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Anthony H.

5January 2024

Michael was a great host! He let us come by a month or so before our trip to check out the RV and gave us tips on some things we could bring. He includes a lot with the rental too!
We took the RV into the Carolinas for a winter trip and it ran great. We enjoyed the comfort of the RV and, even though it was my first time doing hook ups at a camp site, Michael walked me through everything prior and showed me what to use if the camp ground was on 50A instead of 30A (he includes an adapter for the 50A hookups)
Everything you need is included and then some!
I highly recommend this RV to rent! Thank you, Michael!

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Thomas T.

1December 2023

First, I would like to say that Michael was very accommodating and responsive, but that was about the extend of the good with this rental. The RV was absolutely awful. It took the owner many attempts to even get the awnings to work and come out and once they did and we retracted them, one of them snapped, and slammed down on top of one of our guests, almost killing her. The awning was rigged with 4 different kinds and types of screws and clearly should have never been used or the owner should have never rented the RV to us. Then after the owner picked the RV up from us he submitted a claim for the "damage" we caused to the RV. We caused no damage to the RV, the RV was literally falling apart due to the owner's lack of proper maintenance on this RV. Additionally, the inside was much worse than what the pictures show on the site. The flooring was cracking and literally falling apart as we walked. Then one the sides wouldn't even go out, after the owner tried many times to get it to go out, so we had a lot less room then we expected to have. The owner said that linens were provided, but it was the bare minimum, no sheets, just a bunch of fitted sheets. While the TVs seemed to turn on, we were never able to get any of them to work. The grill that was provided was ok, but all of the propane bottles provided were empty except for one. We were charged a $100 delivery fee on the website, and then he charged us another $150 in person to deliver the RV - that's a double charge, but we didn't want to argue it, since the owner was so accommodating to us. Also, not all of the burners on the stove were working. Please beware of renting this RV, it is very dangerous and could cause someone major injury.

Richard P.

5November 2023

Great experience with this RV ! Michael gave us full explanation and reacted quickly when needed. Our family really enjoy the trip.

Joanne L.

5October 2023