Here's Beethoven in his natural habitat.. Ram Promaster 2017
Refrigerator with front seating area and adjustable table.  Great place to sit while looking out the sliding door at the sights.. Ram Promaster 2017
Beethoven has a soft spot for the French countryside and  likes to dress up as a Citroen.. Ram Promaster 2017
Breakfast, yoga, sunsets...  There's really no bad time of day to be here.. Ram Promaster 2017
Enjoy a hot shower after a long day of exploring.  Rain shower head and handheld shower head option.  Retractable door for privacy.. Ram Promaster 2017
Enjoy movies in bed with the optional Nebula projector.  Built in speakers, streaming apps + movie library if no wifi available.. Ram Promaster 2017
Optional bicycle rack with Yakima swingaway extended.  Swings open to allow the back doors to open.. Ram Promaster 2017
Galley includes everything you need to cook.  Plates, bowls, cups, coffee mugs, utensils, pots, pans, cutting board, etc. are all provided.. Ram Promaster 2017
Laveo Dry Flush toilet in the shower for privacy.  An odorless unit with self contained easy cleanup, it's easily moved under the bed for showers.. Ram Promaster 2017
Ladder leading to roof deck. Ram Promaster 2017
Swivel both driver and passenger seats to open up the space.. Ram Promaster 2017
The bed all made up.  It is just short of a queen at 63 * 72. Ram Promaster 2017
Optional Saris Superclamp bicycle rack.. Ram Promaster 2017