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by Vicky Sosa
Posted June 1, 2023

The price of practically everything keeps going up. That shouldn’t jeopardize your summer vacation, though. There are still many places you can visit this summer that won’t break the bank. And with flights constantly being delayed or canceled, RV travel continues to be a great alternative to flying.

In this article, we’re highlighting affordable destinations that your family will love. We’ll also include some ways that you can save money on your trip. So don’t worry! You can still have a wonderful vacation this summer.

Summer-Ready RVs For Rent Near You

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Colorado Springs offers lots of free outdoor activities. You can go hiking, biking, horseback riding, and climbing in some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. If you want to visit a less-crowded national park and don’t mind driving a few hours, you can also visit Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Colorado Springs itself is also a budget-friendly place to explore. The United States Olympic Training Center offers free tours daily. There are also a lot of places to park your RV; the closest RV parks are within five miles of downtown along Highway 24.

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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, MO, USA

Located on the west banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis won’t disappoint. The city has historical sites, museums, and plenty of outdoor activities. Make sure to visit the St. Louis Zoo; admission is free. You’re also not far from Mark Twain National Forest, with more than 1.5 million acres of forest, 750 miles of trails, and 350 miles of rivers and streams. St. Louis is also very RV friendly. The city offers a variety of highly-rated RV parks.

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Moab, Utah

Arches National Park, UT, USA

When visiting Moab, you can enjoy two national parks plus the cooling waters of the Colorado River. Arches National Park is to the north and Canyonlands National Park sits southwest of town. Both offer incredible vistas and a wide range of outdoor activities. The city of Moab also offers many budget-friendly activities like regular free movies in the city park and free concerts each Friday night, typically during July. To save even more money during your summer vacation, you can stay at one of the nearby twenty-six different campgrounds run by the Bureau of Land Management.

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Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay, CA, USA

Morro Bay is a beautiful coastal town. Within minutes you can be swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, or fishing. You can also take a boat tour to view wildlife like sea lions, whales, and otters. Morro Bay is probably best known for Morro Rock, an ancient volcanic mound that sits within Morro Bay State Park. If you’d like to explore the city itself, Morro Bay has great museums, shops, and restaurants. There are also a few RV parks to choose from, some only blocks away from the water.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM, USA

Although Santa Fe is New Mexico’s capital city, it is still an affordable place to visit this summer. There are plenty of free things to do in town such as visiting the New Mexico State Capitol Building and enjoying a walk on Canyon Road which has free art galleries, outdoor sculptures, and historic structures. There are also dozens of hiking trails that wind through the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Hyde Memorial State Park is also just a short drive away. Finding a spot to park your RV is also easy to do; there’s an extensive selection of campgrounds and RV parks in the area.

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Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, NC, USA

Located amid gorgeous mountains, Asheville is perfect for an affordable summer getaway. Nearby Pisgah National Forest stretches over 6,500 acres and has a variety of activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, and fishing. In town, visit the Botanical Gardens at Asheville to learn about Southern Appalachian plant species. During the summer the town also holds several free music festivals.

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Athens, Georgia

Athens, GA, USA

Just 70 miles from Atlanta you’ll find the city of Athens. Known for its antebellum architecture, there are plenty of free things to do for the budget-conscious traveler. This includes the State Botanical Garden which has over 313 acres of gardens, nature trails, and birding areas, and the Georgia Museum of Art which has over 10,000 works in its permanent collection. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the Sandy Creek Nature Center and Walker Park.

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Summer-Ready RVs For Rent Near You

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San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX, USA

There are plenty of free and cheap things to do in San Antonio. Walk along the River Walk to see restaurants, shops, and live entertainment. Take a stroll around the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, which is free to enter. To spend some time outdoors, visit the Government Canyon State Natural Area which sits on the north side of the city. It has over 40 miles of trails for hiking and biking and you can even see dinosaur tracks more than 110 million years old. San Antonio is also very RV-friendly, with more than two dozen RV parks sprinkled throughout the city.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, USA

This might surprise you, but Philadelphia is a very affordable place to visit this summer. There are obviously a lot of historic sites you can visit (Independence Hall is free to enter), but there are also more than 15 state parks within easy driving distance. You can be hiking, swimming, and biking in no time! There are also many places to park your RV, many near public transportation that will take you right into the city.

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, BC, CAN

Just across the border in Canada is the city of Victoria, known for its outdoor activities. Mount Douglas Park is a fun place to visit, has over 21 km of trails, and is free to enter. Beacon Hill Park is another option for nature enthusiasts; it has scenic trails that run through woodlands and along the shoreline. For your RV, there are plenty of spots in the area to park, many of which are close to the waterfronts and beaches.

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Ways to save on your summer trip

Besides heading to affordable destinations this summer, there are some additional things you can do to keep costs down during your trip.

  • Use RV trip planner apps like GasBuddy – It can estimate the number of fuel stops, give you the best fuel stops for each fill, and give you an estimated cost.
  • Join an RV discount club – You pay a little upfront to cover administration costs, then the club promotes a select network of RV parks for you to stay in, which offer you a discount on your stay.
  • Cook your own meals – Eating out every meal can get expensive (it also isn’t great for your waistline) so do some meal planning and prepping so you can cook in your RV.
  • Get a national park pass/state park pass – They are valid for a 12 months time period from the month of purchase and save you a ton of money.
  • Have your RV delivered – RV delivery can save you money if you’ll be staying in one place and don’t plan to move the RV. You’ll pay less for Outdoorsy’s required insurance because you’re not paying to cover the rig over the road.

Ready to hit the road this summer?

As you can see, even with rising costs, affordable summer vacation is still possible. So make sure you find an RV for your summer adventure ASAP. You can start planning where you want to go and what things you want to do while there. It’s going to be a great summer!

Summer-Ready RVs For Rent Near You

{“odcTracking”:”Under the radar and affordable destinations to visit this summer”,”rentalPageType”:”pin”,”odcLocale”:”en-us”,”partnerId”:”700″,”apiObject”:{“auto_radius”:true,”instant_book”:true,”pagination”:{“pageSize”:4}}}

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