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Arica M.

5August 2023

Ted was very helpful. We had an amazing trip. He answered all her questions. He made sure he responded quickly and everything with me. We had lots of room very comfortable and cozy.

John P.

5August 2023

Great communication to help with all the little mechanical details (hookups, etc) during the trip.

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Courtney D.

5July 2023

John C.

5May 2023

Ted was great. The camper was way bigger and more spacious than I expected. Very satisfied and would highly recommend.

Sheila L.

5April 2023

We rented Ted's RV to transport ourselves, and much more to my son's wedding in Virginia Beach. We had hotel rooms booked, therefore did not sleep in the RV. On the day of the wedding it was raining, complete with thunder, torrential downpours and a little lightning. The wedding was outside of course and the wedding party needed to get from the main house to the tent. The RV saved the day, it became an outdoor staging ground. We had the Bride, her mom and dad, and all the bridesmaids in the RV in the order that they were to walk down the isle. With that and the guys who volunteered to hold umbrellas for the last little walk from the RV to the ceremony area the wedding was saved. Ted was super easy and flexible with the whole process from pick up to drop off. Would definitely recommend.

Mark K.

5April 2023

Ted was a great owner. Very helpful and responsive. Would definitely recommend using his RV.

Rebecca R.

5February 2023

The Rv itself was amazing. Everything was in working condition and was easy to use as a first timer. The size of the rv is perfect. Not to big, not to small. Drove great. It's intimidating when you first see it but i was instantly comfortable driving it after a few miles. Ted was fantastic to work with. Very flexible. Knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I asked. He was also very responsive. We will definitely rent this and do business with him again in the future. I highly recommend. We used this to tailgate with the kids at the Eagles game and it was perfect.