Gus The Bus comes with two camp chairs, a folding camp table, a campfire ring, an outdoor shower, and so much more. . Other Other 2021
Gus loves dogs! Dogs are welcome in all rentals for an additional fee. . Other Other 2021
Gus has a full-sized memory foam bed with reading lamps and overhead storage. There's also a pull-out pantry (right). . Other Other 2021
The heated outdoor shower comes with wood slats (so you don't stand on the dirt) and a privacy curtain. . Other Other 2021
The bed looks out through the van's rear doors. . Other Other 2021
Gus is easy to handle, even on challenging mountain passes. With blind spot detection, a backup camera, and big mirrors, almost anyone can drive! . Other Other 2021
We're coffee lovers - so Gus comes with a kettle, coffee filters, and pour-over coffee maker. . Other Other 2021
Gus The Bus has an integrated two-burner propane stove, a deep sink with running water, and a full-sized memory foam bed with reading lights. . Other Other 2021
The two front seats swivel out to create a comfortable sitting area, complete with storage under the couch. Two overhead fans allow for ample airflow.. Other Other 2021
The full-sized memory foam bed comes with comfortable sheets and two memory foam pillows. Cabinets over the foot of the bed offer ample storage space.. Other Other 2021
Gus has a heated outdoor shower. Place the wood slats down on the ground, hang the included shower curtain rod and enjoy a hot shower out in nature!. Other Other 2021
Gus has three interior lighting zones, solar power, and a 300 amp-hour battery bank: more than enough power for a few days in the wilderness. . Other Other 2021
Gus comes with basic cooking supplies, pots, pans, plates, bowls, silverware, knives and cups. It also has a pantry! All you have to do is plan meals!. Other Other 2021