Spanish Moss makes everything more photogenic.. Thor Majestic 2016
Thank goodness for coffee.  Trudy comes equipped with a percolator-style espresso maker for your caffeine convenience!. Thor Majestic 2016
Upon entry, turn left and you'll find yourself in the kitchen.  3-burner stove, microwave, sink, and an impressive amount of cabinet space!. Thor Majestic 2016
The bed has four large interconnected cabinets for overhead storage.  There are LED lights below the cabinets, and blackout curtains for privacy.. Thor Majestic 2016
Trudy has an indoor shower and flush toilet.  (Hooray!). Thor Majestic 2016
Continuing clockwise from the bathroom brings you past the closet (hangers included) and back to the kitchen area to the fridge and freezer.. Thor Majestic 2016
The "guest suite" sleeps two on a comfy queen mattress.  Close the curtains for privacy, or lift the mattress for more head room above the cab.. Thor Majestic 2016
Trudy comes with her own grill kit for outdoor cooking adventures.. Thor Majestic 2016
Palm Trees were quite a shock to this New Englander in January.  Living the dream!. Thor Majestic 2016
Come on in!. Thor Majestic 2016
Continuing clockwise from the kitchen, you'll find yourself in the bedroom.  The mattress pad makes this queen-sized bed a vacation dream!. Thor Majestic 2016
Conveniently, the bathroom is just steps away from the bed!. Thor Majestic 2016
The bathroom has a designated sink separate from the toilet, vanity cabinet, and under-sink storage.  Hi!. Thor Majestic 2016
The dining room table is basically a transformer: seat four for meals or travel (4 seatbelts), attach car seats, or fold the table down to make a bed.. Thor Majestic 2016
Reading nook?  Jump seat?  Convenient additional seatbelt?  Dealer's choice!. Thor Majestic 2016
Trudy's storage compartment is HUGE!  Six feet long (various heights), multiple access doors for easy access. Hoses and outdoor patio gear within!. Thor Majestic 2016