Glamping Acadia National Park: 10 Handpicked Options For You

Jen YoungAugust 4, 2022

Glamping Acadia National Park: 10 Handpicked Options For You

Acadia National Park is every glamper’s dream. The dense forests, rolling green hills, energizing lakes, and beautiful mountaintops are perhaps where the talented musicians of Tennessee get their inspiration. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire post to glamping Acadia National Park.

But you don’t have to be a singer or songwriter to experience Acadia. It’s a great fit for anyone and everyone.

When it comes to glamping spots in Acadia National Park, there are quite a few options available. Spending a few nights in these luxury-yet-rustic tents will get you closer to nature without compromising on comfort.

Scroll down to find the ten best glamping Acadia National Park options you can book for your next trip.

Glamping Acadia National Park: Is It Available?

You’ll find glamping spots outside of Acadia National Park, not inside it. Several companies and entrepreneurs have set up glamping accommodations like tents, yurts, and rustic cabins on private land. 

Some properties even have an on-site pool and infrared saunas to offer you the ultimate luxury camping experience. These amenities aren’t available inside Acadia.

Glamping Acadia National Park: Is Overnight Camping Available?

You’ll find a few campgrounds like the Blackwood inside Acadia National Park that allow you to camp overnight. But none of them are glamping spots. You need to either bring in your RV or set up camp.

With that said, here are the top 10 glamping Acadia National Park spots:

  1. Acadia Yurts and Wellness Center (Best overall glamping spot)
  2. Moose at Woods of Eden (Best glamping spot for families)
  3. Under Canvas (Best luxurious glamping spot)
  4. Fox’s Hollow (Best glamping spot near the ocean)
  5. Old Acadia Ranger Yurt (Best rustic glamping spot)
  6. Americana at Woods of Eden
  7. Terramor Outdoor Resort
  8. Hike into Acadia from Airstream
  9. The Tiny House on Goose Cove
  10. Glamping Tent on Organic Farm
glamping acadia national park

Acadia Yurts and Wellness Center, Southwest Harbor

  • Type of Accommodation – Yurts, small cabins
  • Best for – 4/6 guests
  • Pets allowed – No
  • Cost – $150-200 per night

Acacia Yurts is a signature yurt camping accommodation near the Acadia National Park. There are seven yurts and two small cabins built on a wooded area spanning five acres.

The traditional yurts measure 30 feet in diameter and are packed with resort-like amenities. Inside you’ll find both air conditioning and a heater for all-season glamping. Additionally, each of the yurts has a lofted bedroom with a queen-sized bed. Also, you can convert the sleeper couch into a second queen-size bed to create more sleeping space.

A fully-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, sink, and a small dining area will make you feel at home. The 24-foot diameter yurts have more or less the same amenities.

The tiny houses are no less, neither in terms of construction nor amenities. But for a true glamping experience, yurts should be your priority.

As the name suggests, the property also has a wellness center. If you feel all burned out, this is where you can revitalize. Take part in yoga sessions, get a full-body massage, sit inside a full-spectrum infrared sauna, or repose in the flotation room. You’ll feel the renewed energy almost instantly.

Acadia National Park is within 10 miles of the yurts. The drive to the national park is thrilling in itself as you’ll pass attractions like Echo Lake, Somes Sound, and various wildlife on your way.

MooseTent, Go Glamping in Bar Harbor

Moose at Woods of Eden, Bar Harbor

  • Type of Accommodation – Tents
  • Best for – 6 guests
  • Pets allowed – No
  • Cost – $370 per night

Moose is a state-of-the-art tent near Acadia National Park with a private bathroom and hot showers. There’s enough space for a family of six, and its ideal location in Bar Harbor means there’s something for everyone.

Regarded as the first glamping tent in the Bar Harbor region, Moose features two queen beds, one of which is lofted, and a bunk bed. There’s a dining space along with a kitchenette to help you prepare your kids’ favorite meals.

The hosts know you’ll arrive exhausted after a long day. To ease the sore muscles, the tent is equipped with a spacious bathroom with eight shower heads connected to a large hot water tank. This guarantees warm showers for the entire family. 

Other notable amenities include a refrigerator, electric heater, Wi-Fi connectivity, coffee maker, and complimentary towel and sheets.

There are five more tents at Woods of Eden. They’re far enough from each other to ensure privacy but close enough to create a sense of community and belonging. Make use of the park or community fire pit to interact with other glampers.

glamping acadia national park

Under Canvas, Surry

  • Type of Accommodation – Canvas tents
  • Best for – 2/4 guests
  • Pets allowed – Yes
  • Cost – $380+ per night

Under Canvas is an assemblage of five waterfront tents located 30 minutes from the Acadia National Park entrance. With solid wood floors, thick ivory canvas walls, and a host of upscale amenities, these are arguably the most luxurious glamping tents near Acadia National Park.

The moment you set foot outside the tents, you’re greeted with the cool breeze from the lake. In the backdrop, you have the majestic forests of Mount Desert Island.

Taking inspiration from safari tents in Africa, the interior is designed to be in sync with the environment. You’ve got wooden floors, dining furniture, a wood-burning stove, and a private outdoor deck. King-sized beds with luxe linens will quickly put you to sleep. 

One of the tents, the Stargazer, even has a viewing window above the beds to give you glimpses of the magical night sky.

Each of the tents has a private bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, and organic bath products.

Daily activities at this glamping ground include yoga sessions and painting competitions for kids. Managed by a company dedicated to glamping, you can expect the best customer service here.

Fox's Hollow Airbnb
Fox’s Hollow Airbnb

Fox’s Hollow

  • Type of Accommodation – Yurt
  • Best for – 2-3 guests 
  • Pets allowed – Yes
  • Cost – $120 per night

Want to spend your holidays near the shores? Fox’s Hollow is the glamping spot for you. Located around 500 meters from the ocean, you can easily bike or walk to the beach for an evening stroll to get a glimpse of the awe-inspiring sunset.

Fox’s Hollow is a classical yurt in every way. Circular walls and a conical roof with a dome at the center make this a ‘true’ yurt. The interior consists of a full-sized bed, a kitchenette with a sink and counter, and a loft made from cedar logs. There’s a shared bathroom at the nearby lodge, which also has Wi-Fi connectivity and a library.

But what makes this yurt special (apart from the Mongolian architecture) is the ambiance. It’s amidst a seven-acre forest with plenty of greenery all around.

Fox’s Hollow is around 15 miles from the national park. That might be a bit far, but it’s arguably the best place for beach glamping.

Old Acadia Ranger Yurt at Long Pond

Old Acadia Ranger Yurt

  • Type of Accommodation – Yurt
  • Best for – Four guests 
  • Pets allowed – Yes
  • Cost – $185 per night

Contrary to the name, Old Acadia Ranger Yurt is a newly-constructed yurt built for a group of three to four campers. Nestled amidst a pine and maple forest, it’s only a few miles from the Acadia National Park hiking trails.

With a 25-feet diameter, the yurt is quite spacious and includes a bathroom with a walk-in shower. You get to sleep peacefully in the queen-sized bed or the foldable couch. There’s a kitchenette along with a dining space to prepare the meals.

The outdoors of this yurt is equally impressive, with a front porch deck and a seating area. Grab a cup of coffee and admire the well-maintained lawn. 

To explore the rustic place, you should begin with a walk to Long Pond, which is actually a lake. Walking a few more meters will take you to the Acadia National Park hiking trails.

Americana Tent, Go Glamping in Bar Harbor

Americana at Woods of Eden, Bar Harbor

  • Type of Accommodation – Tent 
  • Best for – Four guests
  • Pets allowed – No
  • Cost – $400 per night

Another member of the Woods of Eden campground, Americana, is built for luxury.

There’s an American flag waving just outside the tent. Moreover, there are stars-and-stripes mugs, pillow covers, towels, bedsheets, and wall stickers to create a sense of pride.

Americana has two bedrooms, one with a double-sized bed and another with a bunk bed. Being a family-friendly tent, it also has a kitchenette and a full bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink. The tent is also wheelchair accessible to accommodate people with disability.  

The outdoor deck allows you to sit and grill some meat or marshmallows. On-site staff will provide a gas grill along with pots and pans.

Woods of Eden is ideally located in Bar Harbor, and you have an equal opportunity to explore the sea, the mountains, and the dense Acadia forests.


Terramor Outdoor Resort

  • Type of Accommodation – Luxury tents
  • Best for – 2/5 guests
  • Pets allowed – Yes
  • Cost – $430

Terramor is one of the few glamping resorts near Acadia National Park. The resort is everything Mount Desert Island has on offer all in one place.

The safari-styled raised tents can accommodate two or five campers, depending on which tent you select (there are five of them). These either have queen-sized beds or twin beds.

Besides the tent, there’s also a state-of-the-art lodge where you can find a dining hall that serves take-and-explore lunches and a bar.

Live concerts by local musicians, food festivals, yoga sessions, and stargazing with telescopes are the norm at Terramor. The resort also has a pool where you can splash all day.

With so many things to do inside and outside the resort, it makes sense to plan a long-term trip at Terrarmore.

glamping acadia national park

Hike into Acadia from Airstream

  • Type of Accommodation – Motorhome
  • Best for – Four guests
  • Pets allowed – No
  • Cost – $192 per night

Experience one-of-its-kind motorhome glamping in Acadia National Park at this Airstream bunkhouse. Owned by a lovely couple who have spent their lives traveling through the United States, the Flying Cloud Airstream campervan is now open to those who love the outdoors and want to stay close to the Acadia National Park. 

The motorhome has a roomy deck, a queen-sized bed, and a convertible sofa. It can fit two adults and two kids with ease. Also available are a kitchenette and a compact toilet. If you need anything else, the hosts — who live nearby — are more than happy to supply them to you.

Within close proximity, you have the hiking trails of Acadia National Park, the Somes Sound, and the Northeast Harbor Golf Club. The location doesn’t get better than this.

The Tiny House with the Enormous View of Acadia

The Tiny House on Goose Cove

  • Type of Accommodation – Cabin
  • Best for – Four guests
  • Pets allowed – No
  • Cost – $225 per night

This beautiful, compact waterfront cabin is located in Goose Cove, a few miles from Trenton. An ideal glamping spot for four campers, it offers a mesmerizing view of Cadillac Mountain and the surrounding woods.

Tiny House is a double-deck cabin with a bedroom on the upper deck. You can get a good view of the nearby lake and the surrounding mountains. Other things the cabin has are a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and an outdoor porch.

The cabin is built on acres of well-maintained green pasture land. Take a walk through the fields and cross the fairy bridge to get to Goose Cove, which isn’t far away. Also, it takes only 20 minutes to reach the Acadia National Park entrance.

Glamping Tent on Organic Farm~Camping in comfort!

Glamping Tent on an Organic Farm

  • Type of Accommodation – Tent
  • Best for – Three campers
  • Pets allowed – No
  • Cost – $60 per night

This tent is located in the middle of an organic farm that produces a wide range of fresh vegetables.

The glamping tent is raised above the ground and has a queen-sized bed, kitchenette, and toilet. There’s a deck outside with chairs and tables. 

You can visit the nearby farm and select fresh veggies for your next meal. Or you can take a hike down to the nearby lake.

The tent isn’t located near Acadia National Park but in the town of Franklin, which is 25 miles from the park. But it’s a good place to glamp and explore Mount Desert Island.

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