Top 3 RV Tips for Beach Camping

Team OutdoorsyJuly 29, 2016

Top 3 RV Tips for Beach Camping

There are some great waterfront overnight locations that only campers and RV users can enjoy. From Anastasia State Park in Florida to Kalaloch Beach in Washington, there are beachfront properties set up for RV-goers to enjoy nature and views in style. Beachfront RV parks and campgrounds are a specific type of destination that involve more strategy than your run-of-the-mill campgrounds. Here are the top three RV tips for beach camping, to help insure that your trip is successful for your entire family.

1. Choose the Timing of Your Trip Wisely

RV waterfront
It is always a good idea to book campsites well in advance and to arrive early to your site. It might also be a good idea to also plan trips to popular beach locales before or after peak summer months if you can. Not only can you find better deals and get prime beach camping locations, you might also have more privacy and solitude during your trip. If you have to RV in the summer months because of school or work, show up on a Thursday or travel during the week. Things will be a little less hectic and you can enjoy some quiet before the weekend warriors roll into the campground.

2. Vet for the Best Views

RV Waterfront ParksThe last thing you want is to get to your campsite and realize that all of the prime real estate is gone, getting stuck with a campsite that doesn’t have the view you expected. If you can find a campsite that boasts views from all sites, or reserve a specific spot, this can help. Even if you have a spot reserved, try to arrive early. Late arrivals might mean taking a less-than-ideal camping spot if the RV park is filling up quickly and your spot is given away. Rolling into a campground that is near the beach just isn’t the same as waking up on the water ready for your vacation.

3. Look into Tent Camping as Well

Tent Camping on Beach
Sometimes RV sites can be limiting when it comes to waterfront-view locales. If you have a larger family or a caravan of folks that you will be RVing with, you might be able to spread out some when you settle in to the campsite. Get the best of both worlds by splitting up and having more adventurous folks tent camp at a site near the water while others can stick with the RV. This can give everyone in your group a little more space and give those yearning for the beach a chance to unwind.

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