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Miki Griffin has spent most of her career in real estate sales and investments, including renovation, restoration, property management and owning multiple destination vacation rentals. While design and architecture has always been her passion, Ms. Griffin embarked on a project that would put her on the "road" to new ventures and give her the ability to share in her great love of the outdoors and traveling! In the Spring of 2021, CampSight RV Rental was born. Since it's inception, CampSight RV Rental has hosted numerous families, couples, and friends who enjoyed the unique and unconventional experience of traveling in the comfort of an state-of-the-art RV to explore without restrictions or tied to ridged itineraries, if they so choose. Ms. Griffin, "My boys and I have had the privilege of tent/backcountry camping and hiking throughout their lives and have seen much of the beauty our country offers. I loved it. They loved it. The adventures we embarked on and the places we saw together. Not all classrooms have four walls. These memories and experiences are priceless. It brings me immense joy to share this ability with my customers." Miki is a proud mother of two adult men, and currently resides in Plainfield, IL with her partner Bill. Together, they share their love for exploration and traveling. Thank you so much for reading and we are looking forward to hearing about your adventures!!! A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step!

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