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About Christy Brown

Before the pandemic shifted things, I'd been a full-time yoga teacher (and teacher trainer) for 20 years. I started living in tiny houses (on land, water and wheels) as a practical means to follow my heart to become a yoga teacher. Along the way I discovered a deep love for the simplicity and minimalism of living and traveling in small spaces surrounded by nature. In this spirit I offer my Burro vintage travel trailer for others to enjoy and experience closeness with nature. When I'm not renting my Burro, I continue to lead yoga/meditation/hiking retreats in various local and international destinations. More info on my website christybrownyoga. Namaste and thank you! Christy

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Memories made on trips with Christy Brown's RVs

Kimberly S.

5July 2022

Super easy and lots of fun! Our "host" Christy was really helpful and delightful to work with. Our granddaughter LOVED the Burro for her own private sleeping experience. Couldn't be happier with the whole experience!

Darris N.

5October 2021

Chelsea S.

5January 2021

We had a wonderful time in the Burro, driving up the Hwy 1 on the coast to Oregon, and back via Mt Shasta. The Burro as all the basics, and is a nice alternative to camping if the weather is cold or rainy. Cooking meals on the propane stove top was great. If you have an electrical hook-up, the several power outlets come in handy too. It's very cozy, enough space for two adults and our baby, but would be a squeeze for any more than that. Christy was very responsive and answered all of our questions promptly-- we would rent again!

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Michael F.

5November 2020

Christy's Burro was fun & perfect for my 4 day trip up to the Sierra foothills. She covered everything upon pick-up and made things easy for me as a first time rv camper. The heating, hot water, lights and shower were surprising luxuries without being connected to an electric source. 'Small is beautiful'.

Stephen B.

4November 2020

Christy is a great, accommodating host. The Burro is just as small as it looks, but it was perfect for our short two day outing and had everything we needed.

Philip M.

4September 2020

Very cozy and comfortable. Had a great time, with the added bonus of feeling morally superior parked next to those monster gas guzzling RVs :-)

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Aaron L.

5August 2020

Christy was awesome. Trailer was awesome. Lots of comments on the Burro! Going to use it again someday!

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