The Top Fishing Influencers to Follow Right Now

Josh SchukmanFebruary 28, 2024

The Top Fishing Influencers to Follow Right Now

Fishing influencers are some of the most outdoorsy-minded folks we know. And far from being the buttoned-up sportspeople of yesterday — this new class of fishers is changing the game. 

The sport of fishing is increasingly more diverse, socially conscious, and just plain fun. These are the top fishing influencers to follow today if you want your finger on the pulse of what’s hopping in and out of the water. 

Listed in no particular order:

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Lady Fishers

Female fishing influencer

Fishing may have historically been perceived as a guy-dominated sport, but ladies influencing fishing today are shattering that misconception. 

April Vokey is a ‘closet dirtbag and cabin lover’ who’s also rocking the fishing world with 123k Instagram followers and a podcast of her own. She showcases fly-fishing trips from ‘round the world and couples her escapades with cooking tips.

Check out her YouTube channel to get a taste of her unique style. 

April Vokey and family on a fishing trip

Nicole Stone brings a down-home Minnesota vibe to the table that’s garnered her an immense following. Her YouTube channel is stocked with fun videos focused on ice fishing.  

-Maddie Brenneman brings a down-to-earth vibe to the many types of fishing she enjoys. Her mix of travel, fishing, and eye for design have garnered her an Instagram following of almost 100k.

If you want a fun take on fishing combined with adventurous life stories, Maddie is your influencer. 

Paula Shearer is an Alberta-born Simms Pro fly-fishing guide who shows off her Canadian catches. We love how she still hosts live guided trips in her Alberta home rivers while also showcasing other globetrotting trips. 

Paula Shearer fishing influencer

Krystal Hall hails from The South and has taken her fish-ventures around the world. Her YouTube channel features a fun mix of down-home charm and stories of her and her friends ‘chasing tail’ in places like Costa Rica, the Florida Gulf, and so much more. 


Dunno about you, but we hadn’t really thought about spearfishing as a thing until we started digging into this post, and then we found a whole spearing world out there. Here are a couple top examples: 

Valentine Thomas is a lawyer by trade who transformed herself into a spearfishing seafood chef. She gallivants around the globe on her quest for happiness and sustainability as a professional spearfisher woman.

Check out her upcoming sustainable seafood cookbook

Valentine Thomas spearfisher

Catherine Sayce is a New Zealand-based spearfisher who brings a down-to-earth vibe to her online presence. Check out her YouTube channel for some amazing New Zealand seascapes.  

Fishing Sages

These are a couple of the cats who’ve been around long enough to be gurus of rod and reel:

Timmy Horton has been around for eons and hosts the largest media platform in professional fishing. Interestingly, they film primarily in public waters so anyone can fish where they fish. Timmy’s videos and content provide tips and teaching that help viewers catch more fish.

He’s been awarded the BASS Angler of the Year and one of ESPN’s 35 greatest anglers. 

Mike “Ike” Iaconelli — Mike (aka Ike) has been bringing ‘cool’ to fishing since before it was cool to do that. He hosts a popular fishing podcast, is a self-proclaimed ‘Fishing Freak!’, and founder of The Bass University

Ike is the only angler to have won the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year, and B.A.S.S. Nation Championship.

Kevin VanDam is probably the winningest fisherman in all of fishing. He’s raked in over $8 million in winnings at fishing competitions and offers solid advice on his blog

Kevin VanDam

Fishing Influencers Bringing Diversity to The Craft

Fishing media has grown far beyond its old-school days to inspire folks from all walks of life to the waters.  

Chad Brown is a military vet, photographer, and film director/cinematographer who beautifully captures his moments by the water. We dig how he combines artistic flair with a sport he loves.  

Austin Campbell is an outside guide and fisherman who combines stories of family and friendship with fishing. He focuses on building enthusiasm through Community Fly Fishing, a non-profit organization that hosts free Fly Fishing workshops and on-water events. 

1Rod1ReelFishing is as diverse with their fishing imagery as they are with the lures and techniques they use. Check out their YouTube channel for wild videos of them fishing in urban creeks, cooking their catch in fun ways, and catching mysterious fish in the diverse waters they cast. 

Zak CatchEm is just plain fun. He puts out YouTube videos not only about fishing, but about fish he raises, catching giant rats, and rare fish he buys off the dark web (which he doesn’t recommend in retrospect 🙂 

Nick Marzano publishes a wildly eccentric e-zine that’s awfully fun to read and casts a wide net on worlds of fishing you wouldn’t expect. His Instagram account keeps up with all his wild antics. 

And on a related but unrelated note — Nick also helps publish Mission Gold, a magazine about the magic and misfits of San Francisco’s shadow economy.  

Nick Marzano captures wild fishing images

Brown Folks Fishing – The name pretty much says it all. This collective builds community and reimagines conservation by featuring BIPOC anglers.

They are a community of ambassadors from all around the United States devoted to Angling for All, scholarship funds for new fishers, gear libraries to increase fishing access, and other social impact initiatives. 

Awkward Angler is a Brown Folks Fishing ambassador who has also developed a following in her own right. Her area of speciality lies in sharing her perspective as an Indigenous person while serving as a fly-fishing guide and general promoter of fishing for all.   

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Fishing With Purpose

Here are a handful of folks who combine social good with pristine waters: 

Project Healing Waters syncs with Department of Defense hospitals, Warrior Transition Units, and Veterans Affairs clinics to help heal trauma through fly fishing curriculum and experiences. 

They’ve been around since 2005 and are now a leading non-profit in therapeutic outdoor recreation.

Teach a Child to Fish was founded by a former NFL star and Pro Angler. They have a beautiful track record of reaching a new generation of underserved kids via youth fishing clinics.

Teach a Child to Fish Live Event

The Fly Fishing Collaborative mobilizes the fly fishing community to create sustainable solutions to poverty and human trafficking. 

They work to alleviate poverty via a network of hydroponic farms spread around the world. These farms help create a sustainable livelihood that keeps women and children from human trafficking and poverty.

The Fishing Club Journal is a collective of fishers who exist to help fisheries thrive for future generations. Sign up for their newsletter to get a curated selection of fly fishing content that shows sustainable fishing at its best.

The top fishing influencers to follow today represent a wide array of backgrounds, causes, and fishing styles. The thread that unites them all is a deep love for the water and the creatures that inhabit it. We hope this article has helped you find a few new fishers to follow as you cast out.  

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