and let the breeze in from any angle with the superior cross ventilation.

Owners of this wheeled home are also impressed by the full solar compatibility, exterior hot and cold shower, 15-gallon fresh water tank, and 16-gallon gray water tank. To further enhance your camping experience, you can add on a few of the camper’s many optional features, such as a portable toilet, portable shower tent, hanging kid’s berth set, and a 5000 BTU AC.

Lightest Camper for the Retro-Cool Traveler: Happier Camper HC1

lightest camper trailer

Dry Weight: 1,100 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 13’X7’X7’4″

Sleep Capacity: Up to 5

MSRP: $35,450

If you’re looking for a stylish but featherweight mini camper, step on board the Happier Camper HC1. This tiny retro-inspired caravan will bring you memories of the old VW Camper Van, thanks to its color schemes, rounded edges, classic fenders, and taillights.

What makes the HC1 completely unique is its flexible interior. You can swap around several components to create a custom interior layout. Whether you want an empty trailer for hauling gear, a bed and kitchenette combo for camping, or a super large bed that can accommodate up to 5 sleepers, this camper can be what you want it to be.

It doesn’t fall short of the little features too. There are accessories such as a Bose sound system, built-in USB and AC power sockets, and a tablet docking station. Optional features include a 4-gallon road shower, a waterless dry flush toilet, and a 5-gallon freshwater and gray-water tank. You can easily tow the HC1 with most standard cars.

Lightest Camping Trailer For the Off-Road Adventurer: Hiker Trailer Extreme Off Road

lightest camper trailer

Dry Weight: 1,920 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 165”X96”X79″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $19,349

Purposefully built for the rugged and wild, the Hiker trailer Extreme Off Road will take you places where other campers can only imagine going. Despite its tank-like capabilities, it’s extremely lightweight and affordable. There are also different models to choose from, some more suited for paved roads and others for moderate off-roading. 

The Extreme Off Road is designed for heavy off-roading and will go anywhere your tow vehicle will go. The exterior has a brush guard, rare spare tire swing, frame integrated storage racks, and tongue box storage. This camper focuses more on the exterior hardware, so don’t expect it to shine when it comes to comfort features.

But thankfully, it still has a rear galley with two shelves, a queen-size bed, and cubbies with 12V wiring and a USB unit. It also gives you the option to upgrade and customize it. You can add a solar charging kit, air conditioning, a roof rack, and an instant hot water shower. Its lightweight size and easy maneuverability allow it to be pulled with most passenger cars, minivans, and small SUVs.

Lightest Camper For the Minimalist: Buzz Off Trailer

Dry Weight: 670 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 152″X74″X73″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $15,725

If you’re planning to get into the wonderful world of adventure without being weighed down by unnecessary features, SoCal’s Buzz Off Trailer is exactly what you need. It’s one of the lightest camper trailers you can find on the market today.

This camping pod is designed to be compact and has the quality to last a lifetime. Its frame is created from top-quality steel tubing. Despite its weight, don’t underestimate its ability to go off-road. It’s perfectly capable of withstanding most terrains due to its heavy-duty leaf springs, sprung under a 3500 lb axle.

Just because you’re downsizing your RV ambition with this teardrop doesn’t mean you have to rough it outdoors. It has the basic amenities you need, including a 4-inch thick mattress for two adults, cubbies and flip-down shelves for storage, and a side mount table that works as a cooking platform.

Try it Before You Buy It – Camper Trailers for Rent Near You

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Best Light Travel Trailer For the Traditionalist: KZ Sportsmen Classic 100RK

lightest camper trailer

Dry Weight: 1,770 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 13’2″X84″X107″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $16,065

If you want something that has the classic travel trailer profile, consider the KZ Sportsmen Classic 100RK. Packed to the brim with standard features, this affordable camper tows with an SUV and is offered in many versatile layouts.

You will enjoy a good night’s rest on the queen bed and cool off on those hot days with the 13,500 BTU air conditioner right by it. A nifty trunk in the rear opens up to reveal an outside kitchen that allows you to whip up meals while soaking in the magical surroundings. This galley has a fridge, sink, and 2-burner range.

The KZ’s construction is up there with the other quality trailers. It features a fully walkable roof, an exclusive Tough Shield exterior metal, a one-piece seamless roofing, and a front diamond plate. Other highlights include a digital media stereo with Bluetooth, a water heater, tinted windows, marine-grade floors, LED interior lights, and an exterior leash latch for your furry friend.

Best Light Pop-Up Camper for the Budget Explorer: SylvanSport GO

Dry Weight: 840 lb 

Dimensions(LWH): 143″X75″X53″

Sleep Capacity: 4

MSRP: $10,995

The most affordable camping trailer on our list is a cross between a travel trailer, a pop-up camper, and a tent. Engineered by SylvanSport, the GO is one of the most compact and well-thought-out trailers you can lay your hands on.

At just 840 lbs, the GO can be towed with almost any vehicle. But don’t underrate its capabilities just yet. It has a roof rack that can haul outdoor equipment weighing up to 165 lbs, such as bikes and kayaks. In addition, the gear deck below the tent pod can also hold equipment up to 960 lbs, including coolers, adventure bikes, or even a quad bike. You can raise the tent pod up to 3.9 feet to increase the gear space.  

The GO doesn’t skip out on sleeping accommodations. The tent pod has a waterproof tent that retracts and unfolds from the hinged case to form space for four sleepers. You can customize the interior depending on whether you want a king bed, twin beds, or a dining area complete with a fold-out table.

Best Lightest Camper That’s Insulated: Colorado Teardrops Basedrop

Dry Weight: 1000 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 102″X76″X70.5″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $18,600

If you’re hunting for an incredibly affordable pull behind that’s long on style and low in price, check out the Basedrop Teardrop Trailer. This camper is designed by Colorado Teardrops, a company that produces upscale teardrop-style trailers that are rugged, weatherproof, and competitively priced.

It’s constructed with welded structural aircraft aluminum for an extremely tough body. Yet, it’s nimble enough to be pulled by vehicles with a lower weight rating. From highways to the high desert, there’s nowhere this rugged rig can’t take you. The cabin is fully insulated, allowing you to keep the heat, wind, and chill at bay. 

Regarding amenities, this teardrop is well appointed. You’ll find a modern and spacious galley, a queen-sized memory foam mattress(4″X60″X78″) that converts into a couch, reading rights, lots of cabinets, shelving, and hatch storage, as well as a beautiful maple wood interior. The company provides a one-year warranty.

Best Lightest Camper for Luxury RVing: Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

Dry Weight: 1,400 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 14′X 5’X65″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $23,900

If you want to elevate your camping experience, the Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailer will certainly make all your outdoor adventures more memorable and rewarding. It’s the lightest camper trailer you’ll find that’s hand-built and made of wood. Its quality is unmatched thanks to the company’s experience in the art of fine woodworking.

At first glance, this vintage-style teardrop may appear to be very simple and basic, but it has meticulous details and is jam-packed with everything you’d need for a successful sojourn. Inside, it’s adorned with comfortable sleeping quarters, an insulated cabin, a tinted skylight, as well as an efficient and modern rear galley kitchen.

You can use this camper for off-grid living, overlanding, or just exploring the paved roads. And thanks to its light body and aerodynamic shape, it won’t put a massive dent in your budget. It’s available in a multitude of vibrant and subdued colors.

Lightest Camper Trailer with a Bathroom: Scamp 16

Dry Weight: 1,750 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 16’X6’8″X7’10”

Sleep Capacity: 2-4

MSRP: $10,000

It feels good having a nice, hot shower after a long day camping. But it even feels better freshening up in the comfort of your camper. If you want an ultralight travel trailer that has a bathroom, the Scamp 16 trailer is the perfect unit. Plus, it comes with additional space for greater comfort.

Scamp is a very flexible camper that allows you to pick amenities and a layout based on the camping style you want. You can choose from 5 standard floorplans and 4 deluxe options. Features that are available in all their campers include a 2-burner stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink, large counter space, a dinette, silverware drawer, and tank monitors.

To upgrade your camping experience, you can select add-on options such as a dry flush toilet, bathroom sink, AC, roof fan, 16,000 BTU furnace, 12ft awning, solar panel kit, and TV. On looks and build, the Scamp has a curious-looking, egg-shaped shell made of fiberglass. 

World’s Lightest Camping Trailer: Earth Traveler Trailers

Dry Weight: 300 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 11’X5’X5′

Sleep Capacity: 4

MSRP: $24,995

If you’re wondering what is the lightest trailer, check out the T300 by Earth Traveler. Weighing a mere 300 pounds, this teardrop and pop-up hybrid easily takes the title of the lightest camper in the world. Almost any car can tow this tiny camping pod. It’s also tough enough to go off-road, and it tows smoothly in any terrain.

Even more impressive, this unit is made with a sustainable approach, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to leave a smaller footprint. On the T300 model, fiberglass, resin, wood, and chicken feathers are mixed together to create a strong, sustainable, and inexpensive material for all non-structural components. The newer T250 only uses carbon fiber. Structural parts are made of load-bearing traditional composite materials.

Inside, you’ll find a sleeping space for four people. However, you’ll first need to expand the interior space by deploying the pop-up. When set up at the campsite, it measures 11 feet long and 11 feet wide, with a headspace of 7 feet. Ample storage can be found underneath the trailer’s flooring, and this little trailer can haul up to 800 lbs. 

Lightweight Campers Make RVing Accessible to Everyone

The lightest camper trailers make RVing possible for almost anyone who owns a car. These tiny camping pods can be pulled with most vehicles, so you don’t have to invest in a bigger tow vehicle. Plus, they are affordable and won’t damage your tow vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

If you aren’t sure whether a small camper would fit your needs, consider renting and trying several lightweight options before committing to the investment.

Try it Before You Buy It – Camper Trailers for Rent Near You

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