Best One-Pot Meals for Campsite Cooking

Team OutdoorsyJuly 16, 2016

Best One-Pot Meals for Campsite Cooking

When it comes to campsite cooking, most of us think of campfires, barbecues and char-grilled meat. But there are alternatives that are just as easy. Not all easy meals have to be for meat-eaters. It is just as easy to make a range of one-pot meals that do not contain meat, whether you’re cooking on a small stove in an RV or over the open flames. Here are five great camping recipes for campers who want to eat better when enjoying the natural environment:

1. Perfect Porridge

rolled oats one pot meals camping

A wonderful campsite meal does not have to be one for the end of the day. Porridge, made from rolled oats and milk and/or water is the perfect camping breakfast to set yourself and your family up for the day. Simply add your dry rolled oats to a pot and add roughly twice the quantity of milk, water or a mixture of both. The slow-release energy given by the oats will keep you going while you are out adventuring in the wilds. Add fruit and/or honey for a quick boost.

2. Fun With Foraging Stir Fry

foraging for one pot meal camping

There is more wild food than you might imagine. Common weeds and other plant items offer abundance throughout much of the year in most camping locations. Even without foraging skills, a stir fry is a way to chuck fresh produce together and make a delicious meal in seconds.

3. Super -Dooper Soup

lentils for camping one pot meals

Soup too is an easy one pot option that you can pop just about anything into. Red lentils make a great base for one-pot soups and stews and can easily be transported. Simply boil lentils along with stock and add whatever else you like.

4. Chilled-Out Bean Chilli

bean chili one pot camping

If you like a bit of spice, lentils and beans are great for making a vegetarian chili. You can make it as mild or spicy as you like and this is really easy to scale up for a larger group of campers. Camping food need not be bland!

5. Perfect Pasta Pesto

Basil One Pot Meals Camping
Great pesto starts with fresh basil

Pasta is always an easy and affordable option – perhaps the perfect camping food. It cooks quickly and you can add a variety of sauces and such like to give yourself almost infinite variety. Tomato ragu is always a good, quick choice. For something a little different and even more delicious, consider making a pesto to take with you on your trip. Blend basil, olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, and pine nuts and store in clean jars. This will keep well for a week or so and can simply be thrown into pasta for a tasty and easy meal.

These are just some of the ways to bring healthy, vegetarian but very easy meals to the campsite on your next camping adventure.


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