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Born from a desire to showcase the Big Island's hidden wonders, Ready Rigs is more than just a rental service. Every time friends visited, we'd embark on unforgettable road trips, camping under the stars, savoring local delicacies, and tracing secret waterfalls. We yearn to share that same pure, unfiltered Hawaii with you. Our mission? Ditch the conventional. We want you to dive deep into Hawaii's heart, beyond the glossy veneers of big-name resorts. For over 9 years, the Big Island has been our playground and home, and we've meticulously crafted each vehicle to be a true embodiment of island exploration. With Ready Rigs, you're not just renting a vehicle; you're unlocking an experience. Why Ready Rigs? Preparedness: Our rigs are meticulously equipped, right down to the tiniest detail. Every inclusion, from the curated guidebook and efficient electric cooler to the playing cards is thoughtfully chosen. Off-Road Ready: Designed to tread where others can't, our 4x4s with upgraded suspensions promise untethered freedom. Customer Acclaim: Our commitment to quality shines through in the feedback from our renters— they cherish the thought and detail we pour into each journey. Authenticity at Heart: As lifelong campers, we're advocates for genuine travel experiences that truly connect you with your destination. Though a newcomer in the business space, Ready Rigs draws from almost a decade of island life and exploration. Our future gleams with ambitions of spanning across islands and even reaching the terrains of Seattle, my childhood home. While I'm proud of our Big Island connection, I'm equally conscious of my role as a mainland transplant in a rapidly changing Hawaii. Respect, mindfulness, and community involvement are pillars of our business ethos. With Ready Rigs, you aren't just exploring an island; you're becoming part of a story— one of reverence, adventure, and authentic Hawaiian spirit. Come, let the journey unfold.

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Memories made on trips with Marco Lavigne-Thomas's RVs

William B.

5February 2024

Wow! To say we had an amazing trip would be an understatement. We came for wildlife, scenery, and recreation, but what we got out of it was much more than that. Driving the Big Island Loop in one of Marco’s vehicles is the way to do it! He thought of everything including all the camping gear and cookware we could possibly need. We used the side awning and the water pump every day. And the rooftop tent goes up and down with the slightest of ease. This 4Runner will go anywhere and everywhere - what a cool vehicle! We almost went with a smaller vehicle with less power, and we are glad we went with this instead. Some of the roads on the Big Island are too tough for other vehicles, but this 4Runner had zero issues the entire trip. Camping is easier on Big Island than our internet research we did prior to the trip suggested. There are dirt roads near Green Sands Beach with campsites all along them and lots of people camping in their rigs. We booked hipcamp sites each night we were there. It was FANTASTIC!

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Jerome H.

5January 2024

Marco is by far the best RV renter you will meet. Super friendly and responsive, he will also give you tips about where to go.
The 4Runner was super clean, we had a demonstration tour of all the gears, and everything was super easy. Used the 4x4 during 10 days for 3 people. We mainly used a tent on the side for the third person, but in case of emergency… 3 people can fit tight in the roof tent! The 4x4 is perfect to go on trail (like the green sand beach) or climb to the Mauna Kea.
And Big Island is great for camping! Aloha 🤙

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Moritz D.

5December 2023

everything was just excellent!! He was very courteous, helpful and everything we could imagine. Would always do it again. Mahalo

Benjamin J.

5November 2023

This is the BEST way to explore the big island. Marco prepped my adventure on the big island with a pdf of his recommended campsites. When I got there, he picked us up at the airport, and gave us a complete rundown on how to use all the equipment, showers, pop-up tent, super thorough and he's super chill. The truck is a beast. The best campsites on the island need a legit 4x4, and the truck can handle pretty much anything on the island. We went up to Mauna Kea and it was like nothing for the truck.

Amber W.

5November 2023

Wow, this was the best way to experience the Big Island! The rig is equipped with everything needed, including a little fridge to keep food and drinks cold. Marco picked us up at the airport, gave us a 10 minute overview on how to operate the rooftop tent and we were on our way. Sleeping was super comfortable at night, the 4x4 and higher clearance got us to some amazing camping spots, and the rig is super comfortable for riding around and exploring!

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Katherine H.

5October 2023

Andrew C.

5September 2023

Marco’s 4x4 is decked out with all the gear we needed to go off-road exploring the Big Island. Basically all we had to do was land, grab groceries, and go! One of the best features is the refrigerator which was a game changer for camping. It kept everything cold for our whole trip with zero worries and no ice! The high clearance and 4x4 made the green sands beach passage with ease. Great vehicle to explore and get off-road with everything needed to cook a nice dinner at camp and chill. AND, Marco was super helpful, friendly, and had great recommendations. If you need anything, just ask him!

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Isabelle R.

5August 2023

This is was my first time using Outdoorsy and I was excited but intimidated. Marco was an awesome host and his 4runner is seriously decked out. The bed was more comfortable than my bed back home and the tent is so easy to set up (A little more tricky to take down though). He had everything I needed and more. He also gave incredible recommendations as to where to stay and what to see.
10/10 would recommend to a friend :)