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Posted May 18, 2020

Times have been tough for everyone during the coronavirus pandemic — and they’ve been especially tough for those of us in the sharing economy. From vacation rentals to RV rentals, corona cancellations came pouring in like a flood and dried up our businesses faster than a drought.

But there is good news amidst the dreariness…

The traveling, road-tripping public stopped traveling because it helped keep everyone safe — not because the travel bug stopped biting. And now that we’re seeing reopenings happen, it’s becoming clear that people have a pent-up desire to journey again. 

After all, so many had to cancel vacation plans and so many have been quarantined in their homes, it makes sense that there would be a bump in demand once it’s safe to travel.

For those of us who rent our RVs on Outdoorsy, this creates a tremendous opportunity after so many weeks of crickets. 

But how can you be ready for the rental rush when it comes?

How can you be sure you make the most of the recovery?

What steps should you take to be sure that you and your RV are ready for the pent-up demand to burst?

Here are our top tips for prepping for the post-coronavirus travel rush:

  1. Offer safety assurances
  2. Share aspirational travel content
  3. Get your rig in tip-top shape
  4. Consider fresh listing photos
  5. Help renters navigate park openings/closings
  6. Show renters how to practice safe social distancing in an RV

Offer safety assurances to prospective renters

While it is true that the coronavirus quarantine created pent-up demand for travel, folks will still want to know that you’re keeping your rig sanitized. We’ve put together this list of guidelines that’ll take you through a step-by-step process for disinfecting your RV during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Once you’ve added those steps to your cleaning process, you’ll want to add a description of your cleaning routine to your listing. Demonstrate to prospective renters that you value their safety by explaining what you clean, why you clean it, and how Outdoorsy’s guidelines follow CDC recommendations. 

On a fun note, you could even add a picture in your listing of you having fun cleaning the rig — wearing the proper attire such as gloves and a mask of course!

Share aspirational travel content

Some travelers are just beginning to get back on the road, but many are still waiting a bit longer to see how the coronavirus reopenings shape up. If you do any level of content marketing for your RV rentals, try to create or share content that speaks to future plans. For example, prospective renters may not be able to get into their national park of choice right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping them think about a trip there once that park reopens.

By keeping yourself top of mind with prospective renters during the shutdown, you’ll be ready for the rush when it happens.

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Get your rig in tip-top shape

Your RV likey sat idle during the corona shutdowns, so now is a great time to circle back on any upkeep you might have paused. Are the brakes in good working order?  Have you tested your propane system for leaks this quarter? How about your tire treads and tire pressure?

By asking yourself these questions and following Outdoorsy’s CDC-recommended cleaning guidelines, you’ll ensure your RV is ready to roll when the rush comes.

Is it time for new listing pictures?

Quarantine time is a great time to spruce up your listing. If you haven’t already, be sure to pay your listing a visit to make your photos and description all they can be.    

Help renters navigate campground openings and closings

The coronavirus has led to a patchwork of campground closings that can be difficult to navigate without the right resources. Turn yourself into a guide for your renters by providing them as much information as you can about open campgrounds and national parks near their route.

Show your renters how to practice safe social distancing in an RV

RVing is one of the best ways to practice safe social distancing because your renters control where they go, how far they are from others, and how much nature they want to soak in.

By showing your renters how to safely RV in times of uncertainty, you’ll put yourself ahead of the post-quarantine rush that is about to dawn. 

Times have been tough for the travel industry, but our yearning for travel has not been extinguished by the coronavirus. With so many canceled vacation plans and so many people cooped up at home, there will be a post-COVID rush that it will pay to be prepared for. Stick to the steps above to bring yourself ahead of the pack when reopening happens. 

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