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Posted June 2, 2022
Pensacola RV Parks

Pensacola is known for its natural beauty and white sandy beaches. Located far off from notable destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Tampa Bay, Pensacola offers a perfect blend of thrill and affordability.

That’s why it’s becoming a top destination for RV campers. There are some world-class RV parks in this part of Florida. 

This article reviews the top five Pensacola RV parks for you. If you’re all set to visit Pensacola, consider staying at one of the five RV parks on this list. And don’t forget to get an RV rental in Pensacola before you go!

Why Pensacola?

Pensacola is arguably one of the top destinations in Florida. One of the reasons is its ideal location.

Pensacola is the westernmost city of the Florida Panhandle. This section of Florida is much more accessible from outside states than other RV spots that are located further south. So spend less time traveling and more time glamping.

The second reason is the varied topography and tropical atmosphere. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola has miles of pristine sandy beaches. You can find multiple campsites along the beaches.

Along with that, you’re going to find thousands of acres of forest land that have been turned into national parks and campsites. These encompass a diverse range of landscapes that promise serenity.

Last but not least, Pensacola is known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation.” The Naval Aviation Museum and the Blue Angels of the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron attract tourists from all over the country. Anyone mildly interested in aviation or the US’s rich heritage shouldn’t miss Pensacola’s naval museum.

With that said, here are the top five RV parks in Pensacola you should consider for your next glamping trip: 

Pensacola RV Parks

In Pensacola, the beach is where the fun is. And if you want to experience the best beach sections right from your RV, you have to drive down to the Pensacola Beach RV Resort.

The resort is located on the barrier island of Pensacola Beach. This prime location offers an excellent view and allows easy access to the rest of the island. The barrier island is named so because it acts as a barrier to the mainland and provides protection from open water storms. The beaches are characterized by white sand with little to no plant life. You’ll find intense sunlight throughout the year along with strong breeze.

The resort has multiple RV spots along the beach, which are categorized as standard, deluxe, and premium. Premium spots offer the highest number of amenities. But every site features a cement pad, full hookup, outdoor shower, and picnic tables. You also get access to beach chairs and umbrellas as a complimentary service.

After the beach session, take your family to the heated pool to relax or to the two playgrounds to engage in sports. 

There are bars, restaurants, and shopping centers within walkable distance. The clubhouse, which is in the center east part of the resort, has restrooms, laundries, and a lobby for all members.

The resort has a focus on building a community vibe. Many people who come into the Pensacola Beach RV resort return once or twice a year. They make good friends with other RV travelers and helpful staff members. So when you stay or return to this beach resort, you’re going to have a neighborhood vibe going around.

The RV resort park is pet-friendly, and you can bring your pooch or kitty along with you.

Pensacola RV Parks

Perdido means ‘Lost’ in Spanish. And it aptly describes the Perdido Key area. It has a small-town feel with a relaxing atmosphere.

Perdido Key RV Resort and Marina leverages that small-town vibe and offers you plenty of space to take a break from your busy life. It’s built on a man-made beach rather than on the Gulf. This means there will be fewer people to interrupt your holiday.

There are 56 RV sites in total, all of them with full hookups. Along with that, the resort has 24 deep water marina slips. You can rent a boat and get a safe parking space inside the resort. The slips are equipped with electricity, water, and a pump-out station.

The amenities are on par with any luxury resort. Since the campsites are full hookup, you get 24X7 water, sewer, cable, and internet connectivity. Walk into the general store anytime to stock up your groceries. There’s also a coin-operated laundry and bathhouse to make your stay more comfortable and home-like. 

The resort offers complete privacy yet ample opportunities to connect with fellow travelers and have a good time together. Besides that, there’s always something happening at the resort, whether it is a potluck dinner or a breakfast buffet. Participating in these events will offer you a sense of belonging.

The resort is located between the Pensacola Pass and Orange Beach, thus making it easier to access than other resorts in the area. NAS Museum, FloraBama, and Orange Beach are a 15-minute drive away. So there are plenty of things to look forward to.

rv parks in Pensacola

Fort Pickens campground is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It conserves 26 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico and 28 miles of Pensacola bay. 

This national shoreline is renowned for its well-managed campsites and historical significance.

There are 200 campsites within the shoreline, and the majority of them are full hookups. Park your RV and have all the amenities made available to you. The campsites are quite big and can accommodate Class A RVs with ease. 

You can choose to camp near the white beach shore, which is exclusive to the people with National Park passes. Furthermore, the entire campground is surrounded by bayous and rich vegetation.

Another reason why campers flock to the Fort Pickens Campground is to visit the historical sites. They pay a visit to the historic Fort Pickens, a military fort used during the American civil war. There’s also the Gulf Island Museum located on the western side of the fort. It houses many objects from the same era.

Once you’re done with historical sightseeing, there are plenty of outdoor activities to engage in. 

Pensacola Bay is merely a few miles away. You can take a biking or walking trip to the bay and enjoy the picturesque scenes along the way. Langton Beach isn’t too far either. Also, there are many hiking trails on the national shoreline.

Sunbathing, swimming, wading, and fishing are other activities that campers get to do. So look forward to a great RV vacation at Fort Pickens.

The Emerald Beach RV Park is located in Navarre, 15-minute drive away from Pensacola. Why camp at Navarre instead of Pensacola? Because the park is the fourth-best of all the parks in the US. And it’s rig-friendly too.

The park is built on a private white sandy beach and not the Gulf. So there will be fewer people in the park, which guarantees exclusivity and cleanliness. You can take a trip down to the Gulf, which is at a walkable distance. All the camping sites have full hookups with a patio, 20/30/50 amps, and free Wi-Fi.

There are private decks at chosen waterfront sites overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound for all the campers. Along with that, the beaches have tiki umbrellas, tiki decks, and lounge chairs. Spend your noon or evening at the beach while the kids build the castle.

After the beach session, make use of the spotless showers and bathrooms, both of which are cleaned every day.

The Emerald Beach park has plenty of outdoor activities to offer. For those interested in fishing, visit the 300 ft. pier located within the park. You don’t need a fishing license, and you can catch species like redfish and catfish. 

In case you had an off day and couldn’t catch any fish, walk down to the grocery store to grab some meat to grill at your RV.

Kayaking is another year-round activity offered at this park. Rent the kayaks at affordable rates and explore the waters.

You’ve got a fitness center, clubhouse, and laundry all within the park. Expect even more activities as seasonal events are organized now and then.

Avalon Landing RV Park is an affordable campsite located five miles east of Pensacola across Escambia Bay. It is a medium-sized park that offers easy access to not just the beach but also an ecological preserve. 

It’s located next to the Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park. At the park, you can engage in birdwatching, hiking, walking, or wildlife viewing. More than 20 different rare species of plants and animals are found within this park. Add in the sweeping landscapes at every turn, and you have plenty of photography opportunities.

Back at the RV park, you can relax on the waterfront sites. The sites are full hookups with free cable TV and Wi-Fi access.

Most people spend their evenings at the pool deck, which is in front of the clubhouse. Restrooms and shower facilities are also within the clubhouse, which is handicap accessible. 

The park sits right on the Indian Bayou Water Way, where fishing is allowed. Or you can embark on a boating trip from the private boat ramps.

Because the Avalon Landing RV Park is located a few miles away from the premium Pensacola campsite, the daily rates are among the lowest. Thus, it’s an excellent campsite for long-term camping without missing out on anything this region has to offer, like the Santa Rosa Sound, Fort Pickens, and Naval Aviation Museum.

Where Can I Camp for Free in Pensacola?

There are a few campgrounds in Pensacola where you can camp with your RV for free. 

Escribano Point Bayside Campground is one such location. It is located within the Escribano Point Wildlife Management Area, 43 miles away from Pensacola. You can stay there for two weeks without having to pay the RV rental cost. However, there will be a permit cost.

Also, you can boondock at the public beaches that are not part of an RV park. Boondocking is legal in Florida in most cases. And unless you disturb the public or engage in unlawful practices, you’re pretty much safe to camp your RV for free.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in an RV Park in Florida?

The RV lifestyle is known for being cheap. And rest assured, you’re not going to pay a lot when living in an RV park in Florida.

For RV parking, most parks tend to charge somewhere between $40 to $80 per day. This depends on seasonality and the RV type.

You’d have to incur expenses like gas and propane, food and groceries, entertainment, and other miscellaneous costs. All in all, you should expect the total cost to be around $100 to $150 per day.

Can You Live in an RV Park Year-Round in Florida?

Yes, you can live in an RV park year-round in Florida.

In the Sunshine State, the sun is out throughout the year. The winters from November through April aren’t severe either. So most RV parks in Florida are open year-round, and you can stay indefinitely.

But the comfort level will depend a lot on the park amenities and the RV you drive. Not all parks offer year-round RV camping even when they’re open. The Fort Pickens campground is an example. The campground is open year-round, but some section remains closed due to maintenance or conservation purposes.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV in Pensacola, Florida?

Renting an RV is the best way to minimize expenses.

The cost to rent an RV depends on the RV type and its age. A Class A RV will cost you $150-$250 per night, while a Class B RV costs $100-$200 per night. Travel trailers are the cheapest at $50-$100 per night.

Newer RVs are going to cost more than older models, with the difference being as high as $50. With Outdoorsy, you can rent any type of RV at an affordable price. 

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