Father’s Day 2019: 10 Gifts to Celebrate an Outdoorsy Dad

Christine LindstromJune 6, 2019

Father’s Day 2019: 10 Gifts to Celebrate an Outdoorsy Dad

Did the special dad or father-figure in your life teach you how to build the perfect campfire? Did he help you catch your first fish, or show you how to roast the perfect marshmallow? Is he the one who selflessly empties the black tank on the RV or spends hours learning how to fix everything that breaks on the RV?

Father’s Day is a great excuse to celebrate these amazing men and everything they do for us. When dad is an outdoorsy kind of guy, here are some gift ideas he’s sure to love!

1. Space to Hang Out

Nothing says leisure time like hanging out in a hammock. Check out Badass Hammocks – a company started by a teenager that gives 100% of profits to Operation Underground Railroad, a charity working to end human trafficking. These amazing hammocks are available in a range of colors and rated for up to 2,500 pounds, so Dad doesn’t need to worry when the kids climb in to join him!

Keep in mind: many campgrounds and forests prohibit tying things to the trees, so consider adding a portable, free-standing hammock stand, like this one from Byer of Maine.

2. Are we there Yeti?

Yeti insulated tumblers are famous for keeping your favorite beverage at an optimal temperature. Whatever dad’s beverage of choice, he is sure to enjoy it more if his coffee stays hot or his iced tea stays cold. He can bring his cup to truck stops or gas stations to refill coffee or fountain beverages. His drink will hold its temperature and skipping the disposable cup is environmentally friendly! Win-win-win!

For Father’s Day, why not choose a personalized Yeti cup that tells him what a great dad he is? These are laser engraved and available in 20 or 30 oz sizes.

3. Perfect Air on the Fly

From keeping car and RV tires properly inflated to blowing up the kids’ inflatable rafts when you get to the lake, a portable air compressor can save dad a lot of time and headaches. This 12V inflator from Audew is small and light enough to stay in the car or RV until needed. The display is digital and it automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached. Whether for work or for play, dad will be glad to have a compressor with him wherever he goes.

4. Raise his Grilling Game

Food cooked outside just tastes better! A traditional propane grill will give you great hamburgers for dinner on your camping trip, but waking up to make bacon and pancakes is tricky at best. With a tabletop griddle from Blackstone, dad can make all his favorite camping foods, plus his favorites from home too! It works just as great for hamburgers and hot dogs as it does for pancakes, eggs, stir fry or cheesesteaks. Why not pair it with a personalized RV chef apron, so everyone knows who to thank for their amazing meal!

5. Light his fire, again and again

Lighters are an important camping staple. From starting a cozy campfire to lighting the RV oven, lighters are used frequently by any outdoorsy dad. While disposable lighters are cheap and easy to find, they are terrible for the environment. They are also affected by wet and windy weather conditions. What if dad had a completely windproof lighter that used a rechargeable battery? He’ll be the talk of the campground with this Plazmatic USB Rechargeable Lighter available in a wide variety of colors and styles. It may just be the last lighter he even owns!

6. A Big-Boy Toy with a Bird’s Eye View

Drones are all the rage these days and it is easy to see why. For the little boy inside who never really got tired of driving remote control cars and the gadget guy he grew up to be, a drone is a great blend of fun and useful. He’ll love flying it to take aerial photos of his favorite campsite, hiking trail, or fishing spot. There is a huge range of drones available and some restrictions on where and when they can be flown, so be sure to read this post before buying. There are some great options available from Holy Stone for all ability levels and budgets.

7. An Extra Room in an Instant

Extra space can come in handy when RVing! Maybe dad needs a portable office on the road or just a place to entertain friends without the threat of rain or bugs. With a Gazelle portable gazebo, that extra outdoor room is ready to go in under 60 seconds with no assembly required. When it is time to move on, it packs up just as quickly. With mesh walls and optional windscreens, bugs and weather will never ruin another outdoor meal. This model has room for 8 people plus a table.

8. A Spare with Flair

On most rigs, the spare tire is prominently visible on the back. Shouldn’t dad have a spare tire cover that reflects who he is and what’s important to him? Tire covers can be personalized with almost anything, from a picture of his dog to a company logo. Find the mascot from his favorite sports team or alma mater, or choose a design that reflects his passion for exploration and adventure. Sure to be a conversation starter along the road!

9. Sandwich – hold the sand!

Camping on the beach or in the desert sounds so peaceful and beautiful! And it is, until the moment you realize there is sand everywhere. A sand-free RV mat can’t eliminate all sand issues, but it certainly helps a lot. This patented design from CGEAR allows sand and dirt to fall through the fabric without coming back up. The RV mat is designed to complement the awning space outside dad’s rig, giving him a tidy patio-like entry area. It resists stains, water, mold, UV damage, and it won’t kill any grass or plants underneath. It works so well, you might want to also get a smaller sand-free mat for picnics or a day at the beach.

10. A Tie… It’s Tradition!

Because nothing says “Father’s Day gift” quite like a necktie, no list would be complete without one. There is certainly no shortage of humorous ties relating to camping, but if you want to spend your money on a tie he might actually wear that still celebrates his love of camping, check out this one from Knotty Tie Co. The subtle pattern might not make him laugh as he opens it, but it is appropriate to be worn on many occasions. Top it off with a camping-related tie clip for the complete package. Even when he’s wearing a tie, Dad can still make it clear that he’s an outdoorsy guy at heart!


No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day this year, remember that the best gifts can’t be wrapped in paper. Let Outdoorsy help you plan a weekend getaway where Dad can celebrate his passion for the outdoors with the people he loves best! Happy Father’s Day!



Christine Lindstrom, Outdoorsy Author

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