Airstream Caravel 20FB – The Ultimate Review

Jen YoungJune 4, 2022

Airstream Caravel 20FB – The Ultimate Review

If you’re in love with the iconic silver bullets that you often see rolling down the highways and byways, consider the Airstream Caravel 20FB. With premium-grade interiors, creative design twists, and an open feel, this travel trailer has everything you need to travel in comfort and style.

But what has this unique shiny trailer have in store for you? In this Airstream Caravel 20FB review, we will explore this camper’s interior layout and exterior looks and highlight its best features, plus its price. 

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Airstream Caravel 20FB has the iconic shiny exterior and a thoughtfully designed cabin. But what features, capabilities, and price point can you expect from this travel trailer? Read on to discover.

What is the Airstream Caravel?

The Caravel may be a new addition to the Airstream lineup, but it’s not the first shiny aluminum trailer to bear that name. In 1956, Airstream had a model called the Caravel, named after light sailing vessels common in early Europe.

The new Caravel, introduced in 2020, is also a lightweight camper, just like its original namesake, but the similarities end there. Put simply, the latest generation of Caravels are compact, single-axle travel trailers brimming with top-of-the-line features and amenities. Plus, they are built to cover long distances on the road.

The Airstream Caravel comes with four distinctive floor plans to choose from: 

Introducing the Airstream Caravel 20FB

The Airstream Caravel 20FB is an agile, spacious, and simple to tow trailer packed will all the comforts needed to make your journey special and memorable. It’s as stylish as your home, boasting upscale interior appointments that you’ll only find in large luxury rigs.

This camper doesn’t excel in design alone. Inside, it’s comfortable enough to make you feel right at home, thanks to a dedicated sleeping space, lounging area, a galley with all the amenities, and an onboard bath.

The exterior shell has the classic Airstream aerodynamic shape, allowing you to tow it much more easily and smoothly. On top of that, it has a sturdy build, meaning you can use it travel great distances. The degree of craftsmanship put into building this trailer will ensure it lasts for decades to come.

2022 Airstream Caravel 20FB Specs

The Airstream Caravel 20FB measures 20 feet 8 inches long. Its exterior height is 9 feet seven inches from the ground to the top of the AC, while the interior floor to ceiling height is 6 feet seven inches. Regarding width, it’s 8 feet wide, with an interior width of 7 feet 7 inches.

How much does an Airstream Caravel 20FB weight? The maximum trailer capacity is 5,000 pounds, the dry weight is 4,300, while the net carrying capacity is 700. Its freshwater tank capacity is 23 gallons, 30 gallons for the gray water, while the black tank holds 18 gallons. There are also two 20-pound steel propane tanks.

2022 Airstream Caravel 20FB Interior Review

Here’s the 2022 Airstream Caravel 20FB review of the interior.

Sleeping Arrangement

In the very front of the trailer, nestled in among those wonderful wraparound windows, is a dedicated bed that comfortably sleeps two. The bed position lets you soak in unobstructed 180-degree views of the nearby vistas when you wake up. It measures 48 by 78 inches long and comes with a pillow top memory foam mattress

The blackout curtains in the bedroom will let you have privacy when it’s time to have some shut-eye, while the decorative pillows will make your bedroom feel lively. In total, the Caravel 20FB sleeps four. So, apart from the main bed, more sleeping space for two can be found in the convertible dinette.


To cook your five-star meals, the Airstream Caravel 20FB has an expansive L-shaped kitchen at the back. It includes a three-burner gas cooktop, a microwave, and a 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator. To keep your dishes clean is a deep and wide stainless sink with a high mount faucet and sprayer.

To eliminate any smells as you cook, there’s a kitchen vent over the stove, plus it has a light to illuminate your cooking area. For added ventilation, the rear window can open all the way out. Storage for your dishware, food supplies, and spices is plentiful. There’s a bunk of drawers, a slide-out pantry, and overhead roof lockers.

Living Area

The Airstream Caravel 20FB floorplan feels very open and features an upscale modern living area to relax and share meals. Opposite the main door, you’ll find the dinette that converts into a lounge and sleeping accommodation. Its table has a laminate top, while the seats have high-quality ultra-leather cushions.

Other features that complete the elegant living space include the seamless vinyl flooring, hand-crafted laminated cabinetry, dimmable LED lighting, and an LG television with an articulating arm, allowing you to swing it around to the best position.


At the rear, opposite the kitchen, is a spacious dry bath equipped with everything you need to stay fresh on the road. The full bathroom offers a toilet and shower space separated by a roll-away shower curtain. The shower has a removable hand-held shower head with a shut off, as well as a seat. 

You’ll also find a stainless steel sink with a faucet, cabinet storage for your toiletries, a medicine drawer, a towel rack, and a retractable clothesline. To keep the air circulating is a small roof fan, while excess moisture can escape through a cut out above the bathroom door.


The Airstream Caravel 20FB has enough storage space for a short weekend getaway or a prolonged adventure. For instance, there are overhead roof lockers over the dinette, in the bedroom, and kitchen.

Another standout storage feature is the generous-size wardrobe with a hanging bar. Under it are two full-extension wooden box drawers and a shoe organizer. You’ll also appreciate the under-bed storage with bins, coat hooks by the entry door, plus the magazine holder beside the wardrobe. Stash extra supplies under the dinette seating storage.

Special Features

Road tripping and camping in the Caravel 20FB is like a glamping experience. This nimble travel trailer is jam-packed with all the extra features you need to stay entertained and comfortable. It has a ducted 13,500 BTU air conditioning system that comes standard, plus an 18,000 BTU force head furnace and a comfort control center to adjust the indoor temps.

In addition, a six-gallon LP water heater gives you 9 gallons of continuous flow of hot water. Entertainment is provided through a JL stereo with Bluetooth surround sound and subwoofer. Watch the latest movies and follow your favorite program on the LED HD TV with a cable hookup.

To create the perfect ambiance, you can adjust the dimmable interior lights. For added safety, there’s a wireless backup camera to help you see what’s going on behind you when backing up and driving. Not to mention the LP, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.


To upgrade your camping experience, there are three available options—a convection microwave, a 90-watt roof solar system, and a side and rear window awning. If you’re wondering about color themes, there are two neutral but upscale accents that will allow you to personalize your new travel trailer as you wish.

2022 Airstream Caravel 20FB Exterior Review

Without a doubt, the Airstream Caravel 20FB has one of the best curb appeals of any small trailer, thanks to its classic looks. It boasts a glossy aluminum structure, a rounded roof, and large panoramic front windows, just like its bigger Airstream cousins.

The front lower corners have heavy-duty second-skin steel rock guards to shield against rocks and debris when you hit the road. Solar stone guards installed over the windows will also protect the glass from debris.

Caravel 20FB comes with Good Year endurance tires with an 80-mile an hour speed rating, plus a full-size spare. There are also heavy-duty stabilizer jacks in all four corners. Find some bonus storage space for your tools, cord, or even wood in the rear bumper storage compartment, next to the larger, full-width trunk.

When you need to keep bugs out, simply detach the screen door from the main door. You’ll also appreciate the outside utility shower in a lockable compartment when you need to hose down all your equipment before you put it away in storage.

Of course, the trailer comes with a patio awning with LED dimmable lights and lighted entry steps.

Ease of Towing

With a maximum GVWR of 5,000, the Airstream Caravel 20FB is one of the most lightweight travel trailers in the Airstream lineup. That means you may be able to tow it with your existing SUV without having to buy or rent a beefy new tow vehicle. Its short overall length makes it easy to maneuver in reverse.

On top of that, this travel trailer exterior has an aerodynamic design, allowing it to cut through the wind with minimal resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency for your tow vehicle. The Caravel 20FB trailer features a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution, making towing smoother and safer.

To further improve your safety and awareness, the rear view monitoring system gives you extra eyes at the back.

2022 Airstream Caravel 20FB Price

So, how much does a new Airstream Caravel cost? The 2022 Caravel 20FB Starts at $80,600, according to the Airstream website. If you decide to activate the optional features, you’ll have to fork out more.

Pros and Cons of the Airstream Caravel 20FB

Our 2022 Airstream Caravel 20FB review has to highlight a few pros and cons. 

Airstream Caravel 20FB Advantages

  • High-end Amenities – Inside the Caravel 20FB are premium features that are often seen in bigger models. They make it easier for you to unwind, rejuvenate, and make the most of your travel experience.
  • Functional – Apart from the luxury features, this shiny camper has all the fundamentals you need to cook, sleep, and clean. It has a complete kitchen, full bathroom, sleeping space for four, ample storage, and even a lounge/dinette. 
  • It’s Durable – This travel trailer is built to withstand long-distance travel, and you can expect it to serve you for years to come. The high-quality craftsmanship also means this Airstream unit will require fewer repairs with time.
  • Easy to Tow – Towing the Airstream Caravel 20FB is pretty straightforward thanks to its small size and less weight. It’s actually a great entry-level towable RV.

Airstream Caravel 20FB Problems

  • Noisy AC – Many owners of the Airstream Caravel model complain that the AC emits a loud metallic sound when it runs.
  • Pricy – Another issue many Caravel 20FB buyers face is a steep entry price. Starting at $80,000, this is one of the most expensive small travel trailers you’ll find on the market.

Is the Airstream Caravel 20FB Worth it?

If you’re willing to spend $80k on a 20-foot travel trailer that has all the conveniences of home, then the Airstream Caravel 20FB is totally worth it. This camper is a sort of rolling hotel room, complete with deluxe amenities, modern features, and a clever layout.

If you purchase this travel trailer, you will enjoy a better resale value, as Airstream campers hold their value better. Ownership costs over the long term will also be lower due to fewer breakdowns thanks to the quality build. You’ll even save money on gas as the aerodynamic shape and light weight create less drag to help improve fuel efficiency,

Airstream Caravel 20FB: A Miniature Classic With all the Goods

Who said a small getaway camper can’t have just as much style as your home? With its thoughtfully designed cabin and upscale residential amenities, all in a 20-foot space, the Airstream Caravel 20FB truly redefines how we travel and camp. You can always depend on this newly revived camper line for short or extended getaways.

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