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Sarah C.

5October 2023

We had a blast with our first RV trip and the RV was easy to drive and very comfortable! We had everything we needed in the kitchen and in the whole RV! Christy was very easy to communicate with and provided a great walk through! I would definitely recommend!

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Jacob C.

5September 2023

Overall great trip! Christy was very responsive and super nice! Very helpful when a question arose! Would definitely book with them again.

Reid M.

0November 2022

Christy Vail canceled the booking 0 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

John K.

3November 2022

My experience with outdoorsey and the delivery agent were Fantastic. However, my experience with the owner is less than great. She was not easy to contact after booking, she bait and switched me on units. I reserved one, and they made ready another unit that was shorter, and not what I booked. When I contacted her through the site the day before and she immediately sent a note to cancel the reservation, still no explanation or apology. As a business person she is horrible. I would not rent from Christy Vail again. She is difficult to deal with and sent out a tired unit. We made it work because I had no choice at 5 pm the day before we were to leave. Headlight out, engine light came on 2x, registration out of date, generator quit working, driver side exterior mirror broken and taped together(couldn’t see anything). DONT RENT FROM CHRISTY VAIL

Erin E.

3June 2022

We really enjoy taking RV’s to new places around Texas, and as great and easy an RV is with kids there were a few items to note with this one.
We were told we could pick up the RV at 12:30, but did not start the walk-through until just after 2:00. Upon the walk-through, we were informed that the awning did not work, which we accepted as some things break and the RV’s need to get back out for the next people.
Upon returning home and starting to load up, we noticed stains throughout the RV and on the linens, along with wear and tear. We understand the RV gets used, but I would not consider this “hospital-grade cleaner.”
Once we got on the road, the check engine light came on and I immediately messaged the owner. The response was that it was the O2 sensor for gas, however, the light has never gone off, so I don’t believe that it’s just the sensor. Once on I-10, part of the rubber from the top of the RV came loose and started flapping all over. We pulled over and were able to get it in place, but it was obvious it had a clean cut and that it was just being put back in place for an easy fix and it would likely happen again to the next person.
Once arriving at the campsite, we really started to notice the items that were claimed to be amenities on the RV listing that was not actually there. These items include; an outdoor shower, solar, wifi, backup camera and washer and dryer. In addition to those amenities that claim to be included, there were also items listed in the write-up that were not in the RV, that included “plenty of storage, utensils and kitchen items available” and “other appliances”
The oven did not work at all. No matter how much we tried. The fridge never got cool enough to keep meat, milk and cheeses cold enough to maintain a sanitary environment. The freezer got cold enough to keep ice frozen but the fridge did not get “cool” the entire trip.
Lastly, when trying to come home, the inside AC would not turn on. After messaging the owner, it was a fuse for the AC, but I don’t think that is something we should have to be dealing with on an RV rental.

Christy V.

3June 2022

The RV wasn’t ready for pick up. We didn’t leave for 3 hours after arriving. They said they were putting on new tires, fixing and repairing the awning and cleaning out sand.

Makeda S.

5March 2022

Clean, smooth ride for a short family trip

Frank G.

2November 2021

A week in this RV was definitely an experience… not horrible, but I don’t think I’d do it again. The pick-up process was long and tedious, but they did a great job documenting the condition of the vehicle before we drove away with it. There were many, many things listed on the pre-rental damage sheet. The photos on this listing were obviously taken when the RV was brand new. It doesn’t look like that now. So when you're checking out the listing photos, keep in mind that what you’re looking at has been used exclusively as a rental for several years and it definitely shows. We had to replace a headlight first night because it was burned out, the driver side seatbelt is 100% useless, worn out & ill-fitting slipcovers are attempting to hide the shredded foam captain’s seats, the bedroom door doesn’t close, the pillows were really old and flat, the shower door literally fell off while I was inside, the fridge was dirty, the front shocks are way beyond needing replacement, the windows rattle open while driving because some locks don’t work, the bowls & mugs in the kitchen had been used but not washed, and the walls in the toilet room are decorated with what I can only imagine is urine spray. Now that I’m sitting here going over it in my mind, it really was disgusting but at the time I was just trying to make the best of the situation, so I cleaned it as best as I could and we hit the road. Despite all the nastiness and inconveniences, the motorhome DID do what we needed it to do. We drove halfway across the country and back safely, with no major issues. Driving it was surprisingly easy to do, even as someone without any experience handling anything larger than an suv. However, I’d suggest that you ask them not to fill the water tank all the way if it’s not an absolute necessity to get to your destination because that added weight does affect how the drive handles. We slept two adults, two teenagers, three dogs and a parrot inside this RV and I’m still amazed that we weren’t on top of each other. It is VERY roomy when it’s opened up and all the sleeping spaces are converted. The linens and towels provided were clean and fresh, but I still opted to bring my own. The hook-ups are scattered all over the exterior of the RV and I found it to be very confusing; so did our RV park host, who has hooked up hundreds of RVs. I’d personally point you towards a different vehicle than this particular one. I feel like you can stay in something MUCH nicer for the cost of this rental. $260/day is robbery. I expect a certain level of cleanliness and luxury if I’m paying a high premium for something like this and unfortunately it just failed to deliver on those expectations.

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Ed M.

5August 2021

Christy was great, the R.V. had everything we needed. We didn't even have to connect to an R.V. park. We came back with half tank of water. Quick showers but everything was great. First timer... So it went great. Just be careful on the turns where the door to the rv is, you can easily hit something.

Victor H.

5July 2021

Jai P.

5April 2021

Tammy P.

5January 2021

The camper was ready early for delivery. It was perfectly cleaned and sanitized. I checked thoroughly as I own a cleaning business. Everything was explained on how to operate properly. (It was our 1st time w.an RV. Everything was in working order. Our pets accompanied us on this long trip to the Grand Canyon. Christy responded very promptly to any texts and calls. I would give her 5 stars any day!

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Jerry W.

5August 2020

Overall great experience with Christy. She worked with us to secure right RV for our trip to Colorado/Utah and manage the challenges associated with Covid-19. Communications were timely and helped to ensure we could enjoy our vacation. The Four Winds was clean, well equipped, easy to maneuver and met the needs for our family of 7. Will definitely refer Christy to our friends!

Manuel D.

1August 2020

I have to admit that I did not respond to this request for a review back in March simply because I was not entirely happy with my experience but Christy was real nice and responsive Ana’s really my compliantsnjad tomdonwith the folks she uses to rent the RV. so I went with “No Comment”. For starters the company she uses to manage her rentals was not very helpful in walking me through the RV as this was my first time usOmg an RV. Luckily there is YouTube. As I drove off I noticed the RV had a hard pill to the right. I checked air pressure and one tire had only 30psi. You would think that tire pressure would be a basic check of a rental prior to renting it. During my trip the propane alarm went off almost every night even after I shut off the main line. Horrible way to wake everyone night. Once I returned it I thought it was all good. Then on July 29, 4 months after my initial rental I received a random text saying a claim was filed against my rental. Prior to this I received no call or received no messages from rental place or Christy. I texted Christy and she did not reply. I then Logged into my Outdoorsy account and saw that on March 19 she had inboxes me a message that simply said “roof damage” I inboxed her in outdoorsy account and then proceeded to tell me that there was extensive damage to roof. At the time of rental a full video was taken of roof and inspection was again done when o returned. No damage was noted. I tried to explain my case to her and radio silence. It is now August and I still don’t know what’s up. I have asked for proof of damage and confirmation I was the right renter being accused of damaging RV. No replies Mind you I returned RV in a very tight deadline because it was to be rented within hours of my return. Overall without the bs of this claim i would be on fence about ever using again. Now I would certainly not recommend. I know folks make mistakes but you have to communicate.

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Raymond(ray) S.

4January 2020

First time renters here!

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David C.

5October 2019

Awesome rental, awesome coordination and communication ... made our 4-day outing a perfect experience.

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