Best Campers Under 2000 lbs

Jen YoungJuly 10, 2022

Best Campers Under 2000 lbs

If you’re in the market for campers under 2000 lbs, there’s an abundance of suitable options from which to choose. Manufacturers are now designing trailers that manage to stretch a ton of living space out of incredibly lightweight frames.

Even better, these nimble campers offer many of the comforts of a larger trailer without the enormous price tag. They are getting more and more advanced every year, with newer innovations making them more agile, comfortable, and even downright luxurious.

With so many options to pick from, it can be a good idea to rent a rig and try it out before you buy it.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 13 camping trailers under 2,000 pounds in 2022 that offer good value for the money.

Try Out These Lightweight Trailers For Rent Near You

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Want to downsize to a lightweight trailer? Our post reviews some of the best lightweight camper options under 2000 lbs that you can pull with just about any vehicle.

Trying to figure out which lightweight campers will meet your needs? Rent small trailers here on Outdoorsy to learn which trailer ticks all the boxes.

campers under 2000 lbs

What to Expect from a 2000-lb or Lighter Camper Trailer

Campers that are under 2000 pounds are commonly known as lightweight, lite, or ultra-lite. They are designed specifically to have a lean weight rating. These rigs are all pull-behinds, but they come in various styles ranging from traditional travel trailers to pop-up campers and teardrops.

Despite their small footprint, these campers make the most of the small space they have. They may have leaner amenities, but they come with all essentials you need from a sleeping space, galley, small seating area, to even a bathroom.

Owning a camper under 2000 lbs comes with many benefits. It costs less to buy and maintain, you can pull it with most mid-size SUVs, it’s super easy to store, and it can access places that bigger rigs can’t venture. Also, it’s easy to tow, turn, park, and back up. 

You’ll also appreciate the fact that the low weight and height, coupled with the aerodynamic design of most lightweight campers, give your tow vehicle more miles per gallon. Excellent fuel economy is a big plus, especially now that energy prices are sky-high.

13 Best Campers Under 2000 lbs

So, what campers are 2000 pounds? Below are examples of campers with a dry weight of below 2000 lbs. Dry weight or unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) is the weight of the RV as shipped from the manufacturer without any cargo, liquids, passengers, or dealer-installed options.

Overall Best Camper Under 2,000 lbs – Riverside RV Retro 511

Dry Weight: 1,780 lbs 

Dimensions(LWH): 12’8”X7’6″X7’11″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $15,000

If you’re looking for a quality lightweight travel trailer that ticks all the boxes, go for the Riverside RV Retro 511. Although there are 18 different Retro floorplans to choose from, the 511 stands out for its overwhelming functionality and elegance.

Despite its size, it’s surprisingly spacious, offering ample room for your outdoor gear plus belongings. One of its most notable appointments is the Jiffy sofa, which converts into a bed at night. Across the sofa is an entertainment center. You’ll love the Bluetooth stereo with interior and exterior speakers.

Outside, you’ll find an exterior kitchen complete with a cooktop, fridge, sink, and microwave, as well as an outdoor shower to rinse off, and an awning to relax under. The exterior has sleek lines and smooth curves, and you can order it in 8 power-punching colors. Its double-welded all-aluminum cage also offers added durability.

Best Travel Trailer Under 2,000 lbs with Bathroom – 2020 Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 15TB

Dry Weight: 1,983 lbs.

Dimensions: 15’10″X7’4″X9’7″ 

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $20,000

The 2020 Flagstaff E-Pro 15TB is the smallest walkable travel trailer in the Forest River lineup. Fondly known as the swiss army knife of RVs, this camper is super versatile, and it’s packed with everything you want to stay comfortable at a campground or off-grid. You can pull it with a small truck, SUs, or even a minivan.

Step inside, and you’ll find sleeping space for two at the back, and you can whip up meals in the kitchenette that comes with a three-burner cooktop. Even better, you won’t have to go outside for the midnight bathroom break, as this camper has a wet bath with a shower and toilet. The freshwater holding tank’s capacity is 37 gallons, while the gray and black both have a capacity of 12.

Before you go to bed, you can put up your feet and watch your favorite show on the 12V TV with a DVD player. Streaming movies or working on the road won’t be a hassle, as this model comes equipped with a WiFi Booster to enhance your WiFi no matter where you’re camped. 

Most Spacious Camper Below 2,000 lbs – Jayco Hummingbird 10RKTravel Trailer

Dry Weight: 1,570lbs 

Dimensions: 12’11″X6’8″X4’5″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $13,503

If you prefer buying from established brands, then consider the Hummingbird 10RK. It’s made by Jayco, a household name in the camper landscape, and is one of their only trailers that weighs 2,000 lbs. Despite its weight, this trailer is among the largest sub-2000 pound trailers on the market.

The 10RK is designed for those who like to travel light, sleep smoothly, and eat well when adventuring. After a day of playing outdoors, come relax on the Teddy Bear mattress that fills the interior. When you need to feed some hungry stomachs, there’s a well-equipped rear kitchen accessible from the outside. Plenty of windows allow for airflow, natural light, plus great views.

Outside, this camper has an aerodynamic, rounded profile that helps improve your tow vehicle’s fuel economy. The rig features a fiberglass vacuum-bonded construction in its sidewalls and roofs. You can tow it with most compact SUVs, crossover vehicles, and cars with a 2,000-pound towing capacity.

Best Camper Under 2,000 lbs that Sleep 4 – 2017 Palomino PaloMini 132 FD 

Dry Weight: 1,910 lbs 

Dimensions: 16.83’X7.42’X8′

Sleep Capacity: 4

MSRP: $14,174

Although the latest versions of the Palomino trailers clock over 2000 pounds, you can find lighter ones in their older releases. One sub-2000 lbs model that stands out is the 2017 Palomino PaloMini 132 FD. It comfortably accommodates 4 sleepers in the compact space.

This camper is decked out with most of the comforts of home, including a kitchen with a 2-burner stove, fridge, sink, and large pantry. It also has a queen bed and a cozy dinette that converts into a large bed. You’ll love the storage spaces, tinted glass windows, LED lights, and 19-gallon freshwater tank.

Outside, the camper has sleek looks, and you can haul gear, such as bikes in the back of the trailer. Regarding construction, the Palomino is built with lightweight fiberglass sidewalls and an aluminum body, promoting better fuel efficiency.  

Best Pop-up Camper Under 2,000 lbs – Coachmen Viking 1706XLS

Dry Weight: 1,642 lbs 

Dimensions: 12’11″X7’X4’8″

Sleep Capacity: 5

MSRP: $12,818

Coachmen Viking 1706XLS is a family-friendly pop-up camper that accommodates up to 6 sleepers. For a tiny trailer, this camper has a ton of interior space and feels quite large due to the ample head space throughout.

When it’s time to catch some sleep, there are two fold-out beds, one larger than the other. For campers who love to cook, you’ll have a small kitchen with a 2-burner high output range, a deep bowl sink, a fridge, and laminated countertops.

Other highlights include a 12V on-demand water pump, ark ash cabinetry, a 20,000 BTU furnace, LED interior and exterior lights, an awning, and a 16-gallon fresh water tank. Of course, canvas-sided campers don’t offer the best insulation, so this pop-up is best suited for camping in pleasant weather.

Best Camper Below 2,000 lbs for Off-Roading – Taxa TigerMoth Trek

Dry Weight: 1,310 lbs 

Dimensions: 12’10″X6’7″X6’8″ 

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $24,950

Pack up your bags and set out off the beaten path in this Taxa TigerMoth Trek trailer. Created by a former NASA engineer, you can expect nothing but quality from this ultimate adventure trailer. It’s capable of traversing rugged terrain without being-high maintenance.

This haul-anywhere camping pod not only provides great handling across all environments, but it’s also well-appointed. It boasts a pull-out kitchen with a two-burner portable stove, generous counter space with a cutting board, as well as a sink. You’ll also find a removable cafe table, social lounge, and of course, sleeping space for two. 

While it accommodates 2 sleepers, you can add an optional roof tent to increase the sleeping capacity to 5. Storage can be found in the large kitchen cubbies, front cargo step, and roof cargo deck. You can also mount a toolbox in the front. Its exterior has a one-of-a-kind, edgy aesthetic, with a 15-inch clearance, and insulated windows.

Try Out These Lightweight Trailers For Rent Near You

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Best All Electric Camper Below 2,000 lbs: 2020 Roulette ProLite E-Volt

Dry Weight: 1,990 lbs 

Dimensions: 16’9”X6’6”X8’2”

Sleep Capacity: 3

MSRP: $41,225

Roulette ProLite is a Canadian brand, but they have dealerships in a few US states. Although they have more than 15 models catering to different kinds of campers, one that truly impresses is the E-volt, an all-electric travel trailer. It uses renewable energy and is fully autonomous.

This solar-powered camper is loaded with all goodies and features you need to live a completely off-grid life. With four 100-watt solar panels, its 3,000-watt inverter, and its powerful 250-amp lithium battery, the rig easily converts solar energy into electric power to run your household appliances.

Unlike most lightweight campers, it has a toilet with a shower. Additionally, there’s a large sofa bed to relax in, and its dining area converts into a 74X44 bed. You can also whip up your favorite meal in its all-electric kitchen that has a single induction cooktop, microwave, sink, and 3.2 cubic ft. 110-volt electric fridge.

Best Teardrop Trailer Under 2000 lbs – 2020 Safari Condo Alto R1723 

Dry Weight: 1,858 lbs 

Dimensions: 7′4″ X7′X6′11”

Sleep Capacity: 3-4

MSRP: $ 38,900

You’ll find the Safari Condo Alto R1723 teardrop camper to be the perfect addition to all of your travel plans. Hand crafted in Quebec, Canada, this featherweight trailer has an all-aluminum skin and a seamless retractable roof that creates an aerodynamic shape.

It’s consistently wonderful to drive, easy to set up, and will comfortably fit inside your garage. The camper has more windows than you can imagine, giving it a spacious and open feeling. Moreover, it has all the amenities of a normal home, like a shower, toilet, sink, and refrigerator.

Other impressive features include powerful electric brakes, a five-seat dinette, and aerodynamic holding tanks built into the frame. Freshwater is supplied by the 15.8-gallon tank, while wastewater goes to a 12-gallon black tank and 15.8-gallon gray tank.

Best 1,200 lbs Camper With All Amenities: Happier Camper HC1 

Dry Weight: 1,100 lbs 

Dimensions: 13’X7’X7’4″

Sleep Capacity: 5

MSRP: $35,450

If you want a taste of future travel in a lightweight package, settle for the Happier Camper HC1. From the outside, it is cute as a button with panoramic windows, a large rear hatch, a wide entryway, and a classic fender design. Plus, it’s available in some eye-catching colors.

But the biggest selling point of this vintage-style trailer is the dynamic interior. It has an Adaptive modular system that allows you to customize the interior in a snap as your needs change. You just need to choose various components and move them to design your own smart and useful layouts for sleeping, dining, lounging, and more.

This rig is off-the-grid and solar-ready and can sleep up to a family of five. If you opt for the HC1 option, you’ll get a full kitchenette and a bathroom equipped with a dry-flush toilet that doesn’t need plumbing.

Best Travel Trailer Under 1500 pounds: Scamp Campers 13

Dry Weight: 1,200 to 1,500 lbs 

Dimensions: 13’X6’8”X7’6”

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $15,590

The Scamp travel trailer is a charming small camper found in 2 lengths; 16 feet and 13 feet. While they all tip the scales at under 2000 lbs, the Scamp 13’ model clocks under 1500 pounds when empty. The quality, durable, and vintage exteriors of all Scamp towables have made them so popular that it’s tough to find a used one.

This camper may be small, but you can actually stand up in it. Furthermore, it has everything you need, including space to sleep two people and an indoor shower and toilet as an added option. Prepping meals is straightforward with a 2-burner stove, kitchen sink, and refrigerator.

Other features you’ll appreciate include the convertible dinette, excellent storage for gear, tank monitors, water heater, and a spare tire with cover. Outside, this camper has a carved, egg-like shape for maximum fuel efficiency. The shell is made of fiberglass molded in two seamless parts, a design that prevents water leaks and rot.

Best Lightest Camper Under 1000 lbs: Go Little Guy MyPod

Dry Weight: 840 lbs 

Dimensions: 11′ 6″X6X5′ 2″  

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $24,000

Designed for the minimalist traveler, Go Little Guy MyPod is one of the smallest travel trailers out there. It has a head-turning, aerodynamic exterior that looks more like a space vehicle than a camping trailer. The body is 100% fiberglass molded on an ultra-lightweight frame. 

Although perfect for smaller towing vehicles, it packs a ton of great features. Inside, you’ll find a full-size sleeping area and an entertainment center that offers a sound system, large television, and a charging station.

If you love hanging around the campsite, you have the option to add a screen room tent to the exterior for bug-free outdoor lounging. For those hot days, enjoy using the built-in AC and 3-speed Fantastic Fan. Plus, you won’t believe such a little camper could offer a roof rack for your adventure gear.

Best Luxury Camper Under 2000 lbs: Aliner Ascape Plus

Dry Weight: 1,630 lbs 

Dimensions: 13’X71″X7’5″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $17,900

Specifically created to be one of the lightest and most maneuverable campers on the market, the Aliner Ascape Plus is a cozy home to journey in. It’s somewhat a teardrop-shaped trailer, although its rear is flat.

Get ready to enjoy any camping trip with high-end amenities such as a modern galley with a two-burner stove, microwave, and 3.0 cubic ft. refrigerator. Serve meals on the U-shaped dinette and later clean up in the deep bowl sink. More highlights include a 23″ flat-screen TV, dual propane tanks, and solid maple hardwood cabinet doors.

You’ll also find an outside shower, 18000 BTU Furnace, LED running lights, a water heater, and holding tanks. The freshwater tank stores 11 gallons, while the gray tank maxes out at 13 gallons. Notably, production of Ascapes has been temporarily suspended by the manufacturer, but you can still shop for one at different dealerships.

Most Versatile Camping Trailer Under 2000 lbs: inTech Flyer Pursue

Dry Weight: 1,115 – 1,575lbs

Dimensions: 165″X83″X70″

Sleep Capacity: 2

MSRP: $14,350

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or you prefer sticking to the main roadways and byways, the inTech Flyer Pursue will serve you right. It has a rugged all-Aluminum, fully welded cage wrapped in an aluminum skin. 

When you need to fix a five-star meal, there’s a large slide-out galley with a two-burner stove, 50-quart 12v fridge/freezer, and a large storage cabinet for stashing away all your cooking essentials. Cooking at night is made easy by the 12V LED light that illuminates the entire kitchen area. 

Inside, it features marine-grade flooring and two twin mattresses, which can be combined to form a full-sized sleeping area for two. Upfront, you’ll find a heavy-duty tongue box for storing luggage. This RV is set up to be a strong base for many add-ons and optional features, so you can add solar, a room tent, a roof rack, AC with heat, and an awning. 

The Best Campers Under 2000 lbs are Nimble Yet Robust

If you want a camper with a small footprint, there are plenty of small trailers weighing under 2000 lbs. You can downsize to a teardrop, pop-up, or tiny travel trailer without sacrificing comfort or having to invest in a heavy-duty tow truck. 

Not sure whether a compact camper is for you? Rent any of the rigs above, and you’ll be delightfully surprised by the creature comforts they come with.

Try Out These Lightweight Trailers For Rent Near You

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