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Owner for 4 years

Typically responds within an hour

Hi, I am Ted Tioga

You'll probably find me outdoors in nature, either hiking or climbing a mountain.

1 RV

  • Class C
  • San Bruno
Fleetwood Tioga *Solar Powered*Compost Toilet*Stay off the grid in comfort*
  • Sleeps 5
  •  Length 31ft
  • US$185 per night

8 Reviews

July 2021

Owner was very responsive to our newbee questions. This was our first RV trip, so we had a lot of questions.

This RV was too big to go to many of the places we might have wanted to go, but did have plenty of space for 3 adults & a large dog.

The heat worked great when we needed it. The solar was enough to power everything we needed.

Emily Berk

July 2021

Calvin's RV was the perfect home away from home for a long weekend in the mountains. The kitchen, battery system, and composting toilet were all so great, it felt like we were in a full apartment on wheels. The RV is easy to drive, and Calvin is a fantastic resource if you don't have much experience with a large vehicle. I would rent from Calvin again in a heartbeat. Thank you!

Maxwell Kramer

May 2021
Adrian Ortiz

December 2020

Calvin is a nice enough guy but unfortunately, I had a bad rental experience with him. He advertised this RV as "sleeps 5" but it actually only has seat belts for 4 people. I like to be safe with my family and it's also against the law to drive without a seat belt in my state.

Anyway, I discovered this when he brough the RV by and as such had to refuse the rental. What happened next was very unfo…

Noah Kadner

September 2020

Calvin was very accommodating and responsive, which for a first-time RV renter like me was superhelpful.

Ali Safavi

September 2020

I believe we were Calvin's third or fourth rental. This is an excellent RV that I would highly recommend to any one looking to get off the beaten path! We never once plugged it relying 100% of the time on solar. We had one day where we didn't get a ton of sun (because we were parked in the shade) where we had to run the generator to charge the batteries but other than that, having the solar and…

Zach Weinstein

August 2020

Calvin was accommodating and helpful.

James Trovato

July 2020

Calvin was very helpful, communicative and punctual. The RV is awesome, with solar panels, comfortable beds, and lots of storage.

Marina Kagan