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Brent C.

5August 2023

Melissa R.

1.5May 2023

Aside from having to wait about 2 hours to leave with the trailer at pick up due to not listing proper requirements needed to haul the trailer. First they didn’t list the break specifications needed (very important especially if you are a first timer) lucky they were kind enough to let me rent a break unit for the trailer. Unfortunately the app was terrible but that’s a different review. Next none of the connections I had for my lights worked with theirs so there I go spending more money buying an additional part from them. (I’m very prepared person so I would have had this done so we could get in and get out) finally about 2 hours in we get a quick tour and we’re off!

Elizabeth H.

5February 2023

John C.

5November 2022

We had a great time and enjoyed the camper. Pick up was easy and we appreciated the upgrade and flexibility of drop off very much!

Natalie C.

4November 2022

Everything was great renting the EleVan. We had a really great experience and would definitely rent with Scampercan again. Thank you!

Denae M.

5November 2022

Pamela P.

5November 2022

Matthew M.

5October 2022

Sheila M.

5October 2022

David is super awesome! He guided and navigate me everything about the van, all it’s details.
And also never failed to instruct me of what to do to avoid problems. He was very articulate and so easy to talk to.

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Bret S.

5October 2022

Such a great experience!! Having our Scamper Van was a game changer for our recent family camping trip! It was perfect size for our family of 4 (2 young kids). Had everything we needed already in it, all we had to bring was our food, clothes and a few camping items. It was super cold the weekend we had it and the rest of our group were all tent camping and they were freezing, we were so warm and cozy and in the van :) Rental experience was wonderful as well with great communication and customer service! Will definitely rent again we can’t wait for our next adventure!

Sajani P.

4.5September 2022

This was so fun for my family. The van has so many amenities included. Some of the battery operated items like small fans didn't work, and they put a box of batteries in the van, but maybe everything in the van should start off working when we get the van. And if a battery runs out while we are out, then we can change the battery out. The central fan wasn't connected to the battery box, so we had to figure out why it wasn't working at night when we were trying to go to sleep. Husband found that the wires were disconnected from the battery box, so we reconnected with trial and error and got it working. Not really a huge huge deal, but just something to check when getting the vans ready for customers. The seats were very comfy for our long rides. I couldn't get the bluetooth to sync with my phone but I had a cord and was able to play music that way when we lost radio signal in the mountains. Plenty of space in the trunk for your things. I like that they put a cooler in there already for us. I would TOTALLY do this again.

Noeline C.

5August 2022

Great organization! We had so many compliments about this vehicle and people interested in seeing the interior. We had a wonderful time. Van X fits 4 people, but it’s better suited for 2 adults & 2 small children. For 3 full-figured women it was fine for the weekend but we now know, we really would need more space. Loved the experience of camping since it was our first time. Would highly recommend this company!!! Very helpful & responsive to our many questions. Thank you Scampervan.

Constance F.

4.5August 2022

We had a great time. It was just as advertized and expected. The folks at sCAMPer Van were prompt and very hice and helpful.

Vincent J.

5July 2022

Had a good experience with sCAMPer Van and would do it again!

Teresa K.

5July 2022

Julie J.

5June 2022

We love renting from you!!