2020 Thor Motor Coach Windsport -ZOR's Thor!

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MotorhomeProvidence, UT
7 guests
Sleeps 7
30 ft. long
Offers delivery

ZOR's Thor is a beautiful 2020 Class A Motorhome located in Northern Utah.Check OUT OUR Introductory Video!
Great centrally located jumping off point to iconic National Parks including Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, Great Basin and more - - all within a luxurious 5 hour or less drive. Or take it camping to scores of state and local parks, and outdoor attractions too numerous to mention in the heart of the majestic Intermountain West!The 30 foot length allows access to over 80 percent of National Park Campgrounds, and easier maneuverability, while offering a spacious interior with a full-length slide out. Adjustable side/convex mirrors and rear/turn signal cameras enhance safety and offer excellent driver visibility. Automatic hydraulic leveling system makes camp setup a breeze!This fully appointed motorhome features a King size master bed usually found in longer motorhomes, and always appreciated when you are 6'6" like me! Accommodating full size beds in drop-down over driver cab and fold out couch each sleep 2 average sized adults. And the dinette bed is great for kids.Whether you are an adventure-seeking family with kids, a couple out exploring, a group of friends making memories, or are just looking to see the country with the privacy, comfort, and convenience only a rig like this can offer, look no further!Important: Please Review ALL Notes, Limitations, ETC..., IN Each Section OF This Listing Before Submitting A Booking Request. Also, Please Note That Calendar Availability AS Shown IN Outdoorsy Does NOT Guarantee WE Will BE Able TO Accommodate Your Specific Itinerary / Booking Request AS Other Scheduling Constraints MAY Preclude. Thank YOU IN Advance FOR Your Understanding.
What's includedAmenities include:-Full kitchen with microwave
-Bathroom with shower
-3 TVs with DVD (single DVD can play on any/all TVs), digital TV antenna, and connectivity for personal streaming devices. One of the TVs is located on the RV exterior with a sound bar for outdoor viewing.
-WiFi extender on roof can connect to any local wifi source with guest wifi SSID. 4G data plan for WIFI extender antenna may be purchased independently and at renter expense.
-Firefly digital central touch screen control for all electrical, lighting, water, heating and a/c, slideout, and front bunk lowering.
-2 roof air conditioning units keep the motorhome blissfully cool even in triple digit desert heat! NOTE: Air conditioner units require 50 amp power to run both, or 30 amp power to run one. Standard household 15 amp outlets will not provide sufficient current for a/c units.
-Propane furnace
-Kitchen refrigerator runs on propane or electric power. Additional exterior refrigerator and sink (electric powered) for convenient outdoor entertaining.
- Solar panel on roof with 30 amp charging controller charges house batteries and reduces need for generator use when not on campground power.
-Airport pickup and dropoff from Salt Lake City International available upon request for 7 night or longer rentals. $200 fee (round trip).- Delivery and pickup within 100mi radius of Providence, UT also available on request. $150 fee each way for delivery and pickup. 7 night minimum rental for delivery.Restrictions:- No pets, please.
- NO SMOKING or VAPING inside the motorhome.
- No off-road use. You WILL get stuck, cause damage, and generally turn a fun vacation into a major headache :-/
- Not for use at Burning Man or similar outdoor festivals. Convention use, sporting events are ok.
RecommendationsGreat "base camp" for a host of activities.Stay at Ruby's Inn RV park outside Bryce Canyon NP. Rent bikes across the street and ride into the Bryce Canyon rim bike trails for easy access without the parking hassles and shuttles.Enjoy Lake Powell at the Wahweap Marina and RV camp near Page, Arizona, with boat rentals for water sports. Take a tour boat or boat yourself up to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.Camp in/near Yellowstone NP. Rent canoes or kayaks (outside the park) and paddle across Lewis Lake into Shoshone Lake where there is no road access, you get away from most of the crowds and enjoy a pristine mountain lake and trails to the fascinating Shoshone Geyser Basin.Other things to noteFALL/WINTER SEASON long term rental (over 6 weeks) is available for Snowbirds or anyone wanting to head south to warmer weather! And we will deliver the RV - just tell us your plans and let's see what we can work out! No sense keeping this fabulous motorhome in storage for the winter!Some experience in driving a larger truck or RV is helpful and you should feel comfortable operating a rig this size. If you have driven a large U-Haul or Penske rental truck, this will be very similar. If you need a short orientation, I am happy to take a short drive in the motorhome with you (no mileage charge for this, but it will be under full rental terms and you will assume full responsibility for any damages accordingly).Off-road operation is prohibited. You WILL get stuck, resulting in delay and inconvenience, likely costly damage to vehicle, and significant cost to tow.Rental limited to United States and Canada. We love Mexico, but insurance does not cover operation south of the border.COLD WEATHER OPERATION: Itinerary subject to approval. Operation in extreme cold (extended temps below 20 degrees F) will not be possible. Renter must camp with working 30/50 amp electric hookup to operate holding tank heating, and plan on extra propane usage to allow constant furnace operation. Southern Utah, and southwestern locations generally ok during winter. Northern Utah, Wyoming, Montana - - not so much. There is too much risk for you and me in damaging water systems, resulting in down time and costly repairs.ID verification through Outdoorsy is required, and itinerary agreed to before we can accept your reservation request. Please let us know your travel plans when submitting booking request. Just a general idea of locations you plan to travel to will be sufficient. Please also let us know your experience level driving a vehicle this size (large U-haul truck or comparable vehicles). This will help us tailor instruction to you.Motorhome is sent out with full fuel. Please return full.Return motorhome with trash removed, and black and grey water tanks emptied. Owner will complete remainder of interior/exterior cleaning.
Excessively dirty or soiled motorhome (i.e., stains or soilage requiring professional cleaning or repair) will require additional charge to renter.
WINDSHIELD - Important!
The vertical windshield on this Class A motorhome is extra susceptible to chips and cracks while driving. RENTER is responsible for windshield damage up to and including windshield replacement. Replacing a non-repairable windshield costs over 4,000 dollars and if required, will be processed as a damage claim under Outdoorsy's insurance policy.
Renters can mitigate this risk by:
- Selecting a higher than standard insurance plan when renting to lower insurance deductible. This of course is optional.
- Obtaining prompt repair while on the road of any rock chips incurred. This will greatly lower the risk of a non-repairable crack. And we will fully reimburse you the cost of the chip repair as an added incentive.
- Obtaining rental damage deductible insurance through your private auto insurance policy (i.e. State Farm). Check with your agent to see if this is available. Some insurers offer short term riders at modest cost to offset out of pocket deductible in the event of a accident to a rented vehicle. Note: this does NOT relieve you of the requirement to purchase rental insurance through Outdoorsy when you book, and your security deposit will always be held and possibly forfeited in the event of a damage claim.
CAMPGROUNDS, PARKS, and other DESTINATION / FACILITIES AVAILABILITY - Many National Park campgrounds and area facilities book months in advance. Renters are solely responsibly to verify and ensure that destinations are open and available for camping and travel. Please do this before you reserve the RV to avoid disappointment! We will make every effort to assist you and offer suggestions, but we regret we can not refund a booked reservation outside of posted terms under RVshare due to destination access and/or campground availability.Finally, in the interest of transparency, renters should be aware that RV use popularity is very high and with ongoing supply chain and labor availability disruption, professional maintenance is difficult to find in a short time frame. This is a late model 2020 motorhome with relatively new components and appliances, and we closely follow all required maintenance, cleaning, and safety checks. However, appliances and other RV components can and do occasionally malfunction. Should this happen, we will employ every resource reasonably available to resolve the situation or provide a workaround, but beyond this are not able to guarantee that a component will work despite best efforts to remedy. Additionally, it may be possible that an appliance or other motorhome component has malfunctioned prior to your rental and repairs will not be possible in time. We will communicate such to you promptly and make every effort to arrive at a mutually equitable solution, but can not guarantee a particular outcome. Thank you for your understanding.In addition to the above, the following Supplemental Rental agreement will be provided for your approval and signature, either in paper or electronic format. Your agreement to this SRA is required before we can release the motorhome to you.Supplemental Rental and Rules Agreement
Thor Windsport 29M Class A Motorhome, VIN *3297 (full VIN provided with booked rental)
Owners: Spencer & Amy J. (full contact details provided with booked rental)
This supplemental rental and rules agreement will outline in considerable detail what is expected during your rental period. It may seem like a lot but we prefer to be up front and transparent so there is no confusion or unrealistic expectations that may cause misunderstandings later. We always strive to act in good faith and will give the benefit of doubt to our guests whenever possible in order to maintain good will. In this spirit, we ask you to read and agree to the following:1. Training: When you pick up the RV, we will complete a pre-rental orientation of the RV that will take about 1-2 hours, depending on any prior experience you have with a motor home. It takes time to do a thorough and complete walkthrough, so please plan accordingly. Additionally, we have produced several short training videos on our YouTube channel, “Travel Zors World”, and a Word Doc owner’s manual. Links to these are provided when you book the motorhome. You agree to review these. The pre-rental orientation is generally expedited when guests have done this.2. No Refunds for Early Returns: If you return the motorhome early, we do not refund the days you will not use.3. Travel Restrictions: No travel is allowed on any non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc. Driving on a non-paved road inside a licensed RV park is acceptable. Driving slowly on a well-maintained gravel access road a short distance to a State or National Park campsite is acceptable. Damage resulting from driving on unapproved roads may result in loss of security deposit and additional claim to renter up to the amount of damage caused.4. Campground Reservations: We are not responsible for campground reservations – including cancelations for COVID. All campground reservations must be made separately with the campground’s reservation agency. All campground and campsite fees are separate from and in addition to the rental price and fees under this agreement. No refunds will be given for campsite reservation errors.5. Awnings: We DO allow the usage of the exterior awning but advise using caution! This is for your own protection as well because it is NOT COVERED by insurance and is very expensive to repair or replace if damaged. Damage to the awning, including damage while driving, any acts of nature, or negligence are your responsibility and will likely exceed your security/damage deposit amount. NEVER leaving the awning open unattended and keeping it retracted with any significant wind blowing will lessen the likelihood of damage.6. Tires: The tires on the RV have been inspected and checked, along with all other RV components, prior to your rental period but if a tire seems low you can refill it with air (90psi cold). There is NO SPARE TIRE. The motorhome is simply too heavy for guests to safely change a tire. If you have a flat tire, you will need to call a commercial tow/service provider. Contact details are on the cover of the renters’ binder. Your rental agreement covers emergency road service.7. Rooftop Usage: We do not allow the use of the motorhome rooftop. Any evidence of rooftop usage (shoe prints, roof damage to rubber coating, sagging areas) will incur a charge to your security deposit. In the event the damage is more than your security deposit, you agree to be fully responsible for the total cost of repair. Rooftop material replacement cost can be substantial, easily exceeding your security deposit.8. Pets: We DO NOT allow pets in the motorhome. This is for the comfort and health of current and future guests. If any pet damages occur, including evidence of pet hair, urine or feces, you will forfeit $500 from your security deposit, and any excess damage and cleaning will be charged to you accordingly.9. Propane: We provide a full propane tank when you depart, included in your rental. Additional propane you need beyond this is your responsibility. You may return the tank empty. No credit is given for any returned propane in the tank.10. Waste Holding Tanks: There should be nothing, including, but not limited to feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, napkins, etc. put into the black water waste holding tank as this will cause it to become clogged and require an exceptional amount of cleaning to clear. You will be provided with many rolls of RV safe toilet paper and we ask that this is the ONLY thing put into the waste holding tank. There is to be nothing other than sink or shower water put into the gray water holding tank. Any type of food particles put into the gray tank may cause a clog that will require extensive cleaning &/or repair to remove.Waste holding tanks (Gray and Black) must be emptied prior to return and valves left Closed, and the screw cap left ON.11. Cleaning: We charge an upfront cleaning fee of $150 that covers our cost of thoroughly cleaning the rv after you return it. The motorhome must be returned with a reasonably clean interior and empty black and gray tanks. “Reasonably clean” means food, trash, and personal items removed, and interior free of excessive dirt, and upholstery and bedding free from stains and damage. A labor fee of $50 per hour to clean excessively dirty or stained surfaces or fabric will be assessed from your security deposit.12. Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed in the motorhome. If smoke (including cigars, pipes, vapes, drugs, etc.) is detected there will be a minimum $500 cleaning charge to your security deposit plus additional cost as needed for a restoration company to completely remove residual smoking odors from fabric and wood interior.13. NO DRUGS: Any evidence of the storage, transportation, or use of illegal substances will forfeit your entire security deposit. If the motorhome is returned with any evidence of illegal drug use or transportation of drugs, law enforcement will be called for a report and to collect evidence.14. Damage/Minor Repairs: Any damages need to be reported to us immediately. If a potential repair is minor, you may make the repair after consulting us. Do not repair anything until you’ve spoken to us about it (Exception: see item 15, Rock Chips). Replacement of defective parts and receipt must be brought back for reimbursement. There will be NO reimbursement if you do not bring back the defective part you replaced and the receipt. If you purchase an item necessary due to an equipment failure (sewer or water hose, etc.) the item you purchased and the receipt must be surrendered upon return of the RV, if you want reimbursement. Should you make a repair without consulting us first, you assume liability for the repair and any subsequent repairs needed.15. ROCK CHIPS / WINDSHIELD: If you get a rock chip in the windshield, find a repair facility, and get it fixed as soon as practical. Save the receipt and we will reimburse you on your return. Rock chips discovered after return will be processed as a normal damage claim. Rock chips or other damage that develops non-repairable cracks will require windshield replacement. This costs over $4,000 and will require loss of deposit plus an insurance claim. Avoiding this by getting repairable damage fixed quickly benefits both renter and owner.16. Renter Damages: If the motorhome, inside or out, and/or ANY of its contents that were present at the time of pick up, including, but not limited to couches/chairs, beds/bedding, counters, walls, etc., are damaged during your rental period you are responsible for paying all damages. In case of an accident, theft or vandalism occurs, you are responsible for obtaining a police report, and notifying us immediately. (A documented thorough walk through will be completed, with renter present at the time renter takes possession) THE RENTAL PLATFORM (RV Share) insurance policy does NOT cover interior damage or repairs. Damage to the interior of the motorhome is charged to the renter, via cash upon return or charged to your security deposit. Normal wear and tear, minor scuffs, etc..., will not be charged at owner discretion.17. Towing: Towing ANYTHING behind the motorhome is strictly prohibited. Our insurance will not cover damage to the motorhome from the towed vehicle or trailer and we regret we are not able to accept renter-provided insurance for this. Damage to the motorhome transmission may also occur from towing. A hitch lock is installed. Tampering with the hitch lock will result in a hold on your security deposit until damage and repair costs associated with towing can be assessed. Renter will be held fully responsible for any damage resulting from unauthorized towing. The owner supplied rentable bike rack is the only item allowed in the receiver hitch. Securing bikes to rack is renter’s responsibility and renter assumes liability for any damage caused to the motorhome from bicycles on the rack.18. Appliances: The A/C, radio, microwave, television, stove, etc…, are convenience items. Every effort is made to keep these items in good repair, adhere to recommended maintenance schedules, and replace when repair is not possible. Except where noted, these are sent out in working order with your rental. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items during your rental, we will exert our best efforts to troubleshoot and/or attempt to have someone come to you for repairs, and will offer recompense we deem reasonable, but we assume no liability beyond this for malfunctioning appliances and components. NOTE: Pending manufacturer replacement, the GPS function of the driver cab radio is not working. The rest of the radio works. You will need to use your smart phone or other GPS device for navigation.19. Prohibited destinations/events: Our motorhome is offered for rental primarily for camping in RV parks, Regional/State/National Parks and their environs or similarly suitable camping areas (public or private land with permission), and related outdoor recreation and travel with family or small group of friends. Unless SPECIFIC WRITTEN AGREEMENT is made between owner and renter otherwise, renter is prohibited from taking the motorhome within the geographic confines of any large festival to include Burning Man in Nevada, or large party-type event such as tailgating at sporting events and the like. Due to insurance limitations, travel to Mexico is also prohibited. See item 21.20. Motorhome Abandonment/Owner Retrieval: If for any reason you abandon the RV, you will be charged a $3,000 fee for Abandonment and Retrieval - plus any applicable fees for gasoline and/or freight to return it to owner residence and ANY lost/missing keys or items/parts from the trailer. Abandonment means leaving the motorhome with no intention of returning to it or delivering it back to owner/drop-off location. In the event you abandon the motorhome without signing return documents, you agree to waive your right to dispute any claims due to damages, overages, or vandalism.21. GPS Tracking: The travel trailer has been equipped with a GPS tracking device for safety and must not be removed/unplugged for any reason. While we agree on general destination and mileage limitations, you are otherwise welcome to take the RV where you wish in the continental United States and Canada, consistent with road surface and event restrictions. Failure to accurately report your destination or giving an arbitrary destination in order to attend a prohibited event will result in complete loss of your security deposit and you will be requested to return the RV to owner immediately, and NO refund will be granted for unused rental dates.22. Personal Property: Your personal property brought with you is your responsibility, and you release trailer owner(s) from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property, or that of any other person left/carried in or on the RV during your rental period and day of return.23. Personal Injury: You release owner(s) from all claims for injury, including, but without limitation to, personal, bodily, or mental injury, as well as economic loss or damage to you, children, guests, or relatives during your rental period including return period.24. Severability: If any provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable judicially, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect and force.25. Modifications/Waivers: No provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement can be waived or modified for any reason except in a written document that the owner(s) has signed.26. RV Return: When RV is returned, you agree that it will be free from damages, reasonably clean, gasoline tank full, and waste tanks emptied. A preliminary walk through will be completed, and a precursory Return Form will be provided, either in print form or online. Photos will also be taken by owner as needed for reporting to rental platform &/or insurance. Once a thorough inspection has been completed, any fees for damages, extra cleaning, mileage/generator overages, or any other charges will be deducted from your security deposit if applicable.27. Credits: There will be no refund/credit for any lost rental time for any issue(s) that arise beyond the owner's control. This includes, but is not limited to, flat tire(s), weather, any and all systems within the RV that were working at pickup (refrigerator, heater, A/C, LED lights, sound system, etc.), damages to any part(s) of RV whether the renter was at fault or not, or due to renter's or any guests' negligence.28. Rental Period Extension: If, for any reason, your rental period is extended beyond the original rental period dates, you agree that this document will also extend, be valid and enforceable for the entirety of your extended rental period.29. Security Deposit: Your security deposit will be refunded (by the rental platform) after the RV has been thoroughly inspected and no issues or damages / overages have been found. Said inspection may take anywhere up to 72 hours post rental period.30. Speed Limit/road safety: This motorhome has a speed governor that will restrict you to 75mph. You agree to further restrict your speed to all posted speed limits, including “TRUCK SPEED LIMIT” signs, as well as additional restrictions demanded by road or weather conditions and your own comfort level. Strong crosswinds and gusts over 30-40mph will require you to pull off the road and wait for wind to subside. The motorhome weighs 18,000 pounds. You are driving a large truck and will require 3 times the braking distance of a car. Stay out of the left lane except when safely passing. Do not tailgate and give trucks and especially construction vehicles that can throw rocks plenty of room in front of you. Some ports of entry will require you to stop – check state requirements. Do NOT allow ANY distractions, especially phones/texting, to interfere with driving! Stop and rest if you feel tired - - it’s a motorhome with a bed after all!31. Boondocking/Dry Camping: Camping without hookups (water, sewer, electric) restricts the capabilities of the motorhome. You are limited to freshwater tank capacity (50gal), black & gray tank capacities (40 gal each), battery capacity and propane capacity. These things need to be recharged, refilled, dumped, etc. You will go through water faster than you think! These things are the responsibility of the renter. We, as owners, take NO responsibility for limited capabilities and capacities due to dry camping/boondocking. Should you choose to dry camp/boondock, you take full responsibility and liability for the limited capabilities and capacities.32. Hold Harmless: Renter agrees to hold harmless the owner of the rented RV, at all times for all situations. Renter assumes all risk when renting RV, and owner cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of income, loss of life or loss of or damage to personal property. Owner assumes no liability for how the RV is used during the rental period.33. Renter’s personal vehicle: Owner MAY offer renter parking of renter’s (or member of renter’s party) personal vehicle at owner’s residence. Renter (or vehicle owner in renter’s party) agrees to hold owner harmless for damage or loss to renter’s (or member of renter’s party) vehicle for any reason while parked on/near owner’s residence.34. This agreement is in addition to the rental platform (RV Share) rental contract. Both contracts are in effect, together, during the rental period. Any part of the rental platform agreement that acts in a manner to void this one (or parts of it) is revoked by the renter and owner, as indicated by the signatures below.Renter Signature and DateRenter Printed NameRenter Address and Phone NumberOwner Signature and DateOwner Signature and DateFEES ADDENDUM / SUMMARYBY SIGNING THIS ADDENDUM AND ACCEPTING KEYS, YOU UNDERSTAND THERE ARE EXTRA FEES THAT CAN OCCUR IF THE CONTRACT IS NOT ADHERED TO. THESE FEES, IF ASSESSED, WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT, AND ANY ADDITIONAL COST, IF NECESSARY, WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR BOOKING. BY SIGNING THIS, YOU ARE AUTHORIZING RVSHARE &/OR THE ACTUAL RV OWNER (Spencer or Amy Johnson) TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD ON FILE FOR YOUR RENTAL BOOKING.SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED: $500+ charge will be assessed if the smell of smoke is detected in the RV.PETS: Not allowed. $500 deposit forfeiture plus additional damage costs as required assessed.CLEANING: $50 per hour labor charge will be assessed if RV is returned excessively dirty or with strong odors from food, cooking, etc…, that require extra cleaning.LOCKOUT: All locksmith costs borne by renter for key replacement.ABANDONMENT/RETRIEVAL: $3,000 charge, plus gasoline / freight costs to return to owner will be assessed if renter abandons RV at any location or any time during rental period and owner must recover RV, or if owner must retrieve the RV for any reason other than what has been discussed at time of booking.**ALL ADD-ON FEES APPLIED TO YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT POST-RENTAL WILL BE ASSESSED A PROCESSING FEE OF 15% by RVshare.Renter Signature and DateRenter Printed NameOwner Signature and DateOwner Signature and Date


2020 Thor Windsport
  • Sleeps 7
  • 7 seatbelts
  • Fresh water: 50 gal
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Fuel capacity: 80 gal
  • Automatic transmission


  • Toilet
  • Inside Shower
  • Outside Shower
  • Generator
  • Solart
  • Wi-Fi
  • TV/DVD
  • Audio Inputs

Meet your host, Spencer & Amy

Member since 2020

Spence loves seeing new places at the relaxed personal pace only RVing can provide. Southern Utah parks and Lake Powell are favorites!

Usually answers in less than 24 hours

Rules and policies

  • Not pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • No tailgating
  • No smoking
  • Mileage: 100 free miles / day
  • 4 generator hours / day
24/7 roadside assistance
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Enhance your trip with these add-ons. Available at checkout.

Camp chairs
(upon request)
Gas Grill (exterior)
Gas grill that connects with RV propane system
KUAT 2 or 4 bike rack
Top of the line KUAT bike rack system with locks

Availability and rates


There’s a 1 night minimum stay

  • Weekly (7+ nights): 10% off nightly rate
  • Monthly (28+ nights): 20% off nightly rate
  • Security deposit: $2,445.00 (refundable)
  • Prep fee: $163.00. This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing the unit prior to each rental.
2020 Thor Motor Coach Windsport -ZOR's Thor!



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Guest photos

Collin P.

October 20225

Spence and Amy accommodated us with their Thor unit the day before our departure, after our original host cancelled on us. They are genuine, caring people that truly help you feel their home on wheels is yours. Thor is an outstanding vehicle, in regards to comfort, space, technology and engine performance.

ryan R.

July 20225

Fantastic RV, immaculate condition, smooth check in and out. Would 100% rent again. No complaints. Thanks Spencer and Amy!

Kelly R.

August 20215

We could not have asked for a better experience! Spence and Amy were so wonderful to work with and their motorhome is amazing! We spent 6 days exploring the Oregon coast and made many special memories with our family. Thank you again, Spence and Amy for being such wonderful people!

1 Photo submitted by Kelly R.

Greg E.

March 20215

Nice RV and very informative owner who was very helpful and accommodating. I would recommend renting from Spence.

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We are generally flexible within a few hours of posted times, and will work with each guest to accommodate their needs.


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