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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted December 29, 2022

When you find yourself with unexpected time off — whether it’s from work, school, or some other responsibility in your life — it can be tempting to dive straight into a Netflix marathon. And while there’s nothing wrong with burning through a whole season of Stranger Things in one sitting, hitting the road for a spontaneous RV trip can be a great way to break things up. 

An RV vacation can be the perfect way to make the most of your time off – soaking up the good vibes that come from time spent in nature or reflecting on life while driving down the road with nothing but a great soundtrack and the endless horizon stretched out before you. 

Whether you choose to explore somewhere familiar or visit a new destination on your unplanned vacation, here are five reasons to consider RVing instead of flying for a spontaneous trip.

Campervan camping overlooking mountains

#1. You won’t feel the pressure of a detailed itinerary

A spontaneous RV trip offers you the freedom to ditch your schedule — and isn’t that the point of a vacation in the first place? If you’re the type to plan out every single detail of your vacation from where you eat to what you do each day, you might find that you love the lack of itinerary. A spontaneous trip allows you to decide how long you spend at each stop and leaves room for unexpected detours. 

#2. It’s a great way to explore a destination that’s close to home

When asked about our dream vacation destinations, so many of us imagine far-off places across the country or even on the other side of the world. Unexpected time off is the perfect chance to hit the road, explore parks in your state, and fall in love with your own backyard all over again. Hit up a nearby state park you haven’t visited since you were a kid or finally check out that part of your home state you’ve meant to visit for years. 

#3. You can save money on last-minute campground deals

Booking an RV campsite in advance sure has its perks, but the last-minute traveler just might be rewarded with surprisingly sweet deals. When getting ready for your spontaneous vacation, look for same-day savings. Who knows, you just may discover a new favorite campsite. 

#4. Dispersed camping doesn’t require a reservation

If your dreams are filled with visions of boondocking, BLM land, and zero-crowds, dispersed land is where you want to be for your spontaneous RV vacation. Check your state’s rules regarding camping on public lands, pick a picturesque destination, and go. Dispersed camping lets you choose the perfect site and offers plenty of wide-open space.  

Campervan camping

#5. Spontaneous RV travel captures the road trip spirit

RV travel is all about the open road, a map on the dashboard, and a breeze blowing in the sense of possibility. In other words, it’s all about adventure. A spontaneous trip embodies that spirit. Feel like stopping at the scenic pull-out? Go for it. Want to change directions halfway through? No one is stopping you. Follow your heart from behind the wheel and see where it takes you.

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