We love to help.

We love to help.

How to Become a Verified Driver

Becoming a Verified Driver is a required step to protect yourself and the vehicle you are renting Outdoorsy. In order for your Protection Package to be considered active for your trip, you must successfully pass the two-step verification process  and meet the minimum age requirement of 25 to become a Verified Driver.

This article outlines the steps and requirements for becoming a Verified Driver and additional drivers. The Trips page will describe your current Driver Verification status and any necessary actions. 

Please complete the following steps in order to become a Verified Driver.

  1. Log into your Outdoorsy.com account and view your Upcoming Trips
  2. You’ll see options to Add a driver and Verify my ID
  3. Follow the Personal ID verification steps to capture a selfie and upload a clear photo of a
    government ID, or continue on another device. It is important to note that your photos must not be blurry or too dark in order for us to verify them. 

If you would like to add additional drivers:

  1. Click Add a driver and submit a Name and Email address.
  2. We’ll send an invitation to Accept the Trip, then login to Outdoorsy.com to complete the Verify my ID portion of the Driver Verification outlined above.

If you have failed the driver verification, please reach out to our team [email protected] for information on your available options.