We love to help.

We love to help.

How do I start a claim?

So you’ve been renting your rig out for a while and everything has been going smoothly until your last renter returns and mentions they may have caused some damage. It doesn’t happen often but if it does, we want you to know exactly what to do. 

Having to file a claim is not a fun part of the owner experience but that’s why we have made it as easy as possible to get started. Our claims team is dedicated to handling these situations with care and to help you through all of the steps. It is important to note that a claim must be filed within 48 hours of the last day of the booking for it to be considered. Claims are for any exterior damage to your rig. If your renter has interior damage, please take the necessary funds from the security deposit. You will also be required to have all of the following pieces of information when filing a claim: 

  • Proof of 90 day inspection (Find out more about that Here)
  • Completed Departure and Return forms
  • Departure photos and return photos
  • Photos of any damages you are filing the claim for

 In order to start your claim, follow the steps below: 


  1. Select the applicable booking 


  1. Click on booking details 


  1. Scroll down to the protection portion and click on “Start a Claim” 

The website will then prompt you step by step to fill out all of the details needed along with the required documents. Once you have started your claim one of our claims representatives will reach out to you within 48 business hours.