Owner of the week: Chance Bishop

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Owner of the week: Chance Bishop

Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted March 29, 2022

Outdoorsy RV Owner Chance Bishop bought his first RV for the same reason most people purchase an RV. “I love the outdoors, but [I also] like to be comfortable when sleeping,” he explains. “Also, in Texas, it’s hot.”

Chance didn’t buy that rig just for camping, though. “I got my first unit to live in,” he tells us. That’s right – this man loves RVing so much that he decided to live in one full-time for a while! Not only that, but his wife was also a full-time RVer, and the two of them actually met in a campground.

This serendipitous meeting sparked a fantastic relationship and was also the start of an incredible business adventure. “Eventually, we moved into one RV together, and we had an extra unit we had to do something with,” says Chance.

He could have chosen to sell the extra RV, but instead, he decided to think outside the box, and FunTime RV Rentals was born.

RV owner with vehicle

Bishop had his first rental request within a week of listing his RV on Outdoorsy. At this point, he’s been at it for five years and has made around $250K renting rigs. “We now rent three RVs that we own and 17 that we manage,” Chance tells us. “We have a staff of three and a side business for mobile RV repair.”

As you can see, Chance has decided to dive deep into the world of RV-related business, and it has really paid off. That said, money is only half the reward. “I have had 400+ rentals over the years,” he shares. “I have met some great people, and many of my renters keep coming back.

“Each rental has great memories attached to it. During my favorite rental so far, I picked a family up at the airport. They drove my RV around Texas and then met me back at the airport for the return drop-off. I also have a soft spot for my very first renter, who returns to attend the Round Top Antique Show twice a year. She’s like family.”

Chance’s ultimate goal? “Help people create great memories in the outdoors, whether that means adventure or just relaxation.” It sounds like he’s already achieved that goal and will continue doing so for years to come!

All About Chance

Chance Bishop RV owner

Favorite morning beverage: “COFFEE.”

Favorite campsite meal: “‘Fire goulash’ made as a kid at camp in the fire (meat, vegetables & sauce in foil). We cook it in the coals.”

Music you like to play on the radio: “All music.”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite: “Card games.”

Favorite season: “Spring and fall.”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go? “All the famous bucket-list parks.”

Chelsea Gonzales



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