Owner of the Week: Stephanie Murphy

Chelsea GonzalesOctober 26, 2022

Owner of the Week: Stephanie Murphy

Outdoorsy owner Stephanie Murphy loves cats. “I am employed as a manager at Pet Valu, a pet retail store,” she says. “I’m also the founder of a local cat rescue called All For Love Cat Rescue.” Clearly, a lot of Stephanie’s time is dedicated to felines!

All that said, Ms. Murphy still has plenty of time and energy to give to her Outdoorsy business, which helps support her cat rescue. “I strive for excellent customer service and cleanliness,” she tells us. “I also include all the necessities in my RV.” 

She feels those are the things that draw customers to her rental, and we have to agree, but we’re guessing her excellent location (the city of Brampton in Ontario, Canada) also has something to do with it. “Our favorite camping experiences usually happen 15 minutes from home in a private campground,” Stephanie shares. “The nearby Algonquin Park has been a popular destination for our unit.”

Yes, Stephanie’s RV is quite popular with renters. “We received our first booked rentals within a week of posting on Outdoorsy,” she recalls. “We have earned approximately $33,000 in our three short summer seasons.” 

In total, Stephanie’s rig has gone out with renters 29 times! “We have met some great renters,” she says. “Some with no RV experience, and a few that have camping experience but wanted to camp in style. We have also had many repeat renters. One was a renter from the UK, one was from Chicago, and one was from British Columbia, Canada. The rest were local and visited provincial parks all over Ontario.”

Stephanie Murphy

The funny thing about all of this? Ms. Murphy didn’t even intend to rent her RV when she purchased it. “Our RV was purchased in 2019,” Stephanie explains. “We bought the RV to travel, then COVID hit right after we returned from our first trip to Florida. We chose to rent the rig to bring in money for the cat rescue. It also provided income to help with the payments since I experienced a pay cut after COVID.”

Would Stephanie choose to go the same route again? Absolutely! “We chose Outdoorsy as it included roadside assistance without an additional cost. We feel completely safe renting through Outdoorsy. We’ve had great customer service and support, even when we had a small claim.”

Not only would Murphy choose to rent through Outdoorsy again, but she’d also recommend it to others as well. “I’d recommend friends and family to Outdoorsy. The customer service is outstanding, and the insurance is great. Advice to other owners considering renting: 1) Don’t stress the small stuff; it’s insured! 2) Keep a clean and safe unit. 3) Ask questions about the trip without being too intrusive, but feel good about the number of people traveling, explaining the limitations of the RV to your guests.”

All About Stephanie

Stephanie Murphy

Favorite morning beverage: “Coffee with Bailey’s.”

Favorite campsite meal: “Hashbrowns fried over the campfire and vegan hotdogs and hamburgers on the Blackstone grill.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “Classic rock—’70s, ’80s, ’90s.”

Favorite season: “Fall is my favorite season. It’s off-season for renters and when we get to enjoy the RV. Fall colors, cool air.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “Our dream is to travel to California.”


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