Top 10 RV Parks in Texas Near Water in 2022

Jen YoungJuly 30, 2022

Top 10 RV Parks in Texas Near Water in 2022

When we talk about Texas, we think of wooded mountains and desert valleys. But if you drive through the state to explore its beauty, you’ll find beautiful waterfront sites. What’s more, you can pull up to the best RV parks in Texas near water bodies to enjoy these sites! 

Texas’s landscape has miles of coastline with mesmerizing sites facing the water bodies. Trailer owners can enjoy fun trips at these beautiful locations close to nature. The areas near the waters offer a chance to experience the not-so-rugged side of Texas! 

Today we will tell you about our favorite RV sites near water bodies. Take a look at these wonderful campgrounds for a quick getaway!   

Best RV Parks in Texas Near Water

Texas’s waterfront regions offer many exotic camping locations specially designed for trailer owners. We have put together a list that will give you a chance to get up close and personal with the unique flora of this region. Take a look:   

  1. Sandpiper RV Resort – Best Historic Beach Resort
  2. The Vineyards Campground & Cabins – Best RV Park for Family Time
  3. Lake Casa Blanca Int’l State Park – Best RV Park for Outdoor Activities
  4. Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort – Best RV Park with Luxury Resort 
  5. By the River Campground – Best Pocket-Friendly RV Park by the River
  6. Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort – Best Deluxe RV Park and Resort
  7. Blue Water RV Resort – Best RV Park with Beautiful Camp-Side Views 
  8. Sargent Beach RV Park – Best Small Beachside RV Park
  9. Riverside RV Park – Bandera – Best RV Park for Nature-Loving Couples 
  10. Gone Fishing RV Resort – Best RV Park for Fishing

Sandpiper RV Resort

Location: 201 Seawall Blvd, Galveston

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico is the wonderfully quiet Sandpiper RV Resort. If you love waterfront destinations, this resort in Galveston is an excellent choice. It is in the exact location where the Sandpiper Motel once stood as a proud landmark for 45 years.

It is now a Class A resort at Stewart Beach, equipped with amenities that will make your stay convenient and comfortable. From clean laundry facilities to cookout facilities – you’ll get everything here. You can also take advantage of the infinity pool by the gulf. 

The park has several pull-through sites for RVs – and sufficient space for large trailers. Hiking and biking trails, a short walkway to the gulf, and a beach to bask in the sun – you’ll get everything. You can also stroll around Galveston to enjoy historic mansions.  

The Vineyards Campground & Cabins

Location: 1501 N Dooley St, Grapevine

If you want to take your family for a fun vacation, The Vineyards, located near Lake Grapevine, is a great place. The sprawling lake is a favorite among families for activities like boating, windsurfing, fishing, water-skiing, etc. It can be quite a bonding experience!  

You can also go hiking and biking along some of the most stunning trails as you enjoy the wilderness of the region. It is ideally located to give you access to fun water activities, incredible sunshine, colorful sunsets and sunrises, and unforgettable scenes.

You can book a space for your large rig or simply pull up at their pull-through sites to enjoy all of this. Besides the fantastic RV sites with great amenities, this campground is known for the incredible cabins that come with a rustic charm and lakefront views.  

Lake Casa Blanca Int’l State Park

Location: 5102 Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo

Ask any traveler – and they’ll tell you that the Lake Casa Blanca Int’l State Park is one of the best destinations in Austin for a quick escape. It gives you a chance to enjoy various outdoor activities once you plug in your trailer at one of the RV sites in the park.    

This RV park can give you easy access to hiking trails that take you close to Texas’s nature. The park is close to Lake Casa Blanca, where you can have a fun time fishing, swimming, boating, and water-skiing. The lakeside area is also a delightful picnic spot. 

The shore is not just perfect for camping. You can spend time here studying nature and watching birds. If you want an adrenaline rush, try mountain biking in the landscapes around the ground. The park itself offers a range of activities for kids and adults!  

Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort

Location: 5601 TX-361, Port Aransas

If you want a taste of pure luxury while enjoying the sights and experiences of the beach, come to the Gulf Waters RV Resort. With a heated pool, relaxing spa, and large landscaped sites, it’s truly a resort and not just an RV park to station your vehicle.

Every individual site is designed to offer sufficient space for big rigs. They are interestingly decorated with greenery, pergolas, palapas, fire pits, pond-facing patios, tiki huts, wet bars, and more. There’s an almost tropical feel to this entire resort.  

You can easily hit the beach and have fun fishing, swimming, and boating. There are several golf courses in the surrounding areas – along with several other places to visit, like museums, art galleries, and more. Plus, the resort offers year-round events!

By the River Campground

Location: 175 Riverview Rd, Kerrville

Do you want to spend the weekend amidst greenery with just the sound of a gurgling river? By the River Campground is one of the best RV parks in Texas near water. Here’s something that might make you consider the park: it’s quite a pocket-friendly RV park. 

This park is a family-managed camping ground that offers a host of activities and events. Kick back, relax, and try activities like fishing, swimming, bird-watching, kayaking, and more. You can reconnect with nature and see its welcoming side. 

The water of the Guadalupe River coursing through the landscapes of the Texas Hill Country has a calming charm of its own. The RV park also offers fully-furnished cabins – without Wifi! You can snap the laptop shut and switch off the phone for a digital detox. 

Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort

Location: 796 Highway 87, Crystal Beach

Swim-up bars, luxe cabanas, hot tubs, large pools, fire pits – everything deluxe that you can possibly think of at an RV park is available at the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort. It is the “new kid on the block” that has already grabbed eyeballs because of its amenities. 

One of the attractions of this resort is that it has adult-only sections. So if you want nothing but a quiet time with fancy drinks and the finest experiences – this is the place to be at! That doesn’t mean it’s not for families! It has a dedicated family-friendly side.

Crystal Beach is mainly known for its beautiful coast and calming views of dolphins and seagulls – but not so much for high-end facilities and activities. But the Bolivar resort more than makes up for the lack of eateries and top-notch facilities at Crystal Beach.

Blue Water RV Resort

Location: 11511 Bluewater Highway, Freeport

The Blue Water RV Resort is strategically located between Galveston and Surfside Beach. Both the towns are blessed with stunning beachfront views. Thus, every trailer site at this camping park faces a spectacular vista to which you’ll love to wake up!

If you want, you can choose not to stay in a trailer and shift to one of their quaint cottages by the beach. The tropical landscaping around the park, along with quick access to the beach and canal, really enhances the “beach holiday” spirit of the park.  

The park offers endless opportunities to experience a relaxing waterfront vacation filled with fun activities – including fishing, kayaking, and boating. The property has a private boat ramp and fishing docks. It also has an on-site store, pool, playground, pavilion, etc. 

Sargent Beach RV Park

Location: 27466 FM457, Sargent

Not everyone is a fan of luxury and premium experiences. Some people just enjoy quaint little places to enjoy since and closeness to nature. For such people, the Sargent Beach RV Park is an excellent choice. It is really one of the smallest and coziest parks!

It is a humble property with simple amenities that will bring you convenience – in an old-school way. You’ll almost feel like time has stopped – just to let you pause and take a breath. And since it’s small, you’ll be close to Sargent Beach no matter where you park!

But you don’t need to worry about the RV sites as they’re all designed to accommodate large rigs. During the day, you can enjoy kayaking, sunbathing, fishing, bicycling, bird-watching, and more And after sunset, you can sit under the open sky, stargazing.   

Riverside RV Park 

Location: 760 TX-16, Bandera

Located next to the stunning Medina River, Riverside RV Park – Bandera is a place for quiet walks and romantic evenings all by yourself. Its trailer sites are on the banks of the river – which means you wake up and fall asleep to the sound of babbling waters. 

If you and your partner together make an adventurous couple that prefers nature walks to candlelight dinners – this is an excellent place. Here you can bond over simple and relaxing activities like fishing, hiking, playing horseshoes, and meeting friendly people. 

The park is nestled in the center of Bandera and gives you access to some of the best restaurants in town to enjoy some authentic Texan food. Don’t forget to visit the local shops. If you make reservations, you’ll be able to visit during rallies and events! 

Gone Fishing RV Resort 

Location: 730 Oxford Dr, Gordonville

Do you love to fish – and find that it is a therapeutic hobby? Or are you just fascinated by the idea and are looking for an opportunity to try it? Either way, you can enjoy the activity during your next RV trip in Texas at Gone Fishing RV Resort near Lake Texoma.

You can come to this park at any time of the year and enjoy many fun water activities like boating, sailing, swimming, water-skiing, and more. But the most popular attraction at the lake is fishing. Patrons of this activity love to stay at the Gone Fishing RV Resort.  

Launch your boat to start the fishing experience of a lifetime. The lake is known for fish like striped bass, white bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and more! It’s a great place to spend some quality time with your family. Don’t forget the local seafood restaurants! 

Final Words

The Lone Star State is often mistaken as a dry and rugged land with nothing but desserts and mountains. But there are many beautiful surprises all around Texas – in the form of rivers, lakes, seas, and more. 

So the next time you plan to take a trailer trip, don’t forget to explore the unique and beautiful beaches, coasts, and river banks. Park your rig at one of the best RV parks in Texas near water bodies – and gain experiences you will never forget!


Can you park your RV on the beach in Texas?

Texas has many incredible beaches – and if you own a rig, you can station your RV at one of the RV parks. Blue Water RV Resort, Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort, Sargent Beach RV Park, Sandpiper RV Resort, etc., are some of the best beachside RV parks in Texas.  

Which are the best waterfront RV parks in Texas?

Texas has many amazing waterfront trailer parks near seas, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. Some of the best RV parks in Texas near water are The Vineyards Campground & Cabins, By the River Campground, Lake Casa Blanca Int’l State Park, etc.   

Which are the best waterfront RV parks with pools in Texas?

One of the best RV parks with pools in Texas is the Sandpiper RV Resort, with an infinity pool by the gulf. At the Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort, you get the luxury of a heated pool. Don’t miss the swim-up bar and poolside food at the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort! 

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