Huge Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse - 3 slide out 2 room 1.5 bath w/ Huge Kitchen

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Fifth-wheelWest Chester, OH
Sleeps 10
37 ft. long
Offers delivery

Welcome to our 2023 Keystone Sprinter 32BH! We purchased this unit brand new and we are beyond excited to use it for our own camping adventures and offer it up for your family's next adventure too!This huge fifth wheel offers three slide outs giving a huge kitchen and dining space. And with two bathrooms this is a great option for camping with your family. Tall ceilings and an extra wide body gives everybody plenty of space to move around and at 37' in length, it will fit into most Ohio State Park campground sites.Now, the manufacturer says this camper will sleep up to 10 people, but we think that depends on how creative you get and if your campers are still little or if they are grown up. The Queen size bed in the main room offers sleeping for 2, the larger bunk can sleep 1 or 2, smaller bunk can sleep 1, pull out sofa can sleep 1 or 2, dinette could sleep 1 or 2, recliners can sleep 2, and then add sleeping bags on the bunk room floor for another 1 or 2.Specs
50 amp
Two AC units (15k, 13.5k)
Electric fireplace
Fresh water: 81 gallons
Gray tank: 44 gallons
Black tank: 78 gallons (two tanks)
Fridge: 12v 10 cu ft.
Cargo capacity: 1,350 lbs
4 point electric auto leveling
200 watt solar
Delivery / Towing
We will deliver, setup, and pickup this camper so all you have to do is show up and enjoy your stay! We do charge a $200 minimum delivery fee or $5 per mile up to 100 miles. If you are not at a full hookup, we have to hit the dump station and additional fees apply.
But if you decide to tow this fifth wheel yourself, here are a few things you might want to know:
- Gvwr: 11,930 lbs
- Pin Weight Loaded: ~ 2400 lbs
- Length: 36' 11"
- Height: 13'
- Bring your own tow vehicle and fifth wheel hitch
- If you have a 2020+ GM factory puck system, our hitch is available for rent
- For safety and liability, we cannot let you rent if your tow vehicle is not properly equipped
What's includedLet us take some of the load off your packing by including these with the camper:
- Stocked DVD selection for those rainy days!
- 4-6x camping chairs
- Washable plates, bowls, cups and utensils
- Toaster, Keurig coffee maker
- Basic cookware set and cooking utensils
- Full 30 lb propane
- Roasting sticks
- RV toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags
- 6-8 sets of bathroom towels
- Basic cleaning items like hand soap, dish soap, and cleaning wipes
- Fresh sheets for two bunk beds and queen bed plus several extra blankets; bring your favorite pillows
- We also recommend you bring enough disposable plates, cups, utensils, and extra supplies for your family's trip
PRO TIP: If you are staying at a site with no water and no sewer, we recommend using all disposable plates, cups, and plasticware to conserve your water.
Other things to noteBooking with Us
Before we accept your booking, we are going to ask you questions like these in order to figure out if our camper is going to be a good fit for your trip:
- Where are you camping and what site number did you book?
- What is the pad length for the site?
- What electric/sewer/water hookups are available at the site?
- How many adults and children are staying in the camper?
- What kind of experience does your family have with campers?
- If you need to dump your tanks during your stay, are you comfortable handling that or arranging for a dumping service? Even if we delivered, we will only handle dumping at the end.
- Do you agree to the Supplemental Rental and Rules Agreement below?
Supplemental Rental and Rules Agreement
1. Pickup/Delivery & Walkthrough: When you pick up our camper we will do a comprehensive walkthrough and operation training that can take 60-120 minutes. If you are taking possession upon delivery, the pre-rental orientation of the camper will take about 30 minutes. Please plan accordingly so that you arrive at the agreed upon time. If you have not arrived 30 minutes after the agreed time, we will contact you for an estimated time of arrival and advise you if we have a drop dead departure time. We will continue to attempt to contact you as needed. If you do not show in person within the time period we will provide you the keyless entry code, but you agree to forfeit the pre-rental orientation. In such cases, we do our best to accommodate virtual assistance. We also provide a hard copy welcome and walkthrough guide on the major systems and components in our camper.
2. Early Returns: We do not provide refunds if you return our camper early (i.e., prior to the date and time listed on the rental agreement). This includes if you have been in a motor vehicle accident with our camper.
3. Late Returns: If you return our camper more than two hours after the agreed drop off time, you agree to pay for an extra full day or days until the camper is returned. If your late return results in the cancellation of another rental, you agree to pay the owner the amount the owner expected to make on that rental plus any fees the owner incurred as a result of the cancellation. If you opted for delivery, you agree to have vacated the camper by the agreed upon time. If you fail to vacate the camper within two hours of the agreed upon time, you agree to pay a fee equivalent to an extra day and you also agree that this fee is not a reservation and therefore does not entitle you to an additional night stay.
4. GPS Monitoring: You agree to allow the owner to monitor the location of the camper for safety and insurance purposes through the use of a GPS device.
4a. Travel Restrictions: This camper is not designed for off-road travel. You agree not to travel on any non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc. Driving on a non-paved road inside a licensed RV park and driving through a front or backyard on a property is acceptable. Please plan and drive with care when doing so. If there is evidence that you were driving on unapproved roads (e.g. via GPS monitoring), you agree to forfeiture your entire security deposit. You agree to pay for any damage to tires, suspension, frame, etc. as a result of driving off a paved road.
5. Toll Roads, Red Light Cameras, Parking Tickets: Toll invoices are a major burden, and if we receive any such invoice, a $70 administration fee plus the cost of the bill for EACH invoice will be applied to your security deposit. Responsibility for any traffic or parking violations will be transferred to you and you will be charged a $70 administration fee. If you want to use toll roads, you are free to pay at the plazas or bring your own toll tags, just make sure no invoices or toll by plate, etc. mail comes our way or the $70 administration fee, plus the bill will be applied. Note: Most toll agencies are good to work with and will help you out if a mistake is made and you call them right away.
6. Campground / Camper Reservations: You are solely responsible for booking your campground or lot reservations (e.g. university’s overflow parking lot) and any cancelations for COVID, double booking, weather, etc. All campground and campsite fees are separate from and in addition to the rental price and fees under this agreement. No rental refunds will be given for campsite reservation errors. It is your responsibility to ensure the site you booked is compatible with our camper, including but not limited to electric service and distance to electric hookups, distance to the water hookups, etc. You are responsible for confirming this information, but we will ask sufficient questions during the booking process so that you can conduct your due diligence. If you opted for delivery and we deliver our camper and find that it is not compatible with the location, you will be responsible for purchasing any necessary extension cords/hoses, adapters, etc., booking another site, etc.
7. Awnings: We do allow the usage of the exterior awning but advise using caution! This is for your own protection as well because they are NOT COVERED by insurance, and they are very expensive to repair or replace if damaged. Damage to awnings, including damage while driving, any acts of nature, or negligence are 100% your responsibility and will exceed your security/damage deposit amount.
8. Generators: Using your own generator is strictly forbidden. If you opted for a generator add on with your rental, and by agreeing to these terms, you are responsible for the condition of the generator during the period of your rental. It must be returned in the same working condition as it was given to you. The generator is inspected between each rental. You will be responsible for the cost of replacing the generator if it is lost or stolen during your rental period. You are responsible for all generator fuel and the operation of the generator during your rental period. We offer 4500W and 7000W generator options.
9. Tires: The tires on our camper are inspected and checked, along with all other parts, prior to your rental period but if a tire is low you can refill it with air to 80 psi. There is also a spare tire included on the front, in the rare event a flat tire/blowout occurs. Our camper also comes with a wireless tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and you will be provided the monitoring device to place inside your vehicle during towing.
10. Rooftop Usage: We do not allow the use of our camper’s rooftop. Any evidence of rooftop usage (shoe prints, trash, sagging areas) will result in a complete loss of your entire security deposit.
11. Pets/Animals: Animals are not allowed, no exceptions. If any evidence of animals inside the camper including, but not limited to animal urine, animal stains, animal hair, or animal odors, is observed during the return inspection, you will forfeit your entire security deposit, and any damages in excess of the security deposit will be charged to you accordingly to remove any stains, odors, etc.
12. Propane: There are two 30-lb. propane tanks onboard our camper. We provide you the first tank to enjoy on your trip. When the first tank runs out, the camper will automatically switchover to the second tank. Any use of the second tank will result in a $75 refill fee, regardless of how much is used. We will document tank levels prior to you leaving and document tank levels again upon your return. Tank levels are documented using the Mopeka Pro sensor and Mopeka Tank phone app. The app provides tank levels from 0%-100% and, if upon return, the first tank reads 0% and the second tank reads anything under 98%, we will charge the refill fee.
13. Waste Holding Tanks: There should be nothing, including, but not limited to feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, napkins, etc. put into the black water waste holding tank as this will cause it to become clogged and require an exceptional amount of labor to clear. You will be provided with many rolls of RV safe toilet paper and we ask that this is the ONLY thing put into the waste holding tank. There is to be nothing other than sink or shower water put into the gray water holding tank. Any type of food particles put into the gray tank may cause a clog that will require extensive labor to clear.
13a. If you are picking up and returning our camper yourself, then the waste holding tanks (Gray and Black) must be emptied prior to return and all valves left Closed, and the screw cap left ON. If tank levels do not read EMPTY on the control panel, you will be charged a $150 fee to cover time and labor for us to take the camper to a nearby dump station and dump/clean the tanks.
13b. If we delivered the camper, we will handle the dumping. That is built into the delivery fee.
14. Cleaning: We charge a prep fee, which covers cleaning and sanitization of our camper, full propane, onboard water, laundered bedding, linens, and more. We put time and care into making sure your trip starts off great. We wouldn’t expect you to have to clean and vacuum a hotel room before leaving, but we do ask that you make a best effort to pick up after yourselves including removing all food, waste, and debris. If you return our camper and it requires us to get out deep cleaning supplies, you will be charged a $200 excessive cleaning fee.
15. Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed in our camper. If smoke (including cigars, pipes, vapes, drugs, etc.) is detected you will be charged a minimum fee of $1500. Additional fees may apply for professional cleaning and odor removal services. NO EXCEPTIONS.
16. NO DRUGS: Any evidence of the storage, transportation, or use of illegal substances will forfeit your entire security deposit. If our camper is returned with any evidence of drug use or transportation of will result in law enforcement being called for a report and to collect the evidence.
17. Odors/Cooking: Please try to limit the storage, preparation, or cooking of anything that can create a strong smell in the RV that is difficult to remove, such as fish, bacon, deer, etc. If odors remain in the camper at check out, you may be charged a cleaning fee for odor removal.
18. Camper Repairs/Replacement: If something breaks or is damaged, report it immediately. Do not repair or replace anything until you have spoken to us about it, and we have discussed the cause of the damage and the appropriate solution.
19. Renter Damages: If our camper, inside or out, and/or any of its contents that were present at the time of pick up, including, but not limited to couches/chairs, beds/bedding, counters, walls, etc., are damaged during your rental period, then you are responsible for paying all damages, whether you were at fault or not, or if damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). In case of a crash, or if theft or vandalism occurs, you are responsible for obtaining a police report, and notifying us immediately. (A documented thorough walk through will be completed, with renter present at the time renter takes possession) This rental platform’s insurance policy does NOT cover interior damage or repairs. Damage to the interior of our camper is charged against your security deposit. In cases where damages exceed your security deposit, you agree to cover the entire cost to repair the damage, which may include replacement of damaged item(s), labor, shipping, and applicable taxes.
20. Towing Safety: It is required that your fifth wheel hitch is rated for the weight of our camper. Please remember that trailers are much taller than the average vehicle and are not equipped to withstand an impact with a tree, low bridge/overpass etc. and will result in damages totaling more than your security deposit, so be aware of low clearance signs. All damages to our camper, including damage while driving (tree, toll road, low overpass, drive-throughs, etc.), are 100% your responsibility and will exceed your security/damage deposit amount. The dimensions of our camper are listed on our listing on this rental platform. Never attempt going through a drive-through towing a trailer. Always try to use a truck stop fuel station to refill your tow vehicle as their awnings generally provide higher clearances.
21. Appliances: The A/C, radio, microwave, television, jacks, etc. are convenience items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, we will try our best to find a reasonable solution through troubleshooting, repairs, etc. but we do not guarantee any compensation to you.
22. Camper Abandonment/Owner Retrieval: If for any reason you abandon our camper, you will be charged a $3,000 fee for Abandonment and Retrieval - plus any applicable fees for ANY lost/missing keys or items/parts from our camper. Abandonment means leaving our camper with no intention of returning to it or delivering it back to owner/drop-off location. In the event you abandon our camper without signing return documents, you agree to waive your right to dispute any claims due to damages, overages, or vandalism.
23. Personal Property: If we find you have left your personal property behind after returning the camper, we will do our best to return it to you. However, your personal property brought with you is your responsibility, and you release the owner from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property, or that of any other person left/carried in or on the RV during your rental period and day of return.
24. Personal Injury: You release the owner from all claims for injury, including, but without limitation to, personal, bodily, or mental injury, as well as economic loss or damage to you, children, guests, or relatives during your rental period including return period.
25. Severability: If any provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable judicially, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect and force.
26. Modifications/Waivers: No provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement can be waived or modified for any reason.
27. Damages Above Security Deposit/Insurance Claims: In the event there is any damage above the amount of your security deposit, you agree to pay the owner any monies due and allow the rental platform company to charge your credit card on file for said charges, plus processing fees.
28. RV Return: When our camper is returned, you agree that it will be free from damages, cleaned, and tanks emptied BEFORE it has been unhitched from your vehicle. Once our camper has been unhitched, our camper will not be allowed to be taken anywhere else and the rental period will be considered complete. (This is for insurance purposes) A preliminary walk through will be completed and a precursory Return Form will be provided. Photos will also be taken by owner for reporting to rental platform &/or insurance. Owner will complete a thorough inspection within 48 hours of return and any fees for damages, cleaning, dumping, or any other charges will be deducted from your security deposit if applicable.
29. Credits: There will be no refund/credit for any lost rental time for any issue(s) that arise beyond the owner's control. This includes, but is not limited to, flat tire(s), weather, any and all systems within our camper that were working at pickup (refrigerator, heater, LED lights, sound system, etc.), damages to any part(s) of our camper whether the renter was at fault or not, or due to renter's or any guests' negligence.
30. Rental Period Extension: If, for any reason, your rental period is extended beyond the original rental period dates, you agree that this document will also extend, be valid and enforceable for the entirety of your extended rental period.
31. Security Deposit: Your security deposit will be refunded (by the rental platform) after our camper has been thoroughly inspected and no issues or damages have been found. Said inspection may take anywhere up to 48 hours post rental period. In situations where an inspection may take longer, owner will contact the rental platform for an extension and notify the renter of the extension.
32. Speed Limit: Towing requires special attention to speed. Trailer tires are not rated for high speed, the way truck and vehicle tires are. While towing our camper, you assume all liability for your rate of speed and by signing this agreement, you acknowledge the MAXIMUM allowed speed while towing our camper is the posted speed limit or 65 miles per hour, whichever is lower. When towing, you are required to follow ALL “truck speed limit” signs, and never travel in the left lane, unless passing.
33. Boondocking/Dry Camping: Camping without hookups (water, sewer, electric) restricts the capabilities of our camper. You are limited to fresh water tank capacity, black & gray tank capacities, battery capacity and propane capacity. These things need to be recharged, refilled, dumped, etc. These things are the responsibility of the renter. We, as owners, take NO responsibility for limited capabilities and capacities due to dry camping/boondocking. Should you choose to dry camp/boondock, you take full responsibility and liability for the limited capabilities and capacities.
34. Hold Harmless: Renter agrees to hold harmless the owner of our camper, at all times, for all situations. Renter assumes all risk when renting our camper, and owner cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of income, loss of life or loss of or damage to personal property. Owner assumes no liability for how our camper is used during the rental period.
35. This agreement is in addition to this rental platform rental contract. Both contracts are in effect, together, during the rental period. Any part of the rental platform agreement that acts in a manner to void this one (or parts of it) is revoked by the renter and owner, as indicated by the signatures below.
Prior to accepting your booking request, we will ask that you read and agree to these Supplemental Rental and Rules Agreement. In the event of a dispute, we will refer Outdoorsy to your agreement of the above terms and conditions.


2023 Keystone Sprinter
  • Sleeps 10
  • Fresh water: 81 gal
  • Gray water: 44 gal
  • Black water: 78 gal
  • Propane capacity: 60 gal
  • Gross weight: 11,930 lbs


  • Toilet
  • Inside Shower
  • Outside Shower
  • Generator
  • Solart
  • TV/DVD
  • Audio Inputs
  • Radio

Rules and policies

  • Not pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • No tailgating
  • No smoking
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Unlimited generator hours
24/7 roadside assistance
Learn more about Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance on every rental, plus help planning your trip or operating the RV.

Learn more about Roadside Assistance


Enhance your trip with these add-ons. Available at checkout.

2nd Propane Tank Refill
A fee if the first propane tank is depleted and then the second tank reads less than 98 pct.
4500W Generator Setup
A 4500W generator setup will run most appliances.
/per day
7000W Generator Setup
A 7000W generator setup will run all major appliances.
/per day

Availability and rates


There’s a 2 night minimum stay

  • Weekly (7+ nights): 10% off nightly rate
  • Monthly (28+ nights): 20% off nightly rate
  • Security deposit: $2,460.00 (refundable)
  • Prep fee: $164.00. Prep fee covers provides clean and sanitized interior, clean towels and linens, clean dish and cookware, propane, and, if applicable, full water tank.

Meet your host, Tae

Member since 2022

Hi! We are a growing family that loves to camp and get away from the everyday chaos as much as we can!

Usually answers in less than 24 hours

Huge Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse - 3 slide out 2 room 1.5 bath w/ Huge Kitchen


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Guest photos

Jerry C.

October 20235

Jackie R.

August 20235

Absolutely would rent this RV again. Tae is an excellent host!

4 Photos submitted by Jackie R.

Heather T.

August 20235

Tae's communication was excellent! He delivered to our property and set up was quick and efficient! The camper is extremely clean and well equipped, even with a smaller pack & play that fit perfectly in the camper for my grandson. I also didn't realize we would need the generators, and he graciously made a second trip to get them and set them up for us, which we really appreciated!

Max R.

June 20235

This is my second time renting from Tae and it sure will not be the last. Tae is always attentive and great with communication before, during, and after the rental. I would highly recommend his RV for your next trip


June 20235

Owner was awesome through and through. Went through camper at pick up extremely well for this first time camper. Has thought of everything to help along the way. Checked in a couple times to make sure everything was going well and responded quickly when I had any questions.

Lacey R.

April 20235

We had a very fun Spring Break trip at East Fork. So convenient and easy. Tae delivered the camper and has it ready to go for us. Beautiful, brand new camper with all the amenities one could ask for and more. Friendly and prompt communication and troubleshooting should an issue arise.

3 Photos submitted by Lacey R.


West Chester, Ohio

Exact location provided after booking