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- If the camper you’re looking at isn’t available, click my profile to check the others! (They’re all exactly the same) Hi there! I'm Johnny and I grew up traveling in a VW Bus. Now I love sending people like you on amazing camping and vanlife adventures!

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Memories made on trips with John Beede's RVs

Michael R.

5September 2023

We're experienced travellers from germany and have been all over the world with campervans so far.

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Christopher T.

4August 2023

Véhicule had slight right pull because of top roof storage

Daniel W.

5August 2023

The setup was exactly as described and perfect for adventuring throughout the National Parks. If you are taking a solo or two person trip, I highly recommend Sharky. And, to top it off, the price was excellent with no hidden fees. Everything needed (kitchen supplies, bedding, towels) was included in the upfront price. You won't be disappointed - I guarantee it!

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Maxwell L.

5July 2023

Excellent trip

Petra B.

5July 2023

Fantastic experience!
Van /aka Red Roosrer rode smoothly, I was comfortable parking in regular spaces, the bed was comfortable for 2 !
John made amazing video that I really appreciated , because it made everything easier and happier :)
Thank you ! Will rent again for sure ❤️

Natalia R.

5June 2023

I’d like to start this review by saying that I had the best days of my life with Baby Beluga.
The van has absolutely everything we need. It’s really practical and cozy.
I felt pretty safe while driving as well.
It was so nice to have these days, driving through amazing places, hiking in National Parks, and at the end going back to the campground where I could cook, watch the sunset, drink a beer and watch a movie on my laptop. Baby beluga made me feel like I was at home.
In addition, these guys (France, Angela and John) are always so sweet and gentle. I thought it was really good that they have some videos to show everyone about the van before setting off on this adventure. Watching the videos and taking the quiz made me feel more comfortable to drive around.
Also, I had the opportunity to have a few more days off, so I extended my time with the van. At first, the website would not let me change the days but they helped me resolve this issue pretty quickly.
Thank you so much for all Vegas Campers team. I love my trip with Baby Beluga and was happy to show her some great places.
My Brazilian friends were freaking out about this epic 10 days journey!!!!

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Andrea H.

5June 2023

We had the best time in our campervan -we explored Utah, California and some of vegas and felt the van was so easy to get around and see so much but at the same time had all the amenities we needed !

Kelsie W.

5May 2023

We are so glad we found Mouse (and John + his great team) to use for our SW National Parks adventure! From Bryce to Zion, Mouse was exactly what we needed to explore these great places. Good amenities needed for our adventure, pleasantly compact, and I truly appreciated how inconspicuous the van appears amongst the dozens of Cruise America’s and fully wrapped camper vans of other companies. John and his team communicated throughout the week and were awesome to work with! Absolutely would book with them again and highly recommend for anyone planning their next adventure.

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Yassmine A.

5May 2023

It was great! So much fun.

Gustavo T.

5May 2023

Great car and clear communication and expectations from the host. It was exactly what we were hoping for! If we ever decide to do another road trip from Vegas, we'll definitely consider this again if it's available!!

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Joyce S.

5May 2023

Rooster was an amazing little van for our ten-day trip from Las Vegas to Zion, Bryce, Arches, Moab, and back through the Grand Canyon! He's about the size of a mini-van and has pretty much everyyyything you need for two people! The sink, fridge, power station, vent fan, lighting solutions, bed/sofa conversion, storage, and utensils provided were excellent. Everything really has been thought of. There is a bit you need to learn before you take him out, but the videos VegasCampers provides are very well made and really give a great breakdown of the nuts and bolts of using each van feature. When we rented Rooster the van was extremely clean and ready to roll. He drives very similar to a sedan and I never felt uncomfortable with his size (unlike with larger vans). He does have a high roof clearance (8'9") but that's mainly more relevant if you're trying to go into parking garages. You don't really feel it when driving. I'd say the only "downside" is the more strict off-road policy, but I completely understand the necessity given Utah/AZ/NV's landscape and the non-suitability of many roads for lower clearance vehicles. You are allowed to take the vehicle on VERY short and SLOW dirt road drives to and from established campsites, including BLM land! Before you head out on your road trip, I'd also recommend stopping by a Walmart and stocking up! The fridge is surprisingly spacious and you'll definitely be grateful for the cheaper grocery run at the beginning of the trip vs. the more expensive supermarkets you get in the less inhabited places!

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Camille D.

5May 2023

Leeann B.

5May 2023

We had a wonderful road trip thanks to John and his team at Vegas campers!! Communication was top notch. I had responses to all of my questions quickly. The van was EXACTLY as described. I had all the info and instructions I needed to ensure an amazing van life experience. Everything worked well, and we were comfortable. We were able to move around and see a lot while out west with this camper, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if we had to take down and set up camp every night. Plus, we didn’t need to bring any of our camping gear, which was huge since we were flying in! I cannot recommend these campers enough. I will definitely look to rent one again in the future if we find ourselves traveling from the Vegas area. The gas efficiency was decent, especially for a larger vehicle, and it was so easy to maneuver and park. Plus, we loved that it didn’t look like an obviously-rented camper can with big ads on the side. Thank you so much, John!

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Kelly L.

5April 2023

Sharkey was great to us! we loved this van and how easy it was to drive around.

Sarah J.

5April 2023

WE HAD AN AMAZING TIME! The camper was fully stocked and even though we didn't use some things, I felt over-prepared and safe. We slept in the camper every night and even my 6'2'' partner was comfortable and happy. It drives great and the length of the trip didn't need nearly as much gas as I anticipated. Went around all the national parks in Utah and Arizona and had a very nice birthday trip. The communication and customer service was so helpful and gracious, I would absolutely use Vegas Campers again for our next trip. By far the smoothest camper rental I have used so far. Cannot express how happy I am to have travelled with such ease. Definitely the best deal for all that they provided. Thank you all and we'll see you again soon!!

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Kaitlyn J.

1April 2023

Save yourself time and money and book through a different company. The van was clean at pick up and check in was easy. However, when we drove out of the parking lot the van pulled consistently to the right. We messaged the owner and he stated the wheel alignment was checked and was fine so nothing was done about it. This made driving difficult, especially on the freeways. The pot we were given for cooking was tiny, would not fit 2 servings of pasta. We had to cook small portions at a time which would take around 30 min and then wouldbe cold by the time we finished and ouls eat. The pan was also small and did not have a handle. They were nothing like in the video he has for the training. The lid for the cooler fridge also would fall off everytime we opened it. When we booked we had told them we were doing a roadtrip to deathvalley, and they neglected to tell us that 50% of the things to see and do are accessed by dirt/gravel roads. We were threatened that our security deposit of $1000 would be lost if we took the vehicle on the gravel/dirt as this would 'inevitably cause damage' even though they were very well maintained national park gravel roads and only around 1-2 miles to the stops/trailheads. ( photos attached of roads we could not go on). We had to add a few extra miles in the hot sun or catch rides with strangers. We also had to skip a few things we had planned and shifted our route a bit which in the end added more miles which we had to pay for in the end. We asked if we could return the car the same day we picked up the van and get a refund as we couldn't do all the things we wanted. They were quite dismissive and rude and did not offer any customer support. We met another couple who rented another van from this company and felt the same frustrations as us. There is tons of unnecessary charges/threats to take money which makes this company seem like they are just after money. Example - we had to do a full clean (wipe everything and sweep) of the van to avoid extra charges at return. We rented a different van for our first week to Utah which was cheaper and was higher value/ better experience.

John’s answer

Hey Kaitlyn, I'm glad the van was clean and check in was easy! I reviewed your messages and there was no mention of the alignment until after your trip was completed. Prior to each trip we do a driving test and take each vehicle to a mechanic. I apologize that this was not caught by our manager nor the mechanic. That is on us and I take responsibility. I'd have been happy to facilitate an alignment during your trip. Next, regarding the dirt-road driving, we make it super clear that we don't allow dirt road driving because of the damage that's been done to our vehicles in the past. Your itineraries is up to you and we do advise you to check where you plan to go to make sure our vans will fit with your plans; we're not Death Valley tour guides and don't know all the roads within hundreds of miles of our home. However, the one time I've gone to Death Valley, I've had no problems staying on paved roads. Regarding our customer service team, I checked their messages and they were friendly and offering assistance. However, most of their requests to you went unanswered. I'm unclear what came across as rude but we never want anyone to feel dismissed. Finally, the pots and pans have gripper handles which were included in the van. These prevent the handle from sticking out when not in use. In microcampers, space is a big commodity so we provide dishes and cookware that we have found to be appropriate for 2 people. We'd also have been happy to reimburse you for a larger pot had it been mentioned that there wasn't enough room for your pasta. Best of luck!