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Memories made on trips with Rental Outfitters's RVs

Robert S.

1April 2024

Experienced with campers l used to own one, but Worst camping experience especially the first time with my kids. The wife and kids and my other family who stayed had to leave after the first night. We were in contact with Chris the owner on 4/5 on the first night. We couldn’t get the heat to stay on for more than 5 minutes. It was a cold night and everyone was freezing. On top of that, none of the outlets worked and the camper was plugged into a generator, with the correct plugs. The next morning, on Saturday the 6th. We notified Chris again and he told us to mess with the breaker box and we did. The electric breaker kept blowing and we had to keep taking out the fuses to get 5 minutes of heat again. Only way to get heat in the camper was to charge the camper by running the truck for 3 hours at a time plugged into the camper. Absolutely worst experience of my life camping and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. Things like this shouldn’t happen when you’re spending over $700.00 to rent a camper for the weekend. Yes, Chris did test the heat before me leaving with the camper on 4/5 but as I said it wouldn’t stay on for more then 5 minutes at a time. I’m actually furious that this had happened and then we don’t even get a discount off our stay. I’m a business owner myself and this is very poor management. All they care about is getting their money and not the satisfaction of their customer base.

Rental’s answer

We strive to provide a positive experience each and every time a camper is rented from us. The camper was tested before Roberts trip and tested again upon return. What we found was the camper was functioning properly. We sent Robert pictures and videos of the properly functioning outlets, and heat. We suspect the generator was not plugged in properly causing the GFI outlet to trip which turned off the outlets. This would have been a simple fix however we were not made aware of this problem until after the camper was returned. When off grid camping the battery will drain down quickly if your generator is not properly plugged in. This caused the customer to have to run his truck to recharge the battery for heat. What the customer failed to mention was that the camper was returned with a shattered stove top and a torn bed. (New replacement will be installed by 04/19/2024)
What the customer did express correctly was that I was always available for a phone call and made the best attempt to walk them through their troubles.
We did offer the customer a discount code so that they could rent another camper in the future in a good faith attempt to give them a more positive experience.
We do hope Robert and his family decide to try us again in the future!

Robert S.

5October 2023

Dawn R.

5August 2023

Service was great! Clean comfortable bathroom trailer! Thank you!

Tracy S.

5August 2023

RV was clean, comfortable and made for a great family trip!

Frederick W.

5July 2023

Rv was beautiful! Extremely clean. Owners are great! Would rent from Rental outfitters again!

Thomas D.

5July 2023

Patrick M.

5June 2023

Brandon J.

5May 2023

Super easy and pleasant experience. Will definitely be renting again!

Michael G.

5November 2022

Michael G.

5October 2022

Michal R.

5August 2021