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The Ride RV offers an unforgettable journey with exceptional comfort and convenience. Our wide selection of vehicles allows you to choose the perfect ride for your needs while exploring whatever it is that's calling you. Whether you're looking for a short weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, we have the right vehicle to match your itinerary. Renters are sure to appreciate our top-notch customer service, as well as the safety features that come standard on all of our vehicles. With Ride RV, you can hit the road in style and ease – so why wait? Book your rental today and Enjoy the Ride!

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1April 2024

Do not rent from 'The Ride RV' - it is a business, not an individual. They offer a $100 discount if you leave a 5-star review, so you can throw out those. We had a littany of problems, all made worse by the fact that when we left a couple of items in the RV by accident, their cleaning service stole them, and 'The Ride' was no help at all in recovery.

The Ride’s answer

Don't rent from us because we are a business? We offer $100 discounts on any minor charges due after your rental to encourage reviews. we do not and cannot mandate what rating is given. We want everyones true experiences given. We always aim to please and get better. 99.9% of the time there an issue with our RV's is due to user error. For example you said you "may" have left items in the RV, which we quickly acted on by calling our cleaners. You didn't leave anything or we would have returned it as we do with many renters that leave personal belongings behind. Yes, the fridge lock was broken on the previous rental which was one day before your rental. Would you have preferred us to cancel your reservation leaving you high and dry the day of your vacation to get this fixed completely or make it so that it would work temporarily for your trip? Our RVs are all inside of 1 year old. Essentially brand new. RV's are very finicky and it is typical for rough drives or bumpy drives to create a loose screw here and there or for something to be loose. We always try to inspect everything the best we can. All of the RVs have been inspected, the stickers have not all been put on yet. And the RV that you had, had an oil change the week before your trip. As a business we have these things pre scheduled to make sure they are always completed and ready to go. We realize that everything isnt always perfect but we try our best to make things perfect and always make things right. Thank you for your review as it helps us get better for next time.

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Steven G.

3March 2024

Learned the night before our rental started that there would be a change in our vehicle. Larger, but Outdoorsy agreed to keep the rate the same )except for insurance). Had technology issues with paperwork before delivery. And when we opened the vehicle it had not been cleaned. The crew at the storage facility were extremely helpful, getting the vehicle clean for us and giving us some pointers on the vehicle. The vehicle was fine for our first camping experience. However, the shower head was broken, the gages didn’t seem to be calibrated correctly, and we were unable to fill the fresh water tank. Linens and kitchen utensils were pretty sketchy. Pans didn’t even have handles. Pretty expensive rental for what we got. The folks at the RV storage facility really made up for a lot of problems.

The Ride’s answer

Hey Steven, thanks for the review. We are sorry everything wasn't perfect for you. The RV that you had scheduled had a service issue from the previous renter. We couldn't send that one out with you due to that. We tried our best to accomodate you with another RV as close to the one you originally rented. But the other option was cancelling your trip altogether and we wanted to avoid that. We change our linens monthly, I will admit they are not the highest quality like a hotel. but our hotel has wheels and goes wherever the renter takes them and typically get much dirtier. This is the reason we constantly replace but I assure you they are always clean. As for the pots and pans, there is a handle, for all, it is just one that you can take off as to fit in the small spaces that RVs have to accomodate such items. It would be impossible to put regular pots and pans in these spaces. These pots and pans are specific for RVs. I am sorry you didnt see and we didnt point this out. We will definitely take care of that shower head. We hope to see you again and we will make sure we get everything right for you next time!

Kris M.

5March 2024

This was our first experience driving and staying in an RV and we found this make/model very easy to handle and drive. There was a bit of a learning curve on how to operate things but overall it was intuitive. The RV was well stocked with everything we needed and we found the queen bed surprisingly more comfortable than anticipated. Some constructive feedback: As newbies, we paid for a walkthrough before taking off and it would have been good for the representative to check/advise to make sure all shades are up and the shower, bathroom, and refrigerator door secured properly for travel. When my husband drove off it was quite a surprise to have everything banging and slamming and we later ended up with food flying out of the fridge a few times not knowing how to secure the door. All in all, it did not deter from our fun and we would certainly rent this RV again (esp now that we are pros! :))

Martin H.

5March 2024

Suzanne R.

3March 2024

Good trip
generator intermittently cutout
Ac takes along time to cool half of the vents dont work.

Anthony A.

5March 2024

Sabrina T.

4March 2024

Michael O.

5February 2024

The camper was great and the telephone/text customer service were very responsive when I had a litle confusion with a few minor things. Jon in particular was very helpful and responded to me even when he wasn't technically on the clock. I would highly recommend renting a camper from The Ride RV LLC and will be renting from them again for my next camping trip.

Lokesh S.

4January 2024

It was very seamless with the entire process of booking, getting RV and returning RV with Outdoorsy. Outdoorsy team was very responsive for any queries and messages and I would definitely recommend Outdoorsy for RV booking.
However, the RV itself was good but had lot of small issues which was very hard to find them when you collect it but find them out during the trip.

Michelle L.

5January 2024

Our experience with The Ride RV was overall great. This was our first time driving an RV, so we obviously had a lot of questions whenever something came up, but the host always answered quickly. There was a small issue with the key not being detected but it was a simple battery change and we thought we were getting a white RV but received a black one instead. This wasn’t a huge problem as it was the same make and model as the listing. Highly recommend this model as it was super easy for us first timers to operate. Literally everything operated with a push of a button! Huge plus that it was dog friendly too :)

Rajashekhar M.

5December 2023

First time RV renters and we willcome back to rent with them in the future. The RIDE RV team did an excellent job in helping with our 7 day rental. The whole process was contactless and it was made effortless. The virtual staff was always there to answer our questions promptly as we were first time renters and had a lot of questions. Their prices were also very competitive and the rv was in great shape and ready to hit the road. Try them if you haven't already.

Brian K.

5November 2023

It was a great rental experience. Everything worked well and easily usable features. I was able to call and talk to someone when I had a question. Great trip overall made better by the RV experience. Thank you

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Daphne B.

5November 2023

Awesome rental! Coach is exactly as described in the listing. It was clean, comfortable, and incredibly well stocked. The bed was very comfortable, and we loved the larger refrigerator. The outdoor kitchen was incredibly handy - being able to wash hands outside is the best.

Michael S.

5September 2023

Everything we ever could have asked for! Kept us dry in the rain and cool in the heat. Fellow campers were definitely jealous! I can't imagine camping any other way from now on haha

Daniel P.

5September 2023

Graham W.

5July 2023

great experience, great host.