Starscream! (for Delivery, Set Up, Tear Down, and Return only)

Travel trailerSpokane, WA
Sleeps 6
29 ft. long
Offers delivery

Are you seeking the perfect RV rental without all the transporting, set up, and tear down hassle? Look no further! We understand the importance of creating memorable experiences for families like yours and strive to provide a hassle free experience.We are a loving family of four. With our personal experience in mind, we proudly present our Trailmanor, the ideal choice for your family's next adventure. This spacious and well-designed trailer offers the perfect haven for your friends and loved ones.Our Trailmanor has been thoughtfully furnished to accommodate all members. There are 2 beds - A King BED and a Dinette that folds into a Full. The trailer is spacious enough for others to sleep beside the Full Bed if needed.To ensure your convenience and peace of mind, we currently offer a unique service: trailer Delivery, Set Up, Tear Down, and Return directly at your desired destination. We understand that planning and organizing can be overwhelming, so leave it to us! We will transport, set up, tear down, and return the trailer to your chosen location, sparing you the hassle. We handle it all, making your arrival and departure a breeze.Additional Notes
Please note that, at this time, we are only accepting reservations for campsite delivery. We kindly request that renters do not take the trailer to multiple locations. Our commitment lies in delivering a seamless experience for you and your family at a single destination.
Due to our family’s work schedule we cannot deliver or pickup on Monday’s or Tuesday’s. You may schedule your stay to include those days, but we will not be able to book your stay if you begin or end on a Monday or Tuesday.Our Delivery Fee is a minimum of $75.00 and $1.25 per mile. This charge will show up when you select "Check Availability". We will deliver up to 150 miles from our current location (i.e. - if your destination is within 150 miles of our location, we will deliver, set up, tear down, and bring back the trailer).What's includedThere is a lot that goes into camping BEFORE the camping begins. By providing Delivery, Set Up, Tear Down, and Return Service we offer an excellent experience for campers who do not want the responsibility or worry about the hassle (i.e. work) that is required with camping with a Camper Trailer. The "work" that you let us provide you includes, but is not limited to:BEFORE DEPARTURE- Prepare necessary camping gear such as: kitchen supplies and outdoor equipment.
- Check and ensure that the trailer is in good working condition (tires, brakes, lights, etc.).
- Secure any loose items inside the trailer.
- Close and lock all windows and doors.
- Check that all appliances and systems inside the trailer are in good working order.
- Double-check that all required documents are in order, such as registration and insurance.
HOOKING UP THE TRAILER- Position the tow vehicle in alignment with the trailer hitch.
- Lower the trailer tongue onto the hitch ball.
- Secure the hitch by locking it and attaching safety chains.
- Connect the electrical plug to ensure the trailer lights work.
- Attach the breakaway cable to the tow vehicle.
- Verify that the trailer is properly connected by performing a visual inspection.
PRE-TRAVEL CHECKLIST- Adjust the side mirrors of the tow vehicle to provide proper visibility.
- Test the brakes and lights on the trailer to ensure they are working correctly.
- Verify that the weight distribution and sway control systems (if applicable) are properly set.
- Confirm that the tires on both the tow vehicle and trailer are properly inflated.
On the Road:
DRIVING- Drive at a safe and controlled speed, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.
- Monitor the trailer's behavior and adjust driving as necessary to maintain stability.
ARRIVAL- Position the trailer in the designated spot, ensuring it is level.
- Engage the trailer's stabilizers or jacks to prevent movement.
- Connect the trailer to the campsite's electrical and water hookups.
- Set up any additional equipment, such as awnings or outdoor furniture.
DEPARTING- Secure all loose items inside the trailer.
- Disconnect the trailer from the campsite's electrical and water hookups.
- Retract and secure any deployed equipment, such as awnings or slide-outs.
- Double-check that all windows, doors, and vents are closed and locked.
- Ensure the trailer's interior is clean and free from debris.
- Conduct a final walk-around to ensure everything is in order.
- Returning and Disconnecting:
RecommendationsCheck Campsite Size: Before making a reservation, make sure your chosen campsite can accommodate the size of the camper trailer you're renting. It's essential to have enough space to park and maneuver the trailer comfortably. Consider the length, width, and height of the trailer when assessing the suitability of the campsite.Assess Hookup Availability: Take note of the available hookups at your campsite. Different campsites may offer various types of hookups, including electric, water, and sewer. Confirm if electric hookups are provided and the amperage available, as it will determine the electrical appliances you can use in the trailer (our trailer uses 30 amp). Water hookups ensure a convenient water supply, and sewer hookups allow for easy waste disposal.Bring a Generator if Needed: If your campsite does not offer electric hookups or you anticipate the need for additional power supply, it's advisable to bring a generator. Our camper trailer does not come with a generator, having one can ensure you have electricity for appliances, charging devices, and other electrical needs. Check with the campsite or park beforehand if generator use is allowed and any specific guidelines to follow.Plan for Essential Amenities: While our camper trailer comes well-equipped, it's essential to plan for other amenities you might need during your camping trip. Pack extra bedding (we supply bedding for the main bed only), towels, toiletries (we'll stock the TP), unique cooking utensils (we have your general utensils - spatula, can opener, etc.), and other personal items to make your stay comfortable. Consider bringing camping chairs, a portable grill, and any other items that enhance your camping experience.Other things to noteNo Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the camping trailer. Please refrain from smoking or using any tobacco products within the trailer to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.Pets Policy: While we understand that pets are part of the family, please check with us regarding our pet policy before bringing any pets. If approved, ensure that your pets are well-behaved, properly supervised, and any waste is promptly cleaned up.Maximum Occupancy: The camping trailer has a maximum occupancy limit that should not be exceeded for safety and comfort reasons. Please adhere to this limit and ensure that all occupants are accounted for during your stay.Campsite Suitability: It is your responsibility to ensure that the campsite you choose can accommodate the size and dimensions of the camping trailer. Verify that the site is spacious enough and has suitable access for parking and maneuvering the trailer safely.Campsite Rules and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the campsite or park where you plan to stay. Respect and adhere to their guidelines regarding noise levels, campfire restrictions, speed limits, and other regulations in order to maintain a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all campers.Trailer Care and Maintenance: Treat the camping trailer with care and respect. Ensure that all appliances, equipment, and amenities are used properly and returned to their original condition. Report any damages, malfunctions, or issues please.Cleanliness: We plan to do a deep clean after your use - so please don't scrub the entire trailer with a toothbrush, but please keep the camping trailer clean and tidy during your stay. Dispose of trash and clean up any spills or messes. Leave the trailer in a clean condition after your use.Generator Usage: If your campsite does not provide electric hookups and you plan to use a generator, ensure that it is in good working condition and compliant with noise regulations (we do not supply a generator). Use the generator responsibly and only during designated hours, if applicable.Security and Safety: Take necessary precautions to ensure the security and safety of the camping trailer and its contents. Lock all doors and windows when leaving the trailer unattended. Follow safety guidelines for operating appliances, handling propane, and using camping equipment.Checkin and Checkout Policy: To ensure a smooth and efficient experience, we kindly request that you allow us one hour to set up the trailer starting from your check-in time, unless otherwise specified for your specific trip. Similarly, we kindly ask that you are prepared for us to commence the trailer tear-down process at least one hour prior to your scheduled checkout time. We value open lines of communication and encourage you to reach out to us with any concerns that may prevent you from adhering to these requirements. Your cooperation in this matter will contribute to a seamless and enjoyable camping experience for all involved


2013 Trailmanor Trailmanor Trailer
  • Sleeps 6
  • Gross weight: 4,325 lbs


  • Toilet
  • Inside Shower
  • Outside Shower
  • Solart
  • Water hookup
  • Electric hookup
  • Sewer hookup
  • Oven

Rules and policies

  • Not pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • No tailgating
  • No smoking
  • Mileage: No mileage included
24/7 roadside assistance
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Availability and rates


There’s a 2 night minimum stay

  • Security deposit: NZ$815.00 (refundable)
  • Prep fee: NZ$285.25. Set up, Tear Down, and Clean Up Fee

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Starscream! (for Delivery, Set Up, Tear Down, and Return only)


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Spokane, Washington

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