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Hilary L.

5March 2024

I had a fantastic trip in this van. Garry is super friendly and helpful, and the airport pickup is so convenient. The van fit me really well and has lots of amenities, you can’t really go wrong with this van for 1 or 2 people.

Luke S.

0February 2024

Garry Howard canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Mauricio C.

1November 2023

This van was not worth the price at all, we will not be renting again. We had a few general safety concerns with the alignment being off and the tire pressure light and other maintenance lights coming on multiple times in the middle of a national forest with no cell service. There was other significant non-safety problems we experienced as well.
The air conditioner was broken, which the owner told us about only upon picking up the vehicle for our trip. We decided to move forward with the rental anyway because we didn’t have much of an option at that point.
After driving our first hour we pulled over and realized water had leaked from the 50 gallon water reservoir all over the floor of the van soaking the rugs and anything else on the floor in the rear of the van.
During the night while it was raining water leaked into the van from multiple places in the ceiling ceiling onto the bed and countertops. We awoke in the middle of the night to our blankets and pillows being very wet. We ended up hanging garbage bags to catch the water and direct it way from the bed so we could stay dry while we slept.
Finally, while using the “indoor” shower (which only provided cold water and did not heat as owner said it would) the generator blew and we lost all power inside the van. This was not able to be fixed and the generator would not re-power. We ended up returning it to the owner this way and would not have been able to continue our trip, luckily this happened on our third and final day so our trip was not cut short. There are a few other minor built/design issues that need corrected as well.
We appreciate all of the extra things the owner provided inside the van-towels, camping chairs, fans, flashlights and batteries, paper dishes, bedding, etc. but with all the other, more significant issues, I can’t say this was a positive rental experience and we will not be renting this van again.

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Efrain R.

5September 2023

Garry was great he is very helpful.