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"RV Life Is Good" is an actual brick and mortar RV rental business with a professional cleaning service for inside and out and we do not charge to dump the black/grey tanks for you upon your return. We have 19 RV's now and just bought a 10,000 square foot heated building to house all of our RV’s so your training will always be done inside in case of rain or if you are picking up in the colder fall & winter months. Our shop is conveniently located 500 yards from a Super Walmart so if there is anything you forget to pack for your trip, you are covered. We have great mileage prices compared to our competitors and will consider extra discounts or additional mileage depending on the length of your travel. We strive to provide superior customer service and will do everything we can to make your trip as memorable as possible by doing our best to honor any special requests if there is something you need that we don’t stock in the RV. We have a full time mechanic and a 65 point inspection on each unit before it goes out so we can assure you that the RV is in tip top shape! We will provide video tutorials on the unit and we are available 24/7 if you need assistance for anything along your way. Lastly, we provide vehicle and boat storage in the back so you can leave your vehicle here while on your trip. Our lot is completely secured with razor wire and cameras so you are confident knowing that it is safe during your trip!

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Memories made on trips with Kirk's RVs

Anastasia P.

5September 2022

We had a great time renting through Kirk and Mandy. Thanks for making our trip that much better! Hope to use RV life is good in the future.

Jessica H.

5June 2022

Great place to rent from. People were very helpful, quick to communicate, easy rental process.

Joe J.

5May 2022

The team at RV Life is Good make the process of renting and exploring in an RV very easy! Always enjoy the camping in an awesome RV :)

Todd H.

5November 2021

Justin C.

5September 2021

Excellent RV owner. He and his team provided an excellent orientation prior to the trip. They were responsive throughout when we had a few minor issues. Easy pick up and drop off. RV was in great shape. We had an incredible trip. Thanks!

Ali H.

1November 2020

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY/OWNER!!! this person is a complete scam artist. I rented this RV for 30 days. Upon getting the RV several items were noted to have issues, non of which were dealbreakers...or so I thought. We noted the items and took the RV.

Kirk’s answer

Ali we have never in 2.5 yrs had a unit so damaged as what you did to it on your 30 day trip. Your not only broke the dinette back seat and ripped out the screws but you also bent the metal support to the jack knife couch which made it inoperable to use as a bed. You broke the outside speaker off the bracket on the entertainment center under the awning and then lastly you hit something on the passenger side of the outside of the vehicle and broke the trim piece off from under the side door and badly dented the metal frame of the RV. We appreciate you putting the broken piece in the outside cabinet so we could find the right replacement part but to this day you still have not acknowledged the damage and was probably the reason you dropped the RV back off after hours so you we couldn't go through the unit with you present which then you would have had to sign off on the damage. We put our $90,000-$140,000 units on the line to allow renters like yourself to go out and enjoy the country in them but I'm sorry if you were held accountable for the damage you caused. Outdoorsy did an extensive review of the damage, photos and the insurance company who also put a price on the damage and even they to came to the conclusion of the cost to do the repairs. Why you would think that it would be our company's obligation to fix the damage you caused? We trust that you will bring it back in the same great condition that you take it out in and unlike your experience you can see that almost all renters that rent from us give us 5 stars. It's not because we have units that look good but just on the verge of falling apart. We take pride in our customer service and the vehicles we have and we are probably one of the only rental companies in the fact that I give you my personal cell phone as the owner of the company to call me 24/7 if you have any questions or issues with your unit along your trip no questions asked!

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Kristen F.

5November 2020

Kirk went above and beyond accommodating us when there was originally some miscommunication. Grateful for his flexibility. Plus definitely rent from him again.

Elizabeth E.

2September 2020

At first glance, this RV and Kirk seemed like a godsend in the COVID-era of summer vacations. However, what we quickly learned is that not everything is at it appears. From the very beginning Kirk was slow to communicate and unclear in directions. He mis-listed details of the rental (like when it was to be picked up and how much the mileage overage would cost) and then called in a panic on the morning we were to pick it up because he had not made it clear how we were to enroll for insurance. He forced us to choose his insurance upon pickup so he could release it to us even though we had full intentions of being covered under our own insurance. The situation was later rectified however without any clear direction from Kirk. Be prepared that almost all communication with Kirk will be outside the platform.

Kirk’s answer

Elizabeth it's not right to be upset and state the falsities above when you caused quite extensive damage to our New (3 month) Class A RV that had 6500 miles on it when you departed our lot. The overage milage is clearly stated on each of our 12 listings on Outdoorsy and so was the time you were to pick up the RV. Lets remember the reason I had to call you the day of your departure was because you wanted to use your State Farm insurance and hadn't sent over the addendum that we told you we needed so we had no choice but to run you through the Outdoorsy insurance so you could be approved and head out on time. We then received it with about an hour from your departure time so I then made many calls to get Outdoorsy to credit back the insurance charge they charged you. With regards to the window noise which had not been an issue with any previous renters all I could do (until you returned it back) was to ask you to run some tape at the point were you said air was whistling in....I did offer an apology and you said that fixed it so I thought all was good? Upon your return we found the insulation seal had been flapped over in one small area and was the reason for the air passing through and the dealer took care of it through our extended warrantee. As for the AC unit you said it was intermittent and said the unit was staying cool enough. Upon your return we had it checked out by a mobile mechanic and the AC has never had an issue since. We have no idea if you froze up the coils but we never heard back from you from your first call and now in the review you state you were stuck in the desert without AC. Now the 3 major damages you caused to the RV on your trip are really what this is all about. You contacted me and told me your husband was pushing really hard on the touch screen radio/navigation/camera system and broke the screen.
The replacement for that unit from the Thor factory was $1900. Then you took two rocks to the large Class A front windshield which you stated you were close behind semi trucks but you stated "That should be considered normal wear and tear". Outdoorsy offers windshield replacement and it's clearly spelled out that you are responsible for damage to the windshields and tires while on your travels. The Windshield was $3300 to have it replaced. Then lastly you ran the front end of the RV into a cement parking stop or a large bolder at a campground and damaged the fiberglass front. This was $550 to have fiberglass repair and custom paint job done. We supplied your State Farm insurance with all receipts and photographs and they agreed to all the damage. I understand that your frustrated but we didn't cause the damage. I cannot afford to let you take our new $110,000 RV out on a family trip and have it returned with the damages you caused and be expected to cover these costs. If that was the case I couldn't continue to offer our great RV's to other family's because we would be completely upside down and then our units would not be up to par for the next renter as it was for you. I wish all this didn't happen also because you have no idea of what we have to go through in order to coordinate the repairs around other renters and still try to keep everyones trips alive.

Brian R.

4.5August 2020

This is the second time we have rented the 2019 Thor ACE from Kirk & Melissa. We were new to RV'ing, but my family and I really enjoyed it both times and we will be back again. The operation to have them cleaned and outfitted for your trip is top notch and the pick-up gets easier each time.

Luca B.

5July 2020

Kirk was very helpful and responded quickly when needed.
I strongly recommend him.

Ashlyn R.

5July 2019

A group of us used this RV to attend a music festival! It was an awesome experience! Kirk was extremely helpful and SO easy to work with! He provided videos ahead of time so we knew how to use the RV. We felt confident and Kirk was available to answer any questions when we had them!

Mark S.

5July 2019

Kirk went over & above to assist with the rental, he was very helpful through this process. His RV was impeccable & a great deal compared to others on the market.

Troy K.

5June 2019

We rented Kirk's RV for a family trip to Cedar Point. We had a BLAST! It was a very memorable trip - my 3 children had a great time!

2 Photos submitted by Troy K.

Edmond F.

5June 2019

Kirk is a cool dude, his camper is great.

Gary R.

5May 2019

Awesome RV! Had a great family trip to Indy 500. Will definitely rent this unit again.

Eric R.

5October 2018

Working with Kirk the owner was easy and professional. I would definitely rent from Kirk again! Kirk was very detailed about the in's and out's of the RV. We had a great time and really enjoyed our trip to Michigan in this RV.