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Ronald K.

5April 2024

Rhegan G.

5November 2023

Mary was a great host, very responsive, and had a wonderful RV. Would recommend booking with her in the future!

James D.

5November 2023

Ben S.

5November 2023

We had a fantastic trip taking large Marge out for a Penn state tailgating weekend. The RV was spacious and clean and well equipped. It had plenty of cooking and kitchen supplies and also had out recreation equipment such as a grill, chairs, table and a gas fire pit. Mary beth was responsive when we had questions during our trip. One slide out was not working but it wasn’t a major problem. Overall, we would definitely use this rv again.

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Vanessa R.

5October 2023

Lisa B.

1October 2023

The owner was late dropping off the RV, then they turned the exterior lights on & left lights on i side the RV. The RV remained parked outside of our home, and the lights did not need to be on as we used for overflow sleeping. We did not use electricity and when they came to pick up their RV, they found out that their batteries had died in charge.

Mary’s answer

Lisa told us we could deliver the RV at any time And she was very pleased about the exterior lights being on so that her guests can get in and out of the RV Safely during the night when I showed them to her . when I picked up the RV she had the awning wide open when it was windy and nobody was in the RV or even near it when I make it abundantly clear that it’s only for use when you’re at the RV and it’s not windy, but apparently rules don’t apply to her and her guests that “did not use anything” … Her husband told us not only did they use every bed in the RV but they were still scrambling for space and that next year they would need a bigger RV or two of them! We all know Nobody is walking through an RV in the pitch black with every single bed open so clearly they were using lights. Leaving two lights on would never drain a battery . When I asked where to plug in , Lisa asked me to leave the electric cord on the grass so that her husband could plug it in when he returned from tennis in an hour and did not want us handling It . She told me that she had a 40 amp designated RV Line during our initial pre-rental conversation, which is why I excepted the reservation for a house set up , but this was not true. She apparently only had a 20 amp standard house socket which her husband told me at Pick Up (I’m guessing that’s why she did not want us to plug it in because we would know that she lied about it) husband said it tripped out the house electric numerous times throughout the weekend when the guests tried to fire up the air conditioning units . Furthermore , she told me that nobody would be using the bathrooms, However, when we returned to our property, both bathrooms and gray tank were used and we did not charge them for dumping out of a courtesy, however after spending two days, trying to recharge the batteries, one of the three batteries would not take the charge so we had to unfortunately charge her to replace that one . When I messaged her after leaving her house concerned that her RV plug-in was too far from the rig , She assured me that they were fine with an RV extension cord and everything was good. If she would’ve told me the truth, I would’ve instructed her on how to use the generator but she needed to rush out during orientation to go get her sushi dinner and wasn’t able to give me appropriate time for the full instruction. Despite that they left trash cans full with tampons and tissues and sinks splattered with spit , the back toilet with diarrhea splatter we did not charge them a cleaning fee… I also did not charge them for tank dumping because I knew it was a potential repeat customer for 2 RV’s and only took 15 minutes to handle dumping…. However, I am not going to eat a $250 battery because of someone else’s negligence despite our prior arrangement to be plugged in to their “designated 40 amp RV plug”. The battery was only a few months old and in excellent order. The two LED lights that I left on for the guests in a strange place to be able to safely enter and traverse the rig AND none of this would’ve even been an issue if they were ACTUALLY plugged in as we AGREED When accepting reservation.

Arlene K.

5May 2023

Our host was wonderful as was the RV!

Brittany M.

4September 2022

Joshua R.

5July 2022

Great experience all around. There was a little misunderstanding about how the refrigerator runs off the generator/house battery that led to some spoiled food, but once that was sorted out we loved everything about large marge

Chuck S.

5October 2021

We always wanted to try a large RV. Four adults slept comfortably. The vehicle was in great shape. The owners answered our questions and we had no problems. Certainly, if anyone desires to rent this class of RV, I highly recommend this vehicle and owner.

Jenna M.

5September 2021

Thank you for a great experience! We rented the RV for FireFly Festival and I am SO glad we did. The RV was equipped with everything we needed and more. Our group is feeling very inspired by the RV life!

Bernadeta W.

5August 2021

Mary Beth was very responsive and helpful from the moment we booked the trailer. The trailer is very clean and well equipped. We had an amazing time (2 adults and 2 kids). Everyone had a blast!

Mark C.

4July 2021

Mary was great to work with, easy to communicate with, and the Rv was awesome, had a great time and can't wait to do it again real soon

Dana K.

5July 2021

Rob P.

5July 2021

Mary Beth made our first family camping trip a breeze, and her camper was a perfect fit for us. (2 adults, 2 kids)
Thank you!

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Chad K.

5July 2021

Mary Beth is super easy to work with and responds to your questions quickly. Her and her husband are experienced campers and renters who know what they are doing. The RV was clean and packed with all essentials. Made our first RV camping trip fun and enjoyable!