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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted July 28, 2016

Visiting a major metropolitan area on an RV-based vacation can add a layer of planning to your trip. The good new is that staying in an RV in a big city is doable and can be a great way for your family to explore new places without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips for staying in an RV in a big city:

RV stuck in trafficPick the Right Time to Come into Town

Navigating highways in your RV can be tough enough. Getting stuck in rush hour traffic in Chicago or New York in your RV can melt the mood really quickly. Get into RV parks in the middle of the day and try your best to avoid weekends when other travellers are on the road. You can hopefully waste less time sitting in traffic and spend more time exploring your destination.

Book Early and Don’t Wing it

Liberty Harbor RV Park New Jersey
Liberty Harbor RV Park, New Jersey

One of the best things about RVing is having the flexibility to have your own schedule and finding campgrounds along the way to explore. The thing is, this can be much easier to do in smaller towns than in major tourist destinations. Much like one would do if RVing to a major national park, rolling into a more urban environment can take some planning. Make sure your research includes things like safety, accessibility, and cost. RV parks that are set up to get people into major cities might have different criteria than you are used to, so make sure this fits with your family’s needs.

Utilize Public Transportation

New York RV in City
While there is even an RV park in the heart of New York City, your best bet might be a campground a bit further out that still has access to a city’s transportation system. Once you know what city your family will be exploring, you can find plenty of campground options in nearby towns or within the surrounding area. You can then get to the city center on a short train or bus ride, knowing that your RV home base will be safe while you venture out on day trips. If you are on a long RV trip, coming into a larger city might be the perfect time to indulge and spend the night in a hotel as well.

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