Winnebago Hike 2021
Return from the days adventure to a fridge packed of food and a 2 burner cook top and convection oven/microwave to chef up a nutritious meal. Winnebago Hike 2021
Well insulated recharge zone w/ usb charger station, above shelf for added storage, windows open for fresh night air, linens included!. Winnebago Hike 2021
No more need for vault toilet facilities or toilet tents on the edge of a camp site 
Cabinetry for clothes and bathroom items abound!. Winnebago Hike 2021
Christi will ensure you have a fully stocked rig to enjoy your 'roughing it' camp experience. Winnebago Hike 2021
Add-on available for cheffin Breakfast, Lunch (Melts), Dinner Fajitas, etc. Winnebago Hike 2021
Push button front jack, Propane & 2 AGM Batteries in storage box and a sunset in a desert mesquite tree.... Winnebago Hike 2021
Awning fully extended and lighting for safety & security postures
What is the score of the game in there? 

On and off grid as much as you want. Winnebago Hike 2021
Ramblin Wheels Excursion Deluxe Winnebago Hike...Sorry Jeep is not included.. Winnebago Hike 2021
I don't know about you, but I could camp in here for few nights...what say you?. Winnebago Hike 2021
Tank Heaters, Tank Capacities, Furnace, Water heater controls, antenna TV and/or HDMI hook up for laptop streaming if on grid. Winnebago Hike 2021
Floorplan of the 170S, perfect for a few day get away...Condo on Wheels. Winnebago Hike 2021
Bike Rack/Cargo carrier/Exo Skelton rack on the whole rig...Sorry folks, Jeep and Jeep fridge is not included.  . Winnebago Hike 2021
We are big supporters of hooks everywhere to hang handy by the minute items.... Winnebago Hike 2021
Add-on available to avoid having to set up campsite around stationary fire pit...move it according to the wind.... Winnebago Hike 2021