Celebrating Outdoorsy Women Who Inspire Us On International Women’s Day

Chelsea GonzalesFebruary 20, 2024

Celebrating Outdoorsy Women Who Inspire Us On International Women’s Day

According to the United Nations, International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

Here at Outdoorsy, we love any excuse to recognize the strong women who make our community what it is – from our co-founder Jen, to the many women working at Outdoorsy, to our renters and owners. 

One of the missions of International Women’s Day is to support women to earn and learn on their own terms – and with our network of entrepreneurial owners who use Outdoorsy to earn in the way they want to, that’s a mission we can get behind!

So to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we’re highlighting eight of our incredible woman Outdoorsy owners who inspire us to forge our own paths (and side hustles).

8 inspirational women-run businesses on Outdoorsy

No. 1. Amy Powers

Nashville, Tennessee owner Amy Powers is a mom to 4 boys (and 4 RVs) and has made over $15,000 since starting her rental business on Outdoorsy. Her favorite part of renting on Outdoorsy? “Meeting all the wonderful families!” 

“Meeting people is my favorite part,” Powers says about the fun adventure that is her RV rental business on Outdoorsy. “I love meeting all of the families that come to get our campers.”

Outdoorsy RV host Amy Powers
Outdoorsy Host Amy Powers

No. 2. Nika Shneyder

Los Angeles, California owner Nika Shneyder has scaled from one to eight RVs, completed more than 500 rentals, and has made more than $300,000 on Outdoorsy. “I love the idea that what I do for a living helps someone retune and get back into their groove,” Shneyder says. “It makes them more productive at work and happier in general. What a great impact to have on the world!”

Outdoorsy Host Nika Shneyder
Outdoorsy Host Nika Shneyder

No. 3. Tammy Reese

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania owner Tammy Reese has made more than $121,000 on Outdoorsy. The additional income allows her to stay at home with her three sons as she continues to grow her business.

“It has truly become a passive income for my family,” Reese says.

Outdoorsy Host Tammy Reese
Outdoorsy Host Tammy Reese

No. 4. Katie Larsen

Portland, Oregon owner Katie Larsen is no stranger to vanlife. In fact, she lived in her van for a few years before renting it out on Outdoorsy. She made more than $6,000 in her first couple of months on Outdoorsy.

“Being outside and connecting with the outdoors has just changed my life,” Larsen says, “and anything I can do to help provide that for somebody else, I want to do.”

Outdoorsy Host Katie Larsen
Outdoorsy Host Katie Larsen

No. 5. Camila Ramirez

Denver, Colorado owner Camila Ramirez is the chief adventure officer of Overland Discovery, the name of her off-road-ready Jeep rental business. All of her Jeep rentals are tricked out with rooftop pop-up tents come summer and swapped out for ski-storage racks come winter. She’s received a 5-star status from renters and has made more than $150,000 renting through Outdoorsy.

“Now that I’m running the business full-time, I tend to live vicariously through our guests and their experiences,” Ramirez says. “We’ve had so many great memories and experiences this past year, from honeymoons to surprise proposals in the mountains to father-son and grandpa-grandson bonding trips. This is why we do what we do! It inspires us every day.”

Outdoorsy Host Camila Ramirez
Outdoorsy Host Camila Ramirez

No. 6. Lisa Ostrikoff

Vancouver, BC owner Lisa Ostrikoff originally bought her van with no intention of renting it out. But then she found Outdoorsy. “I signed up and immediately had requests and inquiries,” Ostrikoff says. It’s been two years since that day and she’s since purchased 7 more campervans and launched her own rental business, Just Go Vans.

“One of the side benefits we’ve totally noticed is how much younger, fresher, and relaxed people look after they return from their Justgo experience — seriously, some customers have come back looking 5 to 10 years younger!” Ostrikoff says. “It’s truly an honor to be involved in such a happy business, one in which many of our customers have also called a life-changing experience. That’s why we do what we do.”

Outdoorsy Host Lisa Ostrikoff
Outdoorsy Host Lisa Ostrikoff

No. 7. Maria Zondervan

Orlando, Florida owner Maria Zondervan and her family love the outdoors and camping — just not in tents. In her first year and a half, she made $13,000 renting her Class C on Outdoorsy.

“I provide everything a renter could use and charge nothing extra for it,” Zondervan says. “Everything is included. I’ve had special requests for things like crock pots, extra camping chairs, and marshmallow roasting sticks — and provide it all with a smile and no additional fees.”

Outdoorsy Host Maria Zondervan
Outdoorsy Host Maria Zondervan

No. 8. Ashley DeKellis

Chico, California owner Ashley DeKellis is a residential and commercial interior designer who decided to take on the challenge of renovating a 1972 Airstream Tradewind, which she now rents out for photoshoots on Outdoorsy.

“After renovating [the Airstream], I realized that I do in fact enjoy the outdoors, exploring and enjoying nature — I just had to do it my own way, which means in style,” DeKellis says. She pocketed $2,000 in her first two months renting out the Airstream.

Outdoorsy Owner Ashley DeKellis


And a special shout out to owner Tawnia King featured in our IWF picture! If you’re ever traveling through Austin, you can rent her Dodge Campervan, Big Frida – named after another very powerful woman in history.

We’re so proud of these impressive ladies, and ALL of our devoted owners (male and female alike) who make Outdoorsy the incredible community that it is. This IWD and always, we can collectively work together to help create a gender-equal world. Let’s all be #EachforEqual!


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