Driving through Arizona on only day two of our very first van trip, the landscape gave way to a scene out of Star Wars, as if we'd landed on Tatooine.. Winnebago Solis 2021
Camping just outside of beautiful Bryce Canyon.. Winnebago Solis 2021
We lucked out on this day and got the only spot left, right at the foot of the Great Sand Dunes, CO. Just, wow!. Winnebago Solis 2021
Our one and only road dog, Rose, so happy we finally found this cute little Harvest Host winery, somewhere in Iowa.  Time for kibble and wine!. Winnebago Solis 2021
The first trip we had the stock table which wasn't big enough for the 4 of us, so I built this extendable mahogany table which covers the full width .. Winnebago Solis 2021
Gotta love the views!. Winnebago Solis 2021
The Midwest Carribean white sands of Lake McConaughy, Nebraska.  Yes, that's Nebraska!. Winnebago Solis 2021
Lazy evening Utah sunsets just never get old.. Winnebago Solis 2021
Grandpa's farm in West Harrison, IN.  That's the spare solar panel behind, soaking up an additional 220W to replentish our coach batteries.. Winnebago Solis 2021
Rosie is the best copilot, when she's not chewing all the maps.  Parked here for gas somewhere in the Badlands, SD.. Winnebago Solis 2021
We took bikes up to Sausalito, CA and rode around in the early morning fog.  This was just after the fog lifted and the Golden Gate revealed itself!. Winnebago Solis 2021
I was trying to grab a shot of the van in Joshua Tree, with mountain goats in the background, when suddenly this guy showed up!. Winnebago Solis 2021
One of the perks of having family in the Midwest, there's always a barn or something to park behind.  Not a bad view to wake up to! . Winnebago Solis 2021
One of our favorite local getaways - the incomparable Indian Cove Campground in Joshua Tree State Park.. Winnebago Solis 2021
We always try to find a body of water to camp by.  The kids love it and it makes early morning rises pure joy.  This is Lake McConaughy, Nebraska!. Winnebago Solis 2021
Our kitchen, where all the meal-time magic happens. With added storage and a place for the toaster oven, which we stow during driving. . Winnebago Solis 2021
When the moon rises over Black Rock Campground, you can almost read a book by it.. Winnebago Solis 2021
Didn't know if this should be "Exterior" or "Dining."  But we've definitely dined at these more than once along the way. Can you say "Car Hop"?!. Winnebago Solis 2021
Great Sand Dunes, CO is a sight to behold.  Try to score a spot inside the state park and you can just walk over to the dunes from your campsite.. Winnebago Solis 2021
With loads of storage, the boys even brought their skatedoards.  Here they're shredding the asphalt just north of Dallas, TX.. Winnebago Solis 2021
One of the few stops we actually didn't need to open the pop-top.  This old house in Boyne, MI was built by the then mayor, over a hundred years ago.. Winnebago Solis 2021
A well organized floor plan, with loads of storage and (almost) all the comforts of home.  But the best part is where you take it... Adventure awaits!. Winnebago Solis 2021