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by Josh Schukman
Posted February 14, 2023

The outdoors and pets go hand in hand. And for pet-loving outdoorsy travelers like you and me, we know that a road trip (or any vacation for that matter) isn’t complete without our furry companions. That’s why we put together this guide to pet-friendly camper rentals and the top ten places to travel with your pet this year. 

We’ll center on urban locations that open the door to epic natural excursions for you and Fido (or Freya).

Cat in The Tetons

Top 10 Places To Travel With Your Pet In 2023 + Pet-Friendly Camper Rentals

1. Portland, OR

With more dog parks per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. — plus the fact that Portland is a gateway to outdoor meccas all over the PNW — this area is a prime location to travel to with your pet.

Be sure to check out the Portland International Rose Garden, a 4.5-acre pet-friendly oasis that’s home to over 10,000 rose bushes. From there, check out a spot like the Tin Shed Garden Cafe which has delicious human and animal food on the menu. 

Once you’ve trotted all over town, pack up your rig to head to places like the Oregon coast and Bend, OR (another pet-friendly and outdoorsy town).

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Portland:

  • The LillyPad Class C is a highly maneuverable rig that still provides all the amenities that you, yours, and your fur babies can handle. 
Pet friendly camper rental near Portland, Oregon
Pet friendly camper rental near Portland, Oregon

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2. Seattle, WA

Seattle is another gateway to the PNW that’s a pet-friendly oasis in its own right. The Magnuson Park Off-Leash area, for example, is an 8.6-acre park in the city that lets doggo run free. 

Another cool way to see Seattle is via the pet-friendly planes of Kenmore Air. These friendly skis will let you fly with your pet so you can see The Emerald City in a whole new light.

Naturally speaking, Seattle is a gateway to places like Mount Rainier and North Cascades National Parks. However, be sure to check park rules closely for pet regulations.

Dog running in lake

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Seattle

  • 2021 Winnebago Solis Ski Chalet — This rig will get you and your crew anywhere you wanna go. Plus, it’s geared up to help you take to the slopes around Seattle — if that’s your thing. 
Pet friendly camper rental near Seattle, WA
  • This 37-foot travel trailer offers ample room for you, the family, and the pets. You can tow it or have it delivered wherever you plan to camp. 
Pet friendly camper rental near Seattle, WA

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3. San Diego, CA

Any city with a beach that’s literally named The Original Dog Beach has to make our list. This San Diego beach got its name because it was — you guessed it — the first beach established to be officially pet-friendly and leash-free. 

San Diego also features outdoor parks and plazas like Fiesta Island Park, Sunset Cliffs, Spanish Village Art Center, and more where pets are welcome to roam. 

The other amazing thing about San Diego is that this culinary capital doesn’t just cater to humans — spots like Sally’s Fish House and Bar, Shorehouse Kitchen, Anthony’s Fish Grotto, and much much more feature food items for the fur-friend in your life. 

When it comes to area natural attractions, this spot has it in spades. Joshua Tree National Park, Cleveland National Forest, and Death Valley National Park are some of the spots within range of the city. 

Pet-friendly camper rentals near San Diego

Pet friendly camper rental near San Diego, CA
Pet friendly camper rental near San Diego, CA

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4. Kansas City, MO/Kansas City, KS

KC is known as The City Of Fountains because it has more fountains than any city outside of Rome. This town that straddles two states is also a culinary mecca providing an affordable alternative to foodie capitals like NYC, Chicago, and LA.

Kansas City’s placement at the center of the country and at the center of rail lines meant that virtually anyone migrating west in the 19th century probably passed through here. Many of these migrants decided to stay, weaving their own unique culture to the fabric of the city.

The end result is one of the best kept secrets in the U.S. that any human would enjoy visiting. It has also become a very pet-friendly place over the past few decades.

Take your dog to Swope Park Off-Leash Dog Park for some free roaming fun in the city.

The Nelson Atkins Museum features a spectacular sculpture garden where you’re free to walk around with pets. 

And then there’s Bar-K — a large dog-centric bar on the river that features a dog jungle gym, a giant bowl filled with tennis balls, two fenced-in dog parks, and a whole lot more. The place also happens to have some swell food for people and pets alike. 

Naturally speaking, KC puts you in range of The Ozarks, world-class biking in NW Arkansas, and a plethora of fun and accessible lakes for camping, boating, and fishing. 

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Kansas City

  • This ultra-lux Class A is pet-friendly, features a bunkhouse that can be converted into an office, and offers supreme amenities like a built-in washer/dryer and a state parks pass so you can get outdoors.
Pet friendly camper rental near Kansas City, MO
  • This cozy campervan has everything that you and your pets need for ultra-fun camping adventures.
Pet friendly camper rental near Kansas City, MO

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5. Salt Lake City, UT

The best thing about SLC (in our opinion) is the natural playgrounds that abound all around you. The metro is stacked with hiking opportunities for you and your pet friend. SLC is also home to Barley’s Canine Recreation Center — one of the few places in the country offering a dog-centric indoor swimming pool.

The town’s also filled with places like Memory Grove Park where dogs can roam to enjoy the trails and streams with you. And when it comes to food and drink — SLC is a dog patio mecca. No matter where you roam, chances are strong that you’ll find a pet-friendly grub spot. 

Canyonlands National Park is a few hours from the city and is unique among national parks because it allows leashed pets along established front country roads and picnic areas.

Park City is a pet-friendly mountain town that’s just a short drive up from SLC. Park City is also home to Round Valley Ski Trails, a network of snow-dog friendly powder. 

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Salt Lake City:

Pet friendly camper rental near Salt Lake City, UT
Pet friendly camper rental near Salt Lake City, UT

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6. Phoenix, AZ

This gateway to the Southwest is a righteous destination in and of itself. Dog parks dot the metro, so there’s bound to be one near you wherever you go. 

Places like the Cosmo Dog Park even feature a dog beach and fun lake swimming options. 

When it comes to food, Phoenix is a foodie’s dream come true with diverse and reasonably priced culinary options everywhere you look. 

And it’s easy to bring your pet with you while you dine because Phoenix’s excellent weather, combined with an abundance of pet-friendly patios, make for a swell culinary experience. 

Pedal Haus Brewery is one example of a Phoenix spot that pet lovers rave about.  

Cosy dog in sleeping bag

We started off by calling Phoenix the gateway to the Southwest because it opens so many spots to you and four-legged friends. From Grand Canyon National Park to the Coconino National Forest and Sedona to Petrified Forest National Park and so so much more, Phoenix puts you and fur-love in the middle of it all. 

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Phoenix:

Pet friendly camper rental near Phoenix, AZ
Pet friendly camper rental near Phoenix, AZ

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7. Boulder, CO

Boulder is a beautiful city that’s packed with natural amenities like the Boulder County Pet-Friendly Hiking Trails.

Many Boulder area bars, restaurants and cafes are pet-friendly. Avery Brewing Company, for example, is a popular spot for Boulder’s pet and beer-loving folk. 

And then there’s watersports. Pets love paddleboarding and it’s a peaceful experience to share with your animal companion. Places like the Boulder Reservoir, Gross Reservoir, and Macintosh Lake are all nearby mountain lakes that’d make for a spectacular float.

If you rent a pet-friendly rig from us, you can even add-on things like kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to enjoy with your camping vacation. 

Lastly, Boulder is a gateway to Colorado’s epic beauty. Places like the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Eldorado Canyon State Park are natural gems packed with hiking, biking, and boating opportunities for all creatures great and small.  

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Boulder:

  • This 2023 campervan with popup tent, WiFi, solar, shower, and more is an off-grid capable glamping vehicle that’s ready to roll. 
Pet friendly camper rental near Boulder, CO
Pet friendly camper rental near Boulder, CO

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8. Nashville, TN

Hounds can go honky-tonkin in this dog-friendly town. Spots like The Stage on Broadway are pet-friendly destinations where you can both get a healthy dose of country music. 

Riverfront Dog Park is a 13,000 sq. ft fenced-in, off-leash area where you can take in views of Nashville’s waterfront and its downtown skyline. 

Nashville is also putting itself on the map in terms of food and drink offerings. Here’s a list of some of the best pet-friendly eateries and drinkeries in town.

Nature-wise, Nashville is at the heart of Middle Tennessee where the Appalachian range starts to tick up. Head to a place like Fall Creek Falls State Park, Percy Warner Park, or even take a day trip to the Chattanooga area to share some natural splendor with Fido.

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Nashville:

Pet friendly camper rental near Nashville, TN
Pet friendly camper rental near Nashville, TN

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9. Tampa, FL

When a city puts a dog park and a beach together — you know it’s got to make this list. Picnic Island Park is a wonderful spot where you can get a beach day in with your fur-friend. 

Tampa has bunches of fun neighborhoods featuring scrumptious eateries and long stretches of sandy beaches. These neighborhoods give you excellent reason to take long walks ‘round town to see what you can sniff out. 

Smiling dog

When it comes to nature, water is king in this neck of the woods. Check out this list of the top 4 dog-friendly beaches in Tampa. The Florida State Park system is also world-class and features a vast network of dog-friendly camping and hiking areas. 

Hillsborough River State Park and Honeymoon Island State Park are a couple of options very close to the city. 

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Tampa:

Pet friendly camper rental near Tampa, Florida
Pet friendly camper rental near Tampa, Florida

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10. Austin, TX

Texas’ capitol has grown over the past few decades into an entrepreneurial hub that’s filled with a vibrant energy and a diversity of experiences.

The young crowd that’s reshaped the city has also led the charge at making the place one of the most pet-friendly in the nation. Spots like Red Bud Isle, a 13-acre off-leash island, Zilker Park, and Auditorium Shores are just a few of the cool off-leash spots in Austin.

Oh and don’t forget to visit Barking Springs — the unofficial off-leash part of the Barton Springs Pool. 

Food-wise, the Dog House Drinkery and Yard Bar cater equally to humans and pets. You can enjoy food and beverage while your pet runs around an off-leash area that’s staffed with ‘Bark Rangers’.

When it comes to reconnecting with the outdoors, Austin is just a short drive from the heart of Texas Hill Country and Texas State Parks like McKinney Falls State Park.

Pet-friendly camper rentals near Austin

Pet friendly camper rental near Austin, TX
  • This fifth-wheel can be delivered to your campsite and features a fold-out patio so pets can enjoy some outdoor time at home.
Pet friendly camper rental near Austin, TX

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Pets and travel go hand in hand. It adds that much more joy to a vacation when we’re able to bring our fur-companions with us. When it comes to pet-friendly travel spots, not all destinations are created equal. That’s why we put together these pet-friendly camper rentals and ten places to travel with your pet in 2023, so you can make travel plans for all the creatures you care about. 

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