Fishing + Outdoorsy: Guest Perspectives

Josh SchukmanFebruary 28, 2024

Fishing + Outdoorsy: Guest Perspectives

Our Outdoorsy community has been reeling it up since we sent our first RV rental out the door. Rivers, lakes, and lures go hand in hand, so it’s unsurprising that many of our guests cast a line on camping trips.

We took a beat to sit down with a couple of our RV renters who’ve hit the road with a rod to show why fishing trips should be part of more camping itineraries.

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Nathan D. and His 4x4ing Fish-Venture

Nathan rented a rig from Outdoorsy and set out to reel ‘em in in Oregon and California. Here’s what he had to say when we sat down to chat:

OD: What made you want to combine camping and fishing? 

They are two of my favorite activities in life! Camping allows me to access water that may have been difficult to get to by just a day trip, or is too far from home.

OD: What RV did you rent?

A Mercedes Benz Revel (here’s an example)

Mercedes Benz Revel Campervan

OD: Where did you go?

We started in Hood River OR, and ended with the Merced River in Yosemite National Park.

Stops we fished included Eagle Creek OR, Hood River OR, Salmon River OR, Crater Lake OR, Lost Lake OR, Diamond Lake OR, Smith River CA, and Merced River CA.

[Quick call out from the Outdoorsy crew — We’re seriously impressed by the sheer number of fishing holes Nathan landed. But then again, that’s where RVing + Fishing will get you!]

Campervan view

OD: What features in the RV improved your fishing experience? 

The van we had was large enough that I was able to leave my fishing rod rigged up when driving from fishing spot to fishing spot. This was very convenient to not have to break down my rod and re-rig any time we wanted to go somewhere. 

OD: What other features would you love to have in fishing RVs for your next trip?

A rod vault would be a huge plus! 

OD: What type of fishing did you do? What kinds of places did you fish? 

I grew up a fly fisherman on the rivers of Colorado. Fishing for trout on moving water is my favorite kind of fishing, and that’s the type of fishing I did on this trip. It was mostly smaller rivers and creeks, along with one Lake (Crater Lake). Trout were the only kind of fish I caught. Fishing on the creeks and rivers of our country is therapeutic for me. I only practice catch-and-release fishing.

OD: How did having an RV help you access those? 

We were thankful we had a 4×4 Campervan that allowed us to tackle a few rougher roads.

OD: Anything else you’d like to share to inspire others to snag an RV and head out fishing? 

There are few things more peaceful in life than pulling into a campsite, grabbing a fishing rod, catching a few fish, and then walking back to your RV for dinner. The peace you get from fishing is multiplied when you get to enjoy the peace of the campsite afterward.

Fishing on a log

Mason M. Describes His Adventures in Poetic Terms

Mason is another Outdoorsy guest we chatted with who rented not one but two Outdoorsy RVs so he and a group of friends could combine camping and fishing. 

When we posed our questions to Mason, he elected to weave his answers together in a way that’d make Thoreau proud. Here’s what he composed: 

Embarking on my adventures to the Eastern Sierra, especially around Mammoth Lakes, has always been an exhilarating experience, combining my passions for camping and fishing into one seamless journey. 

The allure of having the accessibility and mobility to explore various fishing spots while maintaining a comfortable base camp was a significant factor in deciding to rent adventure-ready rigs. 

My choice of vehicles, a 4×4 Sprinter Campervan and a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with a rooftop tent, rented from Outdoorsy, were pivotal in enabling these adventures. These overland and trail-ready vehicles, equipped with essential amenities like a bed, stove, and fridge, offered both the thrill of off-road exploration and the comforts of home. The 4×4 capability was particularly beneficial, allowing us to access some of the most secluded lakes in search of native and stocked rainbow trout.

The flexibility to stay near lakes and the convenience of having a cooler/fridge to store the day’s catch for a fresh lakeside meal or to cook later were invaluable features of these rigs. The Eastern Sierra, with its breathtaking landscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for trout fishing and exploring the great outdoors. This combination of adventure, comfort, and nature’s serenity is what I believe makes RVing and fishing an unbeatable duo. 

Through my travels with friends and my partner, the sense of freedom and connection to nature we’ve experienced is something I’d encourage everyone to explore. The ability to venture off the beaten path safely and comfortably, while carrying the essentials, has not only enriched our fishing expeditions but has also deepened our appreciation for the natural world.

-Mason M., Outdoorsy Fisherman Extraordinaire

OD: Wow. Thanks Mason. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves 🙂

Fly fishing in Montana

What Makes a Fishing Ready RV?

The majority of our RVs for rent would work well for a fishing + camping trip. Just be sure to let the host know that’s what you plan to do.

When we searched our site, we found that lots of hosts talk fishing in their listings. Some even provide helpful gear like rod vaults and rod holders. Most can probably tell you about the best fishing holes in their area.

Another nice fishing + camping amenity is an outdoor kitchen — something that many of our RVs feature. 

Check out these RVs near you that mention fishing 

Rods, reels, and RVing are a potent combination that can get you out there at an even deeper level. See all our RVs for rent and start a fishing + camping trip of your own today.

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