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Heather J.

4September 2020

Finished a great trip. Owner was very organized and helpful getting us set up and explained things multiple times for us. It is an older RV, so had some small inconveniences with steps and doors not connecting as well. It drove very easily.

Manuela F.

2September 2020

The RV has several leaks one being the air conditioner leaked
around the dinette window & the other around the sun/mood roof while it rained. Most important issue was that I wish I knew the stairs going into the RV did not work. Was given one step stool & getting into the RV requires 2 steps. I fell back on first day. Owner was very responsive with answering questions about everything else but these 2 issues are pretty big.

Brian D.

5August 2020

He's terrific in preparing the vehicle, making sure all supplies like t.p. are stocked etc. Flexible on schedules, really professional through and through. The vehicle is a few years old and has a few bumps and bruises, don't we all🥳. He has priced it very well compared to other offerings. Highly recommend doing business with him.

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