Tree House Rentals in Arkansas: 10 Handpicked Options for You

Jen YoungJuly 24, 2022

Tree House Rentals in Arkansas: 10 Handpicked Options for You

Tree house rentals in Arkansas allow you to experience “The Natural State” as it should be: amidst the lakes, streams, mountains, and abundant wildlife.

These unique accommodation settings are built high up on the trees, often with a supportive base. On the inside, you may find a double-story fancy suite or a minimalistic cabin for two.

If you’re looking for the best tree house rentals in Arkansas, look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 10 rental options in the state as reported by our users. Whether you’re a newlywed couple or a group of ten nature lovers, Arkansas has got the treehouse for you.

With that said, scroll down to learn about some treehouses in Arkansas near picturesque locations.

How Much Do Tree House Rentals in Arkansas Cost?

The cost of treehouse camping in Arkansas depends on the treehouse you’re staying at. There are luxurious treetop accommodations with hotel room-like amenities. These will cost upwards of $400 per night in peak months. But there are cheaper alternatives for as low as $100 per night.

So the rates depend on the treehouse, its availability, and the season.

That being said, here are the ten best tree house rentals in Arkansas to consider:

  1. Best lakefront tree house rental in ArkansasLakefront Luxury Treehouse on Bull Shoals Lake
  2. Best romantic tree house rental in ArkansasGetaway 9
  3. Best cabin tree house rental with a hot tub in ArkansasMountain Air Treehouse
  4. Best family tree house rentals in Arkansas87 Getaway Treehouse Escape 
  5. Best Eureka Springs treehouse cabinMagical Castle Treehouse at Eureka Springs
  6. Tropical Treehouse surrounded by Jungle Gardens
  7. Jasper Luxurious Treehouse Cabin
  8. Hand Crafted Arkansas Red Ceder Treehouse
  9. Enchanted Treehouses
  10. Red Rock Vista Treetop Cabin

Tree House Rentals in Arkansas

tree house rentals in arkansas

Lakefront Luxury Treehouse on Bull Shoals Lake

  • LocationBull Shoals Lake, Diamond City, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Eight
  • Pets Allowed – No  
  • Price – $275 per night

Arkansas has some of the best lakes in the United States, one of which is Bull Shoals Lake. You can find a number of treehouses near Bull Shoals, but none can match the Lakefront Luxury Treehouse.

The 1,100-square-foot treehouse-cum-cottage is the perfect base to admire this marvelous lake and the surrounding areas. The moment you wake up and look out of the balcony (it has two stories), you’ll be greeted with a cool breeze and fresh views of the lake.

Lakefront Luxury Treehouse has everything you could possibly need. This includes resort-like amenities like air conditioning, a coffee maker, and a full-fledged kitchen. It has two bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. Barbeque grills are provided in the garden in front of the treehouse.

The Bull Shoals Lake is excellent for fishing. On any given day, you may return with bass, crappie, or walleye. Other than that, birdwatching, boating, and swimming are also popular among guests. After the lake, it’s highly recommended to visit the White River, which is only 10 minutes away. 

tree house rentals in arkansas

Getaway 9

Getaway 9 is located in a secluded area, despite being five minutes away from the town. Enveloped by an overwhelming number of trees and overlooking the side of Dodd Mountain, it’s the perfect spot to spend a few nights with your partner.  

The cabin is complete with all the amenities available. You’ll find a king-size bed and a queen bed in the loft. Air conditioning and heaters are in place for temperature regulation. More importantly, there’s a deck, porch swing, and a two-person jacuzzi tub.

The cabin also has a few board games and cards to keep you engaged.

Outside the treehouse, there’s a small garden area with a picnic table and wooden chairs. A fire pit can be arranged so that you can prepare some marshmallows. While you admire the mountains, there’s a chance to spot deer or foxes that trundle over to this site.

Bars and restaurants aren’t far from this treehouse either. Book one of these to enjoy unique Arkansas delicacies.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Mountain Air Treehouse

Hot tubs usually aren’t associated with treehouses, but the Mountain Air Treehouse has it included. You’ll find an outdoor hot tub, among other amenities, that allows you to relish the views of the woody Ouachita Mountains.

The treehouse is part of a 27-acre property dominated by dense woods. A beautiful creek that attracts deer and turkeys runs close to the property. Take a stroll down this creek to spot even more wildlife. There are six other treehouses on this property, thus creating a community-like atmosphere.

The treehouses are small and cozy, intended for two to four campers, depending on which one you stay at. All of them are equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living space. Also, there’s a deck with a hot tub and fireplace for all-season glamping.

Mountain Air Treehouse is a perfect base for people looking to visit the Hot Springs National Park the next day. It’s only 10 minutes away!

tree house rentals in arkansas

87 Getaway Treehouse Escape

  • Location – Mountain View, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Five guests
  • Pets Allowed – Yes
  • Price – $175 per night

There are many family-friendly treehouses in Mountain View, one of which is the 87 Getaway Treehouse Escape. Built with comfort and elegance in mind, this treehouse sits atop the trees of Ozark, equipped with plenty of amenities.

The treehouse consists of one bedroom, one bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, a kitchenette, and a living space. The bedroom has a king-sized bed, and the sofa in the living area turns into a comfortable bed, thus offering plenty of sleeping space. You’ll find a patio with a hammock, grill, and fire pit outside.

87 Getaway is pet-friendly, and you can bring your kitties or pups along. There’s enough space both inside and outside the treehouse to make them feel comfortable. 

While it’s best for a family of four, you can easily make room for an extra person with air beds.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Magical Castle Treehouse at Eureka Springs

A one-of-its-kind treehouse in Eureka Springs, you’ll have a hard time figuring out if you’re staying at a treehouse or a Medieval castle.

The Magical Castle Treehouse is inspired by the castles found in England. The suspension bridge that leads up to the castle-themed treehouse is turned into a drawbridge. 

As you get in, you’ll find all sorts of amenities. There’s a jacuzzi, a fireplace, a kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker, and a secret passage shower for two. The living room has a 50′ flat-panel TV with cable connection and DVD. 

The deck is the place to admire the natural beauty surrounding this property in a glider swing or comfy sofas.

The property has three other castle treehouses, regular treehouses, cottages, and a hobbit cave.

If you’re planning a trip to Eureka Springs, you simply cannot miss this place. It’s within a few miles of popular destinations like Eureka Springs Historical Museum and Beaver Lake.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Tropical Treehouse Surrounded by Jungle Gardens

  • LocationArkadelphia, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Five to six guests
  • Pets Allowed – Yes
  • Price – $440 per night

This treehouse allows you to camp 35 feet above the ground in the middle of 250-acre forest land. 

Within the 250-acre property, you’ll find four lakes. Explore them in an African Queen-type riverboat available to all guests. Along with that, you’ve got a jungle garden with canals flowing through it.

While the views are going to be amazing for sure, it’s the amenities that’ll make you go ‘wow!’. 

The entire treehouse has central air conditioning and heating. You’ll find an LCD TV with cable connection and a Sonos Sound system in the living room. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave. Likewise, the bathroom has a tile shower, bidet, washer/dryer, and bathtub to make your stay comfortable.

On the opposite side of the treehouse, you have Camp Winnamocka. It’s an ideal camp to take your 7-15-year-olds. The camp offers rope courses and other educational programs year-round.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Jasper Luxurious Treehouse Cabin

  • LocationJasper, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Eight to ten guests
  • Pets Allowed – No
  • Price – $331 per night

If you’re visiting the Buffalo National River, consider this luxurious treehouse cabin in Jasper to spend some memorable nights. The treehouse is located atop a slanted hilly area. Thus, it’s a perfect base to relax in the hammock and enjoy the immersive views while sipping a cup of coffee.

The cabin is big enough to accommodate ten campers. There’s a bedroom with a king-sized bed and a loft with bunk beds. So sleeping space will never be an issue. Other rooms you’ll have are a dining space, kitchen, bathroom, and a balcony.

Located atop a hill, there are several hiking trails near these luxurious treehouses. If you love hiking, embark on one of the trails to explore this section of the beautiful Ozark Mountain.

Not only campers, but this treehouse also caters to business travelers and family travelers. Besides that, many weddings and anniversaries have taken place at this treehouse.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Hand Crafted Arkansas Red Ceder Treehouse

  • Location – Saint Joe, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Four guests
  • Pets Allowed – No
  • Price – $130 per night

Red Cedar Treehouse is another impressive treehouse accommodation near the Buffalo National River. It’s much smaller than the previous treehouse, ideal for two to four campers.

The entire treehouse is hand-crafted and made from red cedar wood. Thus, you can smell a distinctive fragrant odor throughout your stay.

It has one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a small balcony. Among the amenities, there’s a wall-mounted LCD TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, and coffee maker.

The treehouse is pretty close to the Buffalo River, which you can reach easily, even on foot. On the other side, there are a few restaurants and shops as well.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Snow White at Enchanted Treehouses

  • Location – Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Four to five guests
  • Pets Allowed – No
  • Price – $189-$239 per night

The Snow White treehouse is inspired by, well, Snow White. The interior has shades of white, blue, black, and pop of red, just like the Disney princess. The exterior has fine detailing with Tudor accents that are simplistic yet captivating. 

The fairytale treehouse is a family-friendly accommodation setting. It has a floor bedroom and a loft bedroom provided with king-sized beds. Also, you’ll have a private bathroom with a tub offering sweeping views of the mountain. A kitchenette is in place to help you prepare your favorite meals.

Air conditioning, heater refrigerator, gas grill, and outdoor patio are some of the amenities to make your stay fulfilling.

Snow White is among the newest additions to the Enchanted Treehouses property. There are five other treehouses you can book for your holiday.

tree house rentals in arkansas

Red Rock Vista Treetop Cabin

  • Location – Jasper, Arkansas
  • Sleeps – Eight to ten guests
  • Pets Allowed – No
  • Price – $331 per night

Looking for a treehouse in Arkansas that’d fit a large group? The Red Rock Vista has enough space to accommodate a group of ten.

Like a studio apartment, the treetop cabin has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The base floor has a master bedroom that is equipped with a king bed. Then, there’s a loft with queen-sized beds. You can create additional sleeping space by utilizing the two sleeper sofas in the living room.

In terms of amenities, Red Rock Vista has a kitchenette, a flat-screen TV, internet connectivity, and a heater in place. The porch offers incredible views of the heavily-wooded area year-round. It’s truly the destination in Arkansas for an ultimate group tree camping experience.

Best Time to Visit Arkansas 

Arkansas is a southern state with mild weather most of the time of the year. But not all months are created equal.

The best time to visit Arkansas is during the fall, in the months of September through November. This is especially true if you’re planning tree camping in the state. You get a chance to experience the fall foliage in cool brisk weather.
Avoid the summer months when the heat is at its peak, and there’s a higher chance of hurricanes and tornadoes. Likewise, the spring can be rainy with thunderstorms.

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